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Explain CSCI203 Introduction To Computer Science

The course CSCI203 introduction to computer science is designed to train the students regarding the various aspects of computer science that are essential for solving modern-day problems. Computer science is an emerging field of study as most of the activities that incorporate industries are managed by computers. This involves the direction of automated machines and valves to the running of mechanical belts and also involves the management of sensitive pieces of information. These activities are highly essential and responsible for the efficiency of the corporate industries. The students opting for this course are trained to ensure that these people are capable of resolving the problems and performing the basic activities related to the management of computer systems. The course also ensures the development of programming skills in a number of different languages including important languages like Python. The students are also made to solve a number of crucial problems related to computation by the application of the various approach, designs, and testing activities. The students are also made to learn about the importance of computer science in society and also trained to analyze the big questions related to the concepts and theories of computer science. The students completing this course will be capable of designing, evaluating, and implementing various ranges of a program such that these codes are able to perform certain activities. The students will also be trained to perform testing activities in an effective manner such that the programs are highly efficient and capable of performing the target activities. The students are also trained to identify the contemporary issues in society that can be resolved by the application of computer science-related concepts. To ensure effective development of skills the students are provided with a range of reading materials and module assessments related to the concepts of computer science. These assignments are highly practical and help the students to develop experience regarding real-life work activities.

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CSCI203 Unit Details

The course CSCI203 introduction to computer science involves the development of programming knowledge and skills in a significant range of languages. These languages involve Object-Oriented languages and database management. The languages involved in the course include python and C/C++. The main topics that are to be learned by the students in these languages include the concepts of dynamic memory, classes, objects, analysis of algorithms, and functions. These concepts are essential for the development of basic concepts related to the application of programming languages in different environments. The students were also trained regarding other aspects of programming language which included the aspects of stacks, array, templates, linked lists, recursion, and queues. These concepts are highly essential for developing advanced-level programs that can ensure the completion of certain specific activities. The course also involves the development of knowledge regarding various search approaches and sorting methods that can be implemented for the searching and sorting of elements in single or multi-dimensional arrays. The educational modules involved in the course also include the concepts of hash tables, binary trees, heaps, graphs, and Huffman which are also essential aspects for the enhancement of analytical skills related to programming. The students are also required to complete a number of additional algorithms and theorems which can ensure effective enhancement of the skills related to programming. Moreover, it is also identified that the students opting for this course are made to complete a number of practical assessments that are mandatory and help the students to develop practical experiences for application in various environments. The students are also required to learn the aspects of pair programming. The concepts of pair programming are identified to be highly effective in enhancing the practical skills of the students and are guided by a set of principles that are listed by the university. The lecture methods used for training the students are mainly traditional and involve discussions, lectures, and presentations that help in the development of skills related to reading, learning, and thinking of various important logics for the design and implementation of programs. Moreover, the students are also made to practice the aspects taught in the lectures such that their level of skills can be enhanced.  


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CSCI203 introduction to computer science

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Brief of CSCI203 Assessment

The course CSCI203 introduction to computer science involves the development of skills that are essential for the management of computer systems. The students opting for this course are made to participate in a number of assessment tests such that these people are able to analyze the problems that may occur in the corporate organizations. The students are made to participate in a number of assessment tests that are dependent on significant case studies which are related to some corporate organizations. Thirty percent of the final grade comprises lab exercises and home assessments that are to be completed by the students in an effective manner. The students are also required to participate in two mid-term examinations such that their capabilities in programming and computer science can be developed. A final examination is also conducted that is directed to evaluate the theoretical and practical skills that are essential in computer science. This examination comprises twenty percent of marks. The students are also required to complete a final project that is based on the development of practical skills related to programming language and challenges regarding the resolution of complex issues.

Weightage of The CSCI203 Course-

The course comprises a number of modules that have significant credit points. The students are required to participate in a number of assessment tasks such that these people are able to meet the performance criteria of the university. The university also maintains some norms regarding the academic integrity of the students such that these people are able to ensure the effective development of skills. The total marks of the course comprise of a hundred percent and the students are required to acquire a minimum of fifty percent to ensure a pass mark. The students are also required to maintain a minimum percentage of marks in all examinations and assessment tests such that these people are able to ensure pass marks. Moreover, these people are also required to maintain proper levels of attendance.

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