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Explain CLWM4100 Taxation Law

Tax law governs a public authority's claim on taxpayers, requiring them to transfer a portion of their income or assets to the authority. The ability of governments to levy taxes is widely acknowledged as a right. A country's tax law is generally unique to it, though there are resemblances and common elements in the laws of different nations. In a broad sense, taxation law is worried only with the lawful aspects of taxation, not its economic, financial, or other facets. Making decisions about the advantages of numerous types of taxes, the overall level of taxation, and the rates of special taxes, for instance, falls outside the purview of tax law; it is a political, rather than a legal, procedure. Tax law is a subset of public law, which governs the rules that govern and restrict the operations and mutual interests of the political society and its constituents, as opposed to relationships between people (the scope of private law). Global tax law is concerned with issues when a person or company is taxed in more than one country. Tax law is further subdivided into material tax law, which is an examination (CLWM4100 assignment answers) of the statutory principles that give rise to the imposition of a tax, and official tax law, which is concerned with the regulations governing assessment, policing, process, coercive measures, judicial and administrative appeal, and other such matters.

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The emergence of tax law as a thorough, all-encompassing system is a relatively new phenomenon. One possible explanation for this is that no nation had a general taxation system prior to the middle of the nineteenth century. Government revenues in conventional, primarily rural communities were derived either from nontax sources (like a tribute, earnings from royal domains, and land value) or, to a smaller extent, from taxes on different items (land taxes, tolls, customs, and excises). Levies on earnings or capital were not commonly used to fund the Government. They first appeared as extraordinary measures. The British system of personal income tax, for instance, is one of the world's oldest, having begun in 1799 as a stopgap thing to satisfy the growing financial burden of the Napoleonic Wars. Another rationale for taxation law's current advancements is that the burden of taxation and the issue of definite restrictions to public authority's taxing power became significant only with the widening of the notion of the appropriate sphere of Government that has associated contemporary states' increasing intervention in financial, social, cultural, and other issues. The power qualified to levy taxes under constitutional law determines the limits of the public authority's right to levy taxes. The legislature, not the executive or the judiciary, wields this power in a democratic system. However, some nations' constitutions may enable the executive to enforce momentary quasi-legislative measures in times of emergency, and under some conditions, the executive may be offered the power to change provisions within limits set by the legislature. Constitutional texts in many countries, including the United States, France, Brazil, and Sweden, have affirmed the legality of taxation. Taxation is also a purview of the legislature in the United Kingdom, which has no written constitution.

Numerous infringements on the concept of the legal aspects of taxation have occurred: often, the foundation or rate of taxation is ascertained by government decree instead of by legislation. The invasion of executive power on the territory restricted to the legislature in affairs of taxation is usually clarified by the requirement to make tax policy more adaptable; rapid changes in the economic scenario may need immediate proposed changes, changes so rapid that recourse to fairly slow parliamentary rules would take too long. A compromise can be reached between the conservative principle of tax legal aspects and the requirement, under extraordinary cases, to modify taxation texts almost instantaneously by changing the text through a decree or order of the executive (treasury) and endorsing it as quickly as possible by the legislative authority. Restrictions on taxing power are usually placed by custom, tradition, and political considerations; constitutional limitations also apply in several nations. Certain restrictions on the state's taxing power are self-evident. There has to be the least correlation between the subject of taxation and the taxing power, both in practice and under (constitutional) law. The scope of income-tax purview, for instance, is primarily based on two factors: the taxpayer's residence (or nationality) and his source of income.

Kaplan Business School is an independent higher education institution in Australia. It began offering degrees in Adelaide in 2008 before expanding to the other major state capital cities across Australia. It is a division of Kaplan Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, formerly known as The Washington Post Company. It is headquartered in London. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the Australian Government's regulator of higher education institutions, re-registered Kaplan Business School as a Higher Education Provider in 2020 for the maximum seven-year period with no conditions, commending it in the areas of student support and feedback, academic progression of students, academic policy and practise, and its approach to academic integrity. TEQSA also re-accredited all of its postgraduate CLWM4100 task answers courses for seven years in 2019.

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Unit details of the CLWM4100 course are discussed below:

  • Location: Kaplan Business School is an independent higher education institution in Australia. It began offering degrees in Adelaide in 2008 before expanding to the other major state capital cities across Australia. It is a division of Kaplan Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, formerly known as The Washington Post Company. It is headquartered in London. The address of the head office of Kaplan Business School is Ground Floor/369 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia.
  • Study level: Graduate and Postgraduate
  • Unit code: CLWM4100

Except in extraordinary cases, taxes are usually not imposed retrospectively. One instance of retroactive taxation was the taxes of wartime advantages in certain European nations by rules passed after the war and enemy occupation ended in 1945.

The Weightage of this CLWM4100 Course Code in the Semester of the Kaplan Business School, Australia, are as follows:


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