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Explain CNT4004 Computer Networks

In the course, students will be able to study architectures, protocols and layers in distributed communication network for developing client and server applications. These topics makes application for OSI and TCP as well as transmission models for error control and client server models. Students will also be able to extend the course on topics via programming assignments as well as library and other requirements.

On successful completion of the study, the students will be able to:

  • Apply introduction of design and analysis for networks and wireless networks.
  • Include application of computer network protocols.
  • Make application for bridging and routing on current topics.

The assignment is an essay assignment that covers on the standards of the assignment through mid-term and project standards that are coming up with. The traditional face to face classes is applicable for face coverings through which other precautions are strongly recommended with. The assignment applies to making innovative program that does not determine the fate of students. The CNT4004 task answers is applicable for evaluation in major and half courses.

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Unit details: -

The Unit applies to getting access to design and analysis in computer communication networks. This applies to how the project standards comes up with the easy and day to day set up. The introduction to design and analysis applies to local and wide wireless networks that are routed in the current topics. Therefore, the network applications and protocols are applicable for delivering hands-on experiences by emphasis on Internet technologies. Providing access to study details is in ensuring face coverings and other precautions are strongly recommended with. The Unit

Location: -

United Kingdom

Study level: -

The study level for the CNT4004 computer networks is applicable for introduction of design and analysis to computer communication networks. Therefore, traditional and face-to-face coverings and precautions are to be strongly recommended. The assignment applies to how they are utilized for meeting the project standards in order to ensure proper communication networks to design and analysis networks.

Unit code: -

CNT4004 computer networks

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Brief of the CNT4004 Assessment:

The Unit CNT4004 computer networks apply to design and analysis of networks in computer communication. These topics apply to the layer protocols and network interfaces for inclusion in local area networks and bridging as well as routing on the current topics. The traditional face-to-face classes is applicable for face coverings and other precautions that are strongly recommended. The computer networks are applicable for project standards in day to day coming up of operations. The Unit applies to using network packet for formatted data unit carried out in computer communication networks.


The assignment applies to applying the project standards to project standards that act as a best route to possible metrics for route costs. They talk of least cost is applicable for applying to the project standards that are dynamic in these metrics that are static and dynamic in nature. Currently masking the face coverings are strongly recommended for placing onto shared coverings that are recommended. Therefore, applying onto the standards to generate upcoming projects are noted into the course notes. The Unit is applied to make design and analysis of networks in communication technology. The introduction of design and analysis of computer networks includes multiple devices that Assignment help in communicating differential standards of choices through communication networks.


Following onto specific knowledge lies in routing the algorithms and protocols for the classes that are dynamic in nature. This is meant for applying to the project standards for daily coming up. The academic progress of students lies in how they are registered under different programmes into a convenient number of courses spread over different semesters. The examination and evaluation are a continuous exercise that results from single examination and does not determine the fate of the students. Having access to design and analysis is needed for determination of precautions to be initiated for face coverings that are recommended.


The Unit CNT4004 computer networks apply to introduction of design and analysis for communication networks. This applies to course description and how they are developing a strategy to be applied to organization’s IT system from attacks. This is meant to provide project standards needed with meeting up of project standards. Currently masking on the properties and preparing from upcoming exams CNT4004 assignment answers helps to detail into the standards for cooperative learning and development. The Unit is also initiated to computer communication networks. The introduction and design of computer analysis networks is initiated in connecting with real tutors.


Upon ensuring the application protocols the layer messages denote how they are available for each endpoint in technologies and protocols. The access to study documents applies to how they are applicable to make design and application of computer communication networks. The face coverings and precautions are strongly recommended therein. On traditional and face to face classes the masks or cloth are applicable for upcoming exams or projects. The introduction of modern computer networks applies to packet mode of transmission and how they are a formatted unit in SNR. The computer networks are a formatted unit to be carried out in a course of devices in cables and networks. The department is applicable for making detailed analysis of computer communication networks to packet-mode for transmission. This code also applies to a communication carried out between distinguished networks formed between two different devices.


What is the weightage of this CNT4004 Course code in their semester?

The weightage of CNT4004 code in their semester lies in setting up of an act that to be set up as an act by Parliament. The title course applies to how they are applicable for carrying out 25% of weightage to continuous evaluation for external and semester evaluation in semester CNT4004 Solutions Course. On the other hand, 75% of weightage applied to continuous evaluation assigned to continuous evaluation. The syllabus for each programme is applicable for dividing the courses into convenient number of courses over different semesters. The weightage of CNT4004 Course code applies to designing mid-term and easy assignments for meeting the project standards that are coming up.

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