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CRIJ140 Assessment Answers

The Bucks County Community College is a public community college which is located in Buck County, Pennsylvania. The college was founded in the year 1964 and has a total of three campuses in Newtown, Perkasie and Bristol. The college offers student multiple means of the complete ting their course which includes face-to-face tradition classes, purely online CRIJ140 assessment answers completion options s well as the option to attend hybrid class which consists of both physical classes as well as online classes. The college offers a wide array of course and departments which include The Department of Arts & Communication offers programs of study in Fine Arts, GraphicDesign, Multimedia, Cinema/Video, Communication, Photography, Furniture & Cabinetmaking, Web & Multimedia Design, and Music. Among the various courses, the college also provides the master’s program course of CRIJ140 assessment answers Criminal Procedure.


To put it in simple words, criminal procedure is the process through which criminal law is implemented and enacted. The process consists of then a formal charge against an individual who is then taken to curt where their case shall be tried and finally and charge will be designated which will lead to either a free bail or an incarceration. The criminal process can be considered to be the backbone for implementation of justice. The criminal procedure can greatly differ depending on the jurisdiction and can be in form of inquisitional or adversarial in nature. CRIJ140 assignments Understanding the criminal procedure is quintessential in understanding the full extent of the justice and legal system and through which the unjust can be held accountable for their actions and justice and can deliver to those who have been wrong in the eyes of the law.

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General Principals of CRIJ140 Assignments

The CRIJ140 assignments of the criminal procedure at the Bucks County Community College aims to provide an introductory understanding to the general principles of procedural law. the course aim to equip the students with the basic understanding about the different means and methods of the procedural law Ans the impact it has in the delivery of justice to those who seek out legal aid. Throughout the course, the students will be covering topics like arrest, initial appearance, hearings, grand jury proceedings, arraignment, bail, procedures, motions to suppress evidence, trial, appellate steps, warrants, and the various roles of individuals working within the criminal justice system. Each of the topics server to introduce the students to the core and foundational aspects of the criminal procedure and howe each of these aspects bear weight in the determining of the legal outcome. The course aims preparing the student in the academic field of law and criminal procedure so as to enable them to pursue higher studies in the future and build their academic resume.

Unit Details of CRIJ140 Assessments

Location: - Online, Newtown, Perkasie and Bristol

Study Level: - Masters

Unit Code: - CRIJ140

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Brief of CRIJ140 Assessment Assignments

The CRIJ140 solutions shall follow through in a sequence of topics which are: an overview of the criminal justice system in the United States; arrest, appearances and preliminary hearing; bail; indictment or information or presentment; guilty pleas and plea; bargaining; the criminal trial; sentencing, crime, and corrections, including the rights of; prisoners; appeals and habeus corpus; venue and double jeopardy; juvenile justice in the United States; the role of the police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges.


Through the following of the course the students will also gain an introductory understanding to the important of the role of the criminal procedure and how this role offers aid to those individuals who have been legally wronged or hampered. Students shall be taught the skills for critically and efficiently evaluating incident reports and court information and communicate the information in the most effective and optimal manner. By the end of the course, the students shall be expected to be well versed in the qualities and the responsibilities that play a major part in the criminal procedure. 


CRIJ140 task answers The students are also expected to exhibit the learning outcomes of the course like the demonstration of the understanding of the various different processes that are employed in the movement of the offender through the criminal justice system. Similarly, the students are expected to examine the system of checks and balances which operate within the system which I turn allows the preservation and implementation of justice and fairness. Finally, through the following of the course, the students are expected to eb able to demonstrate a proper understanding of the different roles and functions of individuals that work within the criminal justice system and how each of the role impact the functioning of the system.

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What is the Weightage of this CRIJ140 Course Code in Their Semester?

With the global pandemic still have a major effect on the world and in the way, people approach public places, the university has placed greater importance to the implementation of online classes. The entirety of the course shall be held through online classes and online forums. The course has to total weightage 100 per cent which is divided among active participation in the classroom, written examinations, assignments and assessment tasks, papers and projects. Heavy weightage shall be placed the performance of student’s ion the tasks, assignments and projects. Despite the course being an online course strict adherence to guidelines and responsibility shall be expected on behalf of the student. Similarly, the students are encouraged to show active participation in the group and assessment discussions throughout the course.


A daily grade will be assigned to the students based on their daily performance. This daily grade will have an influencing factor in the overall grade that will be assigned to the students upon completion of the course and shall be considered in the awarding of the final grade of the course to each individual student. Detailed information regarding rh weightage of each aspect font the course shall be shared with the students upon successful enrollment to the course. In order to secure a passing grad, students will need to secure a minimum of 50 per cent in each of the exams and assignments. It should be noted that the minimum passing grade for each exam in subject to change and shall be determined as per the discretion of the college.  

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