COM411 Conflict Resolution Assessment Answers

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COM411 Assessment Answers

The foremost aspect of the course is to delve into an analytical investigation regarding the nature as well as the relevant dynamics surrounding conflict being enforced interpersonally. It sees to concentrate on similar aspects while delving into its essence in an intragroup, international and that of organizational perspectives. In that regard, the relevant course takes into consideration theories as well as research pertaining to managing conflict across a diverse set of contexts while requiring to explore the concepts of communication. Based on that understanding, upon the completion of the assessment, students will able to utilize communication effectively in the framework of an organization while seeing to its role in resolving a conflict. COM411 assessment answers Furthermore, it will attain a conceptual understanding of the concept surrounding communication while dealing with conflicts on the basis of a practical approach. Hence, the course intends a practical approach for the considerate purpose of using communication effectively and thereupon ensure that its students are being able to deal with conflicts. In that aspect, the course tends to be an ideal proposition for those seeking to facilitate their career in counselling, management as well as human resources which tends to be a significant aspect in the framework of an organization. With that being stated, student will be able to recognize the core nature of a conflict while at the same time understand its impact on organizations as well as that of its interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, students will be able to demonstrate the role of communication in being able to generate product outcomes of conflict resolution and thereupon be endowed with the ability of utilizing skills of communication effectively in a range of situations that relates specifically with resolution of conflicts.         

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The COM411 assignments of the unit will see to cover subjects such as the nature of conflict while delving in its types as well as theories associated with the subject of communication. On that basis, the course aims to express certain goals along with power, style as well as tactics while deeming it as being the key variables. The framework of the course also intends to implement its assessment while bearing anticipation of conflict as well as understand the differences in relation with bridging gaps among gender as well as culture. Following the understanding of the gaps in relevance with conflict management, the course intends to determine the patterns of communication that can seem to help in transforming conflict. Thereupon, it sees to delve in negotiation while letting it be used to get towards mutual agreement. On that basis, students will be able to effective use as well as apply in relation with strategies of conflict intervention that includes coaching, mediation, negotiation as well as design of a system in regards to management as well as resolution of conflict. Furthermore, students will seem to integrate as well as seem to apply a broad range of theoretical concepts along with methodologies and processes for managing, analyzing as well as resolving conflicts in relevance to that of a study. On that basis, the fundamental aspect of the course intends to delve in the skillset that can be used in managing conflicts. It further indicates the need for addressing issues in an open and immediate manner while seeing to set clear expectations and thereupon highlight on the skillset of active listening. To that extent, the course includes the aspect of recognizing as well as respecting personal differences.   

Unit Details of COM411 Assessments

Location: University of Arizona, Arizona

Study Level: Undergraduate Course or Bachelor’s Degree

Unit Code: COM411

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Brief of COM411 Assessment Assignments

The focus of this curriculum is based on improving the communication capability of its students and thereupon understand its effectiveness for the purpose of resolving conflicts. While the course is one of the subsequent courses of major in Communication, its bears its duration for one year wherein the overall module is conducted in four stages consecutively. It is critical for students to learn the role of communication in relation to theories and thereupon attain the capability to evaluate a situation with a critical insight and thereupon contemplate on the source of the conflict in order to reach to a final resolution.


COM411 solutions to be able to improve in the aspect of communication for conflict resolution can seem difficult at times in account of versatile theories being manifested in the subject of communication. For instance, there are theories that can help relate to the varying approaches of communication in regards to whether it is indirect or indirect. Furthermore, there are conceptual notions when it comes to applying communication as a conceptual framework for the purpose of resolving a conflict. While undertaking a practical approach wherein students are led to encounter a practical scenario, the assessment relies less on written reports or insights and instead evaluates the performance of students on a practical perspective. As such, the four segmented module enlists practical activities as being the major highlight of the course while there are subsequent written assignments that are require to keep records of relevant experience being encountered by the students.    

What is the weightage of this COM411 course code in their semester?

COM411 is a full-time degree course wherein it actually requires its students to secure the required percentile to further proceed towards the next stage and thereupon be able to attain the accredited certificate for the COM411 task answers. While entailing practical activities that carries around a weightage of fifty percent, there are lectures that are required to be attend by the students along with assignments that are required to be submitted within a given deadline. While the assignments and lectures carry the remaining fifty percent weightage, students are required to secure a minimum of fifty percentile in order for them to be able to pass and proceed to the subsequent section of the courses. Furthermore, it requires its students to attend each lecture and see to respond to the discussions being conducted in the class on the basis of which the performance of each student will be evaluated. In addition, students are required to submit their assignments within the stated time and as extension of data is not available.

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