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Explain CIS121 Computer Information System

The location in relation to the above stated CIS121 assignment answers work or module can be said to be Pierce College. The study level in relation to the above said module or coursework can be said to be graduate level. The unit code in relation to the above stated module or coursework can be said to be CIS121 Solutions.

The following can be said to be the Course Description in relation to the above stated module or coursework The above stated module to coursework shall encompass the introduction in relation to the fundamentals, basics or rudiments in connection to any computer, which actually includes the specific ‘information processing cycle’. The survey in relation to the computer technology, the computer nomenclature, as well as the utilization of the computers in the form of the productivity tools. The students shall be able to CIS121 assessment answers & develop a specific understanding of the private computers as well as emphasize their utilization in the role of the stand-alone as well as the networked systems. The present microcomputer-based application programs as well as the higher-level programming language exercises as well as the lab assignments enable every student to actually interact with the computer technology, the hardware, the Internet as well as the conceptions or notions in relation to the common application programs.

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It should be noted that the specific students who all are completing the above said module or coursework (consisting of the Computer Information Systems Option) shall gain the ability to: -

  1. Identify, integrate, make an application of the knowledge in relation to design, as well as build or construct a system relating to the reasonable complexity that actually solves a roughly specified business problem or issue.

  2. Demonstrate or show the effective oral as well as the written communications in the business.

  3. Write the technical documents like the specifications, the design as well as the user-manuals in suitable, proper and adequate formats.

  4. Make an application of the necessary principles as well as the practices relating to the business in order to complete the projects as well as perform the services in order to meet or fulfil the business objectives.

  5. Demonstrate or show the project management skills and expertise in the group settings.

The following can be said to be the Program Learning Objectives or Goals

  • Make an application of the knowledge in relation to computing that are suitable in connection to the discipline.

  • Utilize the Systems Analysis Design pattern, paradigm or standard in order to analyse any problem or issue in a critical manner.

  • Resolve the problems or the issues (concerning the programming networking database as well as the Web design) in the specific Information Technology surrounding or environment.

  • Function or operate in an effective manner on the teams in order to accomplish or achieve any common goal or objective.

  • Demonstrate or shoe the professional behaviour.

  • Demonstrate or show the ethical conduct.

  • Discuss as well as deliberate the IT-oriented security issues as well as the protocols.

  • Demonstrate and show the fitting social skills as well as the personal responsibility.

  • Communicate with a variety of audiences in an effective manner.

  • Analyse the local as well as the global effect and influence of the computing upon the organizations as well as the society of the individual.

  • Demonstrate or show the strong programming skills and expertise that might encompass the writing of the debugging or the testing of the computer programs.

  • Evaluate as well as maintain the network environments.

  • Design as well as implement any specific web page.

  • Make an application of the various IT skills and expertise in relation to the electronic databases.

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Following are the additional Learning Objectives:

After learning the above said module or coursework, the students shall gain the ability to: -

2.1 Make an application of the knowledge relating to the computing as well as the mathematics that are actually appropriate in relation to the discipline

2.2 Analyse or evaluate a problem or an issue as well as identify and also define the specific computing requirements that are appropriate in relation to its solution

2.3 Design, implement as well as evaluate or assess any specific computer-based system, procedure, component, or else program in order to meet or fulfil the desired needs

2.4 Analyse the local as well as international impact of the computing upon the individuals, the organizations, as well as the society

2.5 Understanding of the procedures that actually support the delivery as well as the management of the information systems in the business application surroundings or environments

Learning Objectives:

Students will demonstrate:

3.1 An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal

3.2 An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities

3.3 An ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences

Following are further Learning Objectives:

The specific students will certainly demonstrate or show the knowledge as well as the skills in: -

4.1 The Data management

4.2 The System analysis as well as the design

4.3 The Project planning as well as the management

4.4 The Enterprise Resource Planning

Specific references and books in relation to the above said module or coursework

  1. “Shafi, A., Saeed, S., Bamarouf, Y. A., Iqbal, S. Z., Min-Allah, N., & Alqahtani, M. A. (2019). Student outcomes assessment methodology for ABET accreditation: A case study of computer science and computer information systems programs. IEEE Access7, 13653-13667.”

  2. “Asaul, A., Voynarenko, M., Dzhulii, L., Yemchuk, L., Skorobohata, L., & Mykoliuk, O. (2019, June). The latest information systems in the enterprise management and trends in their development. In 2019 9th International Conference on Advanced Computer Information Technologies (ACIT)(pp. 409-412). IEEE.”

  3. “Klyuchko, O. M. (2018). Information computer technologies for using in biotechnology: electronic medical information systems. Biotechnologia Acta11(3).”

  4. “Farooq, Q., Fu, P., Ahmad, S., Zhang, Y., & Hao, Y. (2019). Assessing human factor in the adoption of computer-based information systems as the internal corporate social responsibility. Sage Open9(3), 2158244019868858.”

Weightage of the code CIS121-

The weightage is 100 per cent.

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