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CME660 Infrastructure Management Assessment Answers


CME660 Assessment Answers

Multiculturalism is a process in any business to spread its root in the international market. Recruiting people from cross-cultural backgrounds gives an opportunity to the employees and the business to grow individually in their own ways. If a business is trying to set its foot in the international market than they should be recruiting people from cross-cultural backgrounds in order to understand the places where they are coming from and also the minds of the people living in that home jumps.


CME660 assessment answers Whenever a business is trying to strategize a plan to enter the foreign markets there should be different strategies involved in the process which would help the company to understand the different mindsets of people from different parts of the world who follow different cultural diversities and have different religious beliefs.

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CME660 Strategies Assessment

Hence one of the most important strategies while planning to enter the international market is to recruit people from the places where the company is trying to spread its business. For example, if the cross-cultural backgrounds are considered in an employee, then the employees from one specific country should be employed in the company where the company is actually trying to build up its new branch. For example, when Amazon is trying to spread its root in the international market from the UK to the Asian countries it has recruited people from the Indian background and Asian countries which had helped the company to understand the Asian culture from a better perspective. CME660 assignments Not only that but also the cross-cultural implies got an opportunity to work in a workspace which has helped them in understanding the richness of cultural diversities.

Advantage and Disadvantage of CME660 Assignments

However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of the entire process. Talking about the advantages there are several advantages such as the company getting an opportunity to explore the international market through cross-cultural employees. And also, the cross-cultural employee gets an opportunity to learn new skills from different people walking in the same team. Not only has that but also there acquired the characteristics of developing acceptance and patients in them so that they can work smoothly with the people working in the same team coming from different cross-cultural backgrounds. Not only that but also, they get an opportunity to understand how the mindset of people from different parts of the world work.


CME660 solutions However, this has several negative aspects as well. Talking about the negative aspects of cross-cultural backgrounds of employees’ multiculturalism can sometimes be very difficult to handle. People working in one team coming from different cultural backgrounds might sometimes fail to be accepting and patient towards the other people working in the same team. Hence not understanding the depth of the religious sentiments and the cultural diversity is that the following might end up hurting their sentiments in some way or the other. This might lead to conflicts and garages in the team which ultimately harms the performance of the team while working towards the bigger goal of the company. Therefore, the HR managers are responsible for the recruitment process of the cross-cultural employees in an organization and with that, they also train the employees after the process of recruitment so that they can gain acceptance patience, and kindness while working in a team of people coming from the different cross-cultural background. Not only that but also that get an opportunity to improve themselves as individuals through the process of the training. Hence multiculturalism can sometimes be a little bit difficult to handle but it has a lot more to offer than just this.

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Brief of CME660 Assessment Answers

Multiculturalism works towards the development of an organization on a huge scale. When the company is trying to be in the limeright in the international market it is one of the most important things is that should be followed by the company in order to grab a space in the international market and also be in the limelight. Understanding the minds of the people from different parts of the world gives them an opportunity to deconstruct and refurbish their strategies policies and services that they have to offer in a way that would attract more customers from the international market and this would help the company to gain a strong customer based on different parts of the world. Not only that but also coming up with different new ideas and innovations help the company e to diversify its products and services that are offered to the people of the world if people from the different cross-cultural background are recruited in a company, then it gives a diversification to the entire business. Hence the people coming from different countries of different cross-cultural backgrounds can help the company to understand how the people from their countries think and what they like so that the company can make a proper strategic plan for different countries and to come up with different ideas to serve them. Hence all these things work towards the development of a company in many ways whatsoever CME660 task answers.

CME660 Infrastructure Management Assessment

Hence the employees also get an opportunity to learn new things about different people coming from different parts of the world working in the same thing. The only thing that needs to be properly maintained is that the human resource management department should keep a constant check on how the employees are trying to fit in while working in a team of people coming from different cross-cultural backgrounds. Not only that but also the team leaders and the managers should be recruited in a way who would be patient with the people working in the team. Hence it becomes sometimes difficult for the team leaders to handle the team and the conflicts arising within them however the training process should be such that the employee should be trained to be kind and humble towards other people without hurting their sentiments in any way whatsoever. CME660 task answers Showing team spirit in working together as a team would help them to grow as individuals in their careers and also would help them to achieve the goal of the team which would serve the bigger purpose of the company.

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