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COM610 Integrated Marketing Communication  

Unit details

Location: National University

Study level: Post graduate

Unit code: COM610

Weightage of the COM610 Code:

This unit course on COM610: integrated marketing communication covers IMC (integrated marketing communication) process for developing and promoting relationships with customers and public through strategically controlling as well as influencing messages sent to and exchanged with these groups. This course unit on COM610 assignment answers: integrated marketing communication also teaches effective integration of marketing communication initiatives of an organization. Therefore, through case analysis, students are able to learn how IMC (integrated marketing communication) has become critical towards making major marketing efforts. After successful completion of this course unit on COM610: integrated marketing communication, students would be able to describe the evolution of integrated marketing communication (IMC) and how it changes organizations in which it is adopted. Describe and justify IMC guiding principles. Identify and compare the research needed for planning, implementing, and evaluating IMC efforts. Students will also be able to Identify, anticipate and estimate the value of customers and prospects. In addition to this, students will also be able to apply the notion of reciprocal marketer-consumer relationship and accordingly produce and present IMC plan. Describe and discuss challenges faced by IMC integration in organizations.

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COM610 Assessment Answers

The main objective of this course unit on COM610 assessnment answers: integrated marketing communication is to enlighten the students and participants with imperative aspects of planning, execution and evaluation of marketing communication and its strategies. This course unit on COM610: integrated marketing communication is developed with an integration of theoretical lectures as well as various examples which will provide insights on real-life scenarios. The students will be familiarized with integration of marketing communication modes and strategies for developing brands. The students and the learners would also get to know the imperative of different media choices along with the reasons and methods of integrating different media. The discussion would also include understanding consumer behaviour and conducting IMC (integrated marketing communication) related research. The course focuses on the strategic importance of IMC (integrated marketing communication) and highlights the centrality of the art of IMC (communication) with reference to driving businesses and organizations at large.

This course unit on COM610: integrated marketing communication explains that integrated marketing communications (IMC) is an approach used by organizations in order to brand as well as coordinate their communication efforts. The American Association of Advertising Agencies also defines IMC as “a comprehensive plan that examines the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines and combines these disciplines in order to deliver more clarity, consistency as well as maximum communication impact.” The main idea behind an IMC strategy is to develop and create a seamless experience for consumers across different aspects of the marketing mix. The core image of the brand and messaging are also reinforced as every marketing communication channel works together as parts of a unified whole rather than in isolation. Hence, pursuing this course module on COM610: integrated marketing communication would enable students in having a better idea of how things work and avail better alternatives for the encountered solutions.

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COM610 Assignment Answers

This unit course on COM610: integrated marketing communication also gives a better and proper understanding of the relevance of customers, brands, organizational marketing and their associated experiences to the students and make them better as professionals. In order to have a better understanding or comprehension of the advantages associated with integrated marketing communication, it is important for the individuals or students to have a clear picture of what communication in marketing or business means to the organization and in general as well. However, the exact number of hours for students per week that they could expect to spend on each course would vary on the basis of weekly coursework and the study style of the students. It may also differ on the basis of preferences of the students and their understanding as well. Hence students must plan accordingly to spend over 10 to 12 hours per week in each course reading material , interaction on the discussion boards, writing papers, completing assignments and projects and doing research work. This would help them in developing a clear and better picture of the course setting and accordingly apply it in the required areas of work. Students would also obtain knowledge and the ability to apply concepts to practical situations. This course unit on COM610: integrated marketing communication incorporates different scholarly articles, textbook, and current media applications in work with peers in order to complete assignment activities that require critical analysis as well as evaluation skills.

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COM610 Task Answers

In this course on COM610 task answers: integrated marketing communication, the students would be able to learn about the various components elements associated with management and integrated communication systems and how to leverage them in business operations and functions. Thus, after the completion of the course COM610: integrated marketing communication, the student or the individual would also be able to describe the use and function of different marketing management techniques and systems, and will also be able to recognize and describe the various roles of the marketing strategies that could keep the organization relevant in the long run.

The scope after completing the course of communication management is simply outstanding. Several organizations today crave for hiring the candidates from the above mentioned Diasporas. The fresher could easily explore several opportunities in media newspapers, magazines, radio stations, news websites, content marketing agencies, advertising agencies, and others. The use of social media platforms as a tool for communication management is one of the most significant considerable trends. Hence, this way an individual could collect or avail the required information that could enable the student in making corrective solutions and decision on behalf of the organization and keep the organization ahead of the competitors in the long run. This course has been very much popular in recent days due to the growth acceleration within the media industries. The career path of the integrated marketing communication course is so much lucrative that parents are very much eager to put their children in this course; apart from that, this branch of study is also interesting and unique.

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