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Explain COMM276 Advanced Digital Media Journalism

COMM276 Advanced Digital Media Journalism is a course offered by Stanford University that provides a detailed idea on one of the most important aspects of modern day information technology. Use of audio and video devices and the presence of a large number of options in the form of gadgets allows the scope and opportunity to the modern day journalists to record and capture audio and video in a smooth and effective manner. The course code COMM276 presents a clear and transparent idea on the use of similar such items used for recording audio, video and images. An in-depth study of the process presents a clear analysis of the digital media process that includes the likes of reporting and production in the most appropriate manner. The course also specializes on the development and use of the modern-day digital media, photography, graphics and videos. The use of different sub-topics makes the analysis much easier and effective.

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The course deals in different aspects related to journalism. They are namely, Multimedia, Digital media production, Animation, Multimedia authoring and design, Cooperative Work Experience in media, Independent study of media, Digital Video Editing, Internship processes and many more as such. All these courses presents a proper knowledge base for the students who aims to pursue journalism as their career. The courses and the subjects offered under COMM276 presents the opportunity to the students to explore, design and develop different forms of multimedia based technology. The course which provides access to computer offers a technical overview of the different kinds of technical features that are used in multimedia designing process. A number of different types of projects throughout the time of the course presents an in-hand experience of the different form of the digital media tools that are used in the modern day journalism. COMM276 thus stands out from the rest of the courses offered by other universities as it is an advanced course that allows the students with the scope to implement different forms of theories used in multimedia.


Students can also get an in-hand knowledge of the knowledge production of DVD, internet and other networks used in communication. Such a process COMM276 task answers helps the students to get a clear idea of the digital journalism methods that are generally used and applied in the modern day. Conceptualization, user interface design, use of internet of things and development of a multimedia prototype presents the opportunity to develop a technical knowledge of the total process. COMM276 also provides knowledge on editing video by means of digital tools. Such a process Assignment help to shift the focus of the course towards an in-depth analysis of the non-linear deeper understanding of primary, secondary and tertiary motion. Students generally team to log and capture raw video and assemble shots on a proper timeline that is important for success in the most effective and organized manner. Such an opportunity presents the students the freedom to log, capture and edit, animate and create effects in different form of videos that are an important part of journalism. Another major are that should not be missed is the inclusion of the Animation module in the learning material of the COMM276 course. The inclusion of the animation module in the COMM276 assessment answers presents the opportunity to the students to learn more about the advanced production of videos using the 3D modelling design and animation software for video and multimedia applications. These software includes the likes of 3D Studio Max and Adobe Printer. Presentation of the following course thus entails opportunity to the students to develop success in the most effective and organized manner. Thus the course details out a clear and effective log of study based in Digital Media based Journalism.

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Stanford University is a private research University located in Stanford, California of U.S.A. It is one of the largest and reputed Universities of the United States and has an official student strength of more than 17,000. As said earlier, it has a huge reputation not only in U.S.A but also across the globe as it offers a large variety of subjects to select from. It is also reputed to have provided America with close to 300 Olympic medals that is something of great fame. The management of the University has divided the educational institution under three different schools. These three schools consists of 40 different undergraduate departments, four different kinds of professional schools that concentrate on providing graduate education to students. Such a wide variety and division of different departments presents the scope for the students to pursue different kinds of subjects that can fit their actual demand. The COMM276 assignment answers offered by the University provides a great chance to the students pursuing Journalism to have a hand on modern day journalism trends especially that of the use of digital media. The University provides all kinds of support starting from informative modules, digital assistance, and personalized attention of the students while they undertake the course under the guidance of the professors of Stanford University. Such a process makes it easier for the students to ensure the growth of their digital knowledge which can be utilized by them in the future for their overall career growth. The unit details of the course code COMM276 along with the University details have been presented below;


450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, United States of America

Phone: +1 650-723-2300

Study Level:


Unit Code:


The weightage of the following COMM276 course is as follows;



First term


Second term


Discipline, Class Attendance, Professionalism





The University can provide all types of assistance to the student regarding the course. The course needs to be completed within a period of 4 months which must be utilized properly. Extension will not be granted except for unforeseen circumstances faced by the students. In such cases, the students need to provide proper proof and apply for extension following the guidelines of the University. Plagiarism is a punishable offence and strict action like awarding zero marks may be taken by the University.

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