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COM510 Strategic Communications Plan

Unit details

Location: Strayer University, Washington

Study level: under graduate

Unit code: COM510

Weightage: In this unit module on COM510: strategic communication plan, students will learn how to lay the foundation for a number of communication modes with a discussion on developing a communication strategy and the importance of knowing their audience, their respective purpose, and their key message before students start communicating. Hence, after successful completion of this course COM510 task answers unit on COM510: strategic communication plan, students will be able to plan and identify by selecting communication objectives and strategic communication tools. Students will also be able to measure or evaluate the action plans and outcomes and follow a proper strategic communication plan as a whole. Therefore, students pursuing this curse unit on COM510: strategic communication plan can develop and identify better manners of reaching their audiences and stay relevant in the long run as well.

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This course unit on COM510: strategic communication plan will cover strategic communication process, planning, key parts of the planning and advice, tips for success.  It would have examples of real life scenario from successful activities and situations where strategic communication has failed.  Students will also learn how to make their message more clear and how to meet communication objectives. Strategic communication significantly affects to success of all organizations. This course unit on COM510 Solutions: strategic communication plan covers five step process for successful strategic communication. In this process students will have to recognize audience, decide goals and objectives, develop key messages and tactical plan and later how the success is evaluated and by which key performance indicators. First of all make objectives clear to all involved people and accordingly decide what is the most important message to make students’ communication strategic. Students will also need a clear mission in order to start from the beginning. In order to start the strategic communication from day one, students will require to learn tools and techniques that incorporate:

  1. Linear Responsibility Chart
  2. AIDA Approach
  3. SWOT Analysis and
  4. Balanced Scorecard.

These are first tools to learn and there will be also examples of usage involving templates ready to use. Students must learn them clearly in this course unit on COM510: strategic communication plan and become successful strategic communicator. Students must forget to evaluate their results. In this course on COM510: strategic communication plan students will learn how to setup KPIs that really make the difference. Students will also gain a better understanding of setting a benchmark, enhance the evaluation process. Later students will be able to understand why feedback is important to reach the target.

A communications strategy is the backbone of any good marketing or communications program. It acts and provides a focus, with a clear goal and roadmap for how to best get the message to the target audience, and makes sure that the messages are memorable and are capable of moving people to action. This COM510 Assignment answers unit is also helpful in allowing students learn how to craft a communications strategy could assist individuals to be a masterful communicator. In this course, students would be able to identify and discover numerous ways of identifying their respective audience, develop a communications strategy, measure the outcomes, and adjust to feedback. Finding out how to break through the noise and connect with the audience clearly reliably and how to respond with consistency when crisis hits is also included in this course.

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Creating a dynamic Plan demonstrates a strategic communication planning model will allow students to attain a consistent, higher level of excellence in their day to day communication tasks. For those of students and individuals with some experience in planning, this course unit on COM510: strategic management plan will serve as a refresher and likely will present a new approach or two to their strategic process. If students have little experience in strategic planning, this course will offer a practical strategic planning process and model. It will be the students’ tool to staying on track. A communication professional is responsible for identifying and communicating with employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, government agencies and other groups with an interest in the organizational activities. All these groups have the ability and potential to change the organization’s results. The communication professional promotes and nourishes relationships with them that will assist the organization’s mission and goals and uses dialogue to tell the organization’s story and garner support. Upon successful completion of this course unit on COM510: strategic management plan students would also be able to recognize and describe the elements of the strategic planning process. Through research, identify and evaluate a business wants or opportunity and audience characteristics. Students can also establish and develop measurable objectives in order to provide direction to deliver meaningful communication outcomes and outputs. Students can also identify strategies and construct tactics and techniques that are consistent with research findings, the business need and audience preferences and accordingly review thereby consider applied ethical dilemmas inherent within the strategic planning process.

This course is designed for business communications professionals that are at or aspiring to the Strategic Advisor level of the IABC Career Roadmap. The course is also aligned with the tasks, knowledge, and skills that support the Global Communications Certification Council’s Communication Management Professional certification program. There are no course prerequisites. The anticipated time for completing this course unit on COM510: strategic communication plan including quizzes and assignments is four to six hours.

Therefore, students are advised to take this course unit module seriously and accordingly outline their needed/ required strategies that would enable students in gaining a better and clear understanding of the importance of strategic communication plan in business and among individuals. By completing this course COM510 Assessment answers unit module on COM510: strategic communication plan students will avail a professional certificate that could help them in their respective career. Hence, students could easily gain the knowledge, skills and required techniques and to0ols for designing effective communication plans. Students can also learn to develop, execute and evaluate communication plans that fit with the organizational mission.


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