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Explanation of CEPI0913 Introduction to Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a rapidly expanding multidisciplinary research topic that has applications in a variety of science and engineering fields. This CEPI0913 task answers presents an overview of nanotechnology's understanding, motivation, application, impact, prospects, and consequences. You will learn about specific uses of nanotechnology in biomedical sectors, environmental solutions, and technological gadgets in this course. Nanotechnology is enabling earlier and more accurate diagnosis and treatment monitoring by introducing novel molecular agents and procedures. Current imaging technologies can only identify malignancies after they have caused observable tissue alterations. Thousands of cells have grown and maybe metastasize to distance by the moment this occurs, which can take several years. Nanotechnology has numerous applications in so many aspects of life, and it contributes significantly to the advancement of many scientific and industrial sectors, including information technology, energy, medical, national security, environmental science, food safety, and many more. Nanotechnology also alters material formations at extremely small scales to accomplish certain qualities, allowing materials to be lighter, more robust, responsive, and complex whilst maintaining their effectiveness. Nanotechnology is used in a lot of daily commercial applications. On computer screens, webcams, eyeglasses, frames, and other surfaces, transparent nanoparticles or membranes can contribute to making them waterproof, anti-reflective, UV or IR radiation-resistant, scratch-resistant, or electrically conductive.

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This CEPI0913 solutions gives all the students who look to enroll for this course, a basic understanding of nanotechnology. The course unit, subjects, and lectures go over the history of nanotechnology, as well as the tools and procedures that have been developed using top-down and bottom-up techniques. The course will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of how to apply technology from a variety of science and engineering domains to create creative solutions to important scientific problems. This session is appropriate for students who want to get a solid understanding of nanoscience, comprehend the present uses of nanotechnology, and learn about prospects in this discipline. They will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the topic through class presentations and weekly tests. They will focus on their particular projects to demonstrate nanotechnology possibilities in addition to studying the material.

The students will be able to gain significant confidence, and encouragement on learning and adapting the skills necessary for building equipment, devices of software related to nanotechnologies. The content of the courses is demonstrated briefly below:

  • Definitions and proper explanations of nanotechnology, nanomaterials, bionanotechnology, nanoelectronics, and more.
  • The students will be introduced to the crucial components in nanotechnology and will be illustrated with genuine and appropriate scientific literature.
  • Experimental techniques and concepts will also be shared with the students, such that they can understand the material properties on the nanoscale.
  • Introductory concepts related to physics and chemistry will also be highlighted.
  • Commercialization of nanotechnology, why it is important, and how this can be driven for better commercial use in the future will be discussed with the learners.
  • The introduction of the ethical issues with the technology and its relevant complications will also be discussed.  

Unit Details

Location: United States

Study Level: Undergraduate

Unit Code: CEPI0913

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Brief of CEPI0913 Assessment

The lecturer will be in command with all the students regarding how they are performing in the class lectures, interactive sessions, and group discussions. however, the assessor will be the individual who will provide them with relevant assignments and evaluate each one of them accordingly. Lectures, mandatory exercises, laboratory demonstrations, and group work will be assessed accordingly and marks will be evaluated accordingly.

The students need to maintain a minimum 85% attendance rate for the lectures throughout the completion of this entire CEPI0913 Assignment answers unit. The compulsory assignments are exercises and a final exam and a research paper which will consist of the maximum marks out of the entire course unit. The students will be provided with weekly exercises such that the lecturer and the assessor can evaluate them accordingly and work upon their weaknesses.

The weekly exercise will consist of a reflective style paper that the students need to submit based upon the lecture slides provided to them every week. they need to evaluate the strategies, concepts, and technologies discussed and write a reflective paper adding to the fact on how they are acquiring the knowledge and why they feel that the concepts of nanotechnology are important.

The second assignment will be a research paper that the students need to create. It is generally considered that students will be given a chance to produce their research findings and analysis on how nanotechnology can emerge more into commercial operations and technologically driven organizations. The research paper will let the students develop the skills required for understanding the concepts of nanotech and how they work actually within the companies. The last assignment will be a final exam that will be conducted at the last and it is mandatory for all students.

Learning Outcomes that learners will prevail after successful completion of this course and the relevant assignments are as follows:

  • Explain nanotechnology, bionanotechnology, nanoelectronics, and nanostructured materials' capabilities and limits.
  • Understand the ethical issues surrounding nanotechnology.
  • Successfully explain nanotechnology to other students and the general public.
  • Collaborate to complete tasks; locate and read scientific literature; keep track of bibliographic information, and use scientific literature in reports and presentations.
  • The students will also be able to apprehend the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology
  • Successful completion of all the assignments and topics of this course will also let the students apply the knowledge learned in preparing and presenting an application of nanotechnology.

Weightage of the CEPI0913 Assignment

This particular course unit will comprise 50% marks out of the entire marks allocated for the semester. The weekly exercises, attendance, and overall interactive sessions will be evaluated together and the marks will be allocated to the students accordingly based on 15% out of the 50% marks. The research paper is the most important assignment for this and it will consist of 20% marks out of the marks allocated for the CEPI0913 Assessment answers unit. The final exam will also consist of 15% marks and every student must complete all the assignments to pass this course. You can find the best Information Technology Assignment Help at Allessaywriter.


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