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Explain DPIPEF04 Cancer Epidemiology

This course DPIPEF04 Task Answers Unit defines the skills and knowledge necessary to set standards for the design and production of organisational documents as well as to manage the design and production processes of organisational documents to guarantee that the standards are satisfied. It applies to those who are employed in a variety of professional situations and who need well-developed abilities in the use of a variety of software applications, including Microsoft Office. They put these abilities to use in order to define, document, and apply uniform standards of document design across an organisation.

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Location- London

Study level- Post Graduation

Unit code- DPIPEF04

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In this concise report, we provide a concise overview of current cancer epidemiology based on data from the official databases of the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society, as well as the most recent information available on the frequency, mortality, and survival expectancy of the 15 most common types of cancer throughout the world. Overall, cancer is the most severe clinical, social, and economic burden in terms of cause-specific Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) among all human illnesses in terms of clinical, social, and economic cost. The total chance of acquiring cancer between the ages of 0-74 years is 20.2 percent (22.4 percent in men and 18.2 percent in women, respectively). In 2018, a total of 18 million new instances of cancer were diagnosed, with lung cancer (2.09 million cases), breast cancer (2.09 million cases), and prostate cancer (1.28 million cases) being the most common. With the exception of sex-specific malignancies, the ratio of male to female cancer incidence is greater than one for all cancers, with the exception of thyroid cancer (i.e., 0.30). In terms of mortality, cancer is now the second leading cause of death globally (8.97 million deaths) behind ischemic heart disease, but it is expected to overtake ischemic heart disease as the leading cause of death by 2060 (18.63 million fatalities). Among the general population, lung, liver, and stomach cancers are the three most fatal types of cancer. Among men and women, lung and breast cancers are the leading causes of cancer-related death, with lung and breast cancers being the leading causes of cancer-related mortality, respectively. Prostate and thyroid cancers have the greatest prognosis, with 5-year survival rates of over 100 percent, but esophageal, liver, and particularly pancreatic cancers have the worst prognosis, with 5-year survival rates generally less than 20 percent. We hope that this study will serve as a fertile ground for discussion on health-care initiatives targeted at preventing, detecting, and treating cancer around the globe, as well as for other diseases.

The study of the elements that influence cancer is known as epidemiology, and it is used to infer likely patterns and causes of the disease. Cancer epidemiology is the study of cancer that use epidemiological approaches to determine the aetiology of cancer as well as to discover and create better therapies. Leading time bias and length time bias are two issues that must be addressed in this field of research. When it comes to cancer, lead time bias refers to the idea that early detection might artificially inflate the survival statistics while doing nothing to improve the natural DPIPEF04 assignment answers of the illness. The concept of length bias states that slower growing, more indolent tumours are more likely to be detected by screening tests; however, improvements in the detection of more cases of indolent cancer may not translate into improvements in patient outcomes following the implementation of screening programmes. Overdiagnosis, which is the propensity for screening tests to detect illnesses that may not really have an influence on the patient's lifespan, is a related topic. In particular, this is an issue when it comes to prostate cancer and PSA screening.

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In accordance with each unit's learning outcomes, performance criteria, and assessment tasks, assessment tasks that are work-based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines, will be developed in order to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters. A student's ability to show the following necessary competencies will be evaluated: - determine the needs, requirements, and information technology capabilities of the organisation that are important to the design and production of documents; - develop documentation standards that fulfil the requirements of the organisation; and • create, test, and edit document templates; • build and implement documentation and training to support usage of standard templates and macros; and • monitor the use of standard documentation templates and macros, making modifications as needed in accordance with organisational needs. The following knowledge and skills will be demanded of students as well. Explain the document production process; identify the costs associated with the implementation of standard documentation; describe the software applications used in document design and development within the organisation; identify the key provisions of relevant legislation and regulations, codes, and standards that affect document production; outline the organization's policies and procedures relating to document production; and list external sources of expertise that can be used to assist in the production of documents.

On the other hand, cancer develops as a result of the transformation of normal cells into tumor cells in a multi-stage process that normally advances from a precancerous lesion to a malignant tumor. Physical carcinogens, such as ultraviolet and ionizing radiation, chemical carcinogens, such as asbestos, tobacco smoke components, aflatoxin (a food contaminant), and arsenic (a drinking water contaminant), and biological carcinogens, such as infections with certain viruses, bacteria, or parasites, are all responsible for these changes in a person's DNA. The World Health Organization (WHO) maintains a categorization of cancer-causing chemicals via its cancer research agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). It is believed that the incidence of cancer increases considerably with age, most likely owing to an accumulation of risks for certain malignancies that become more prevalent as people become older. It is linked with the propensity for cellular repair processes to become less efficient as a person gets older, which results in an overall risk buildup.

In the opinion of some cancer experts, clinical trials that are negative for cancer do not have adequate statistical power to detect a benefit from therapy. This might be attributable to the fact that fewer patients were recruited in the trial than had been anticipated.

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The weightage of the course is 15%

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