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The course CRJ330 assessment answers Comparative Criminal Justice is carried out at the Strayer University which is located in Virginia. This course mainly related to the laws of the land and this course mainly focuses its attention on the criminal behavior. This course thus goes on to talk about a wide range of topics which are mainly associated to behavior that is found in criminals and how it is related to the development of their personality. The course thus is not simply restricted to the rules that exists with respect to the criminals but it further goes deep inside in order to clearly understand the different variables that are rooted deep into criminal behavior. This is why the course goes on to underline the biological and psychological factors that are found in criminals. It also indulges in forming at least a surface level understanding of why this kind of behavior comes into existence and how can such criminal mindset be curbed. In addition to the factors mentioned above the course also goes on to form an understand of the social structural factors which also plays an important part in giving way to the birth of criminal mindset and behavior in the people leading them to committing any sort of crime. All of these activities are carried out by the application of a range of strategies and these strategies are taught within this CRJ330 assignments.


In other words, this course mainly tries to help the students in understanding criminal behavior and how it comes into being. In trying to do so the students within this course are introduced to a range of methodologies which can be implemented by the students in order to find the answers to the questions that they are looking for. The students are also given a bird-eye view of the entire process that goes behind forming a thorough understanding of criminal behavior and how a number of external factors contribute to nurturing the criminal behavior that possibly exist within the person under question. Apart from these, the course also shed light on the legal system and the laws that are existing in order to help decrease the increasing criminal behavior among people. This CRJ330 solutions brings the criminal justice under closely scrutiny only to find the progress that it has made in decreasing the rates of crime and also curbing criminal behavior. It also analyses the societal approaches that are taken in order to limit or prevent the crime that are being brought to the surface. By the end of this course, the students are expected to have an in-depth understanding of criminal behavior and the factors that either contribute to the same or nurture criminal behavior within the society. The students will also be equipped with the knowledge of different strategies and processes.

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Unit Details of CRJ330 Assessments

Location: - Strayer University, Virginia.

Study level: - Bachelor’s level course.

Unit code: - CRJ330

Brief of CRJ330 Assessment Assignments

The assessment mainly has two parts and each of these parts would address criminal behavior and the ways of evaluating the same. The first section would focus on psychological and biological factors which contribute to criminal behavior. The students in this case will be expected to indulge in extensive reading and then answer a set of questions with the help of their conceptual understanding and also their finding. The students in this case would be presented with guiding questions which would require them to find solutions to the issues that are presented to them. In the second section of the assessment the students will be provided with a number of case studies which will highlight certain criminal behavior. The students will firstly have to propose a criminal justice law in order to mitigate the issue and then they will have to get into an elaborate detail explaining why the proposed law bets suits the situation.


In some cases, the students will be provided with a case study where certain laws are already implemented and the student’s role would be to evaluate if the applied law is justifying or is there any other way of solving the issue. CRJ330 task answers in doing so, the students will have to bring the law under close scrutiny along with the scenario where the law is being implemented. The students will then have to provide justification as to why a certain law is incapable in handling the given scenario or why is the implemented law justified with respect to the crime that is presented. The students will be evaluated in this case on the basis of their ability to understand the situation and to be able to analyze it correctly only to find solutions to the issue.

What is the Weightage of this CRJ330 Course Code in Their Semester?

This course forms an integral part of the semester holding 20% weightage within this semester and the reason for the same is the fact that this course makes the student aware of the entire process that goes behind implementing a criminal law. It also helps the students in closely understanding the criminal mindset and the factors in the society that somehow contribute to criminal behavior among the general public. The students within this course get a clear understanding about how external factors like the societal structure and even the biological setup contribute to criminal behavior among the people. The students are able to form an understanding about the ways in which the criminal laws are justified in certain situations but not all. In other words, they are able to choose the correct law in order to curb an issue which involves criminal behavior. All of this together contribute to making this course an integral part of this semester. This semester is mainly focused at helping the students in being able to understand when a law is applied and the process that goes behind selecting a particular law. The students are supposed to be having a thorough understanding of criminals and this course serves towards achieving the same. You can also search for Criminal Law Assignment Essay Help for more understanding.

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