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What is CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People?

CHCDIV001, the course unit for Work with Diverse People in Central Queensland University, is delivered by Health Courses Australia with RTO Code 32412.

This course unit includes the essential skills and knowledge required to work respectfully with people from diverse social, cultural groups and situations. It also involves Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. The skills in this unit must be applied per Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, New Zealand/Australian standards and industry code of practice.

The outcomes of pursuing CHCDIV001 and working on your CHCDIV001 assessment answers will enable you to-

  • Reflect on your perspectives
  • Appreciate diversity and inclusiveness, as well as their benefits
  • Communicate with people from diverse situations and backgrounds
  • Promote understanding across diverse groups

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Why You Should Enroll For CHCDIV001 Assessment Solutions?

To enroll for CHCDIV001, there must be evidence that the candidate has-

  • Undertaken a structured process to reflect on your perspectives on diversity
  • Recognized and respected the needs of people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in at least 3 distinct situations
  • Chosen and used appropriate verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Recognized situations where misunderstandings may crop from diversity and formed appropriate responses.

Your CHCDIV001 task answers must be able to reflect your understanding and knowledge of these crucial elements-

  • Concepts and definitions of diversity
  • Theory of cultural awareness, cultural safety, and cultural competence
  • Features of diversity in Australia and how this impact different areas of work and life like political, social, economic, cultural, legal and ethical considerations
  • Framework, approaches and instruments used in the workplace
  • Impact of diversity practices and experiences on personal behavior, interpersonal relationships, perceptions and social expectations of others.

Your CHCDIV001 assignment answers are evaluated to see whether you have demonstrated skills in the workplace or a simulated environment that reflects workplace conditions. Furthermore, it is also observed your knowledge must reflect real working conditions by modeling industry operating conditions and contingencies, along with using suitable facilities, equipment, and resources.

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