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Looking for CO4509 Task Answers?


CO4509 Assessment Answers

The code CO4509 is for the course IT Security and it teaches students the significance of information based applications as well as the communication technology in relation to keep a track on unwanted and illegal activities. The course contributes to the way students learn and respond to the use of communication technology and information effectively to develop skills in terms of practice and theoretical representation of computer security.

The CO4509 assessment answers contribute to the development of skills and knowledge among students regarding the way security of a system can be evaluated and accordingly they can be taught effectively. The communication technology and information is a way of teaching students to reflect on their understanding of advanced development and growth in Information and technology advancement. The practices of the communication technology helps the student to understand the implementation process and also spread awareness regarding security issues that impacts people, their business and technological advancements. The advancement in technology contributes to the way students learn computer security and the way current trends can be investigated effectively.

Students are taught in CO4509 solutions regarding the performing of research to develop an approach that is systematic leading to effective implementation of planning and security policy. When practicing the effective technical skills, it is important for the students to learn the process of planning, carrying out and evaluating the IT security and its significance in terms of substantial relativity. Development of self-management in terms of communication, technical skills and critical evaluation of the current trends in IT security is an integral part of the student’s learning process in this course.

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Unit Details of CO4509 Assignment Answers

The code CO4509 assignment answers computer security provides knowledge and skills development to the students in terms of learning the significance of the job of evaluating the security of a system and the way it contributes to the better understanding of the illegal or unwanted actions on internet. The students will learn the significance of IT security and also understand the need for it to establish their professional life in terms of work experience. The significance of industrial placement is being taught in this unit and the students will develop that through performing an industry based project inclusive of assessment help that will integrate the student’s flexibility as well as sustainability in terms of self-management. Knowledge and skills among the students in relation to the procedures and the tools through which the students can learn the implementation of IT security and perform strategies that will prevent any illegal activities can be taught. The students will learn to solve problem and also provide to the growing demand of IT security in terms of having specialists in those areas.

Students can easily have opportunities that contributes to the development of effective communication as well as become reflective practitioner of ideas that contributes to the development of the identity of computer security. The benefits and the weaknesses of the subject and the knowledge can be taught to the students through this unit considering it helps the students to synthesize their ideas in terms of practicing advancement of information technology through digital services.

The module contributes to the identification of vulnerabilities that computer systems have and the need for the students to learn that and reflect on them. This not only helps them in developing an understanding of computer networks and systems but also helps in understanding the range of vulnerabilities so that they can be treated. The students in this course go through a series of practices and implementation of security measures that contributes to the way security networks must be managed so that there are no illegal activities through them. The course helps the students to identify the vulnerabilities and contributes into their development of knowledge and skills. Effective implementation of these identification of vulnerabilities leads to development of strategies to treat computer systems as well as integrate security networks.

Location: University of Central Lancashire, England

Study level: Postgraduate level and programs

Unit code: CO4509 IT Security

Briefs of CO4509 Assessment Answers

CO4509 Assessment is based on the assignment writer where the students have to describe the implementation of the techniques and the tools that are implemented to investigate the security of a system. The security of the system when evaluated, the description of the outcomes must be observed in terms of the identification being made by the students in terms of the unwanted actions or illegalities has been observed.

The students then in the CO4509 task answers must identify the weak spots of the systems and accordingly develop a proposal that will contribute to the way the security issues can be addressed. The issues that has been addressed in terms of unwanted activities on websites as well as computer and information related technological uses must be taught to the students to reflect on addressing them in order to resolve them. The second assignment is based on the proposal justification in terms of providing effective security to the network system in computer. The justifiable proposal is then evaluated based on the mention and the description of techniques and tools that are mentioned to establish system security.

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Weightage of the CO4509 Course Code in This Semester

The CO4509 IT Security as a course code in this semester has the weightage of 50% in the module. It is significant for this semester because it contributes to the learning outcomes of the students in terms of them being able to analyse the potential threats that are experienced in the computer network assignment help and systems. The students will also learn the countermeasures leading to effective implementation of the security measures that prevents any illegal activities and advancements respectively. The students in the process will also learn the way in which security policies can be critically evaluated as well as the techniques of developing IT security is performed to provide quality services to customers in terms of their customized requirements.

The future effectiveness and importance of this course is also observed in the way students are academically and practically supported to acquire knowledge to develop their skills. Integrating these skills contributes to the way sustainability of the coursework help is observed in the way students learn to implement their knowledge and develop their own assignment.

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