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ECE210 Instructional Planning for Young Children

The ECE210 instructional planning for young children course code is based on the development of idea on the different principles of instructional planning. These planning is to be done on the basis of a proper prominence of alignment between different forms of standards of content, assessment and objectives. Such a process can be said to be quite important for success in the most efficient and organized manner. Instructional Planning is surely one of the most important element in the modern day courses on children and pedagogy. The ECE210 task answers presents a proper opportunity to the students to focus on the individual needs of the learners (the students) by means of different forms of instructions. The course also explores the ways that are orchestrated by the teachers and the instructors to engage the children into different tasks and activities. The technological angle of the engagement methods for the children have also been explored properly which makes the particular course a necessity for all the students who have the aim to pursue teaching career professionally in the near future. The course here provides the perfect base for the students to develop their pedagogy skills and help them manage the children. Developing capabilities to instruction planning can help students to earn the trust and reliability of the children which is important to make their plan work. The course can thus prepare a student to efficiently develop curriculum based programs for the children, provide a leadership guidance to the children and determine the communication channel to easily supervise the students under their responsibility. There are people who are quite apprehensive about writing lesson plans for the children. This is mainly due to the lack of a proper formal training and lack of theoretical ideas to handle such kinds of processes. The ECE210 instructional planning for young children provides a perfect platform for these people to engage themselves in the ECE210 assignment answers and shed of their apprehension. The process thus makes the students quite confident while leading people in a professional manner. The professional experiences presented through the time-period of the course presents the best opportunity to the students to develop strong lesson plans and gain the skills that is fit to address the needs of the children’s classroom. Thus in one word it can be said that the course has been designed to fit the need of any individual who is in need to pursue career development as a teacher. The course helps students to learn about planning as planning is said to be the most crucial factor for developing and implementing high-quality early childhood program. Planning can make the process much easier and efficient and provide the professionals with the intention to develop the activities that can meet the objectives according to the standard of the activities. Organization of the thoughts is also a major benefit of the planning process. The particular course thus allows the students to gain imperative and constructive knowledge on instructional learning by means of providing the scope to understand the planning process as a major part of the development. On successful completion of the course the students can be able to learn,

  • Instructional learning and addressing the young children

  • Proper idea on managing the young children in a professional manner

  • To focus on the individual needs of the learners (the students) by using different forms of instructions

  • Ways and methods used to shed off the apprehension and develop planning and writing skills to develop student curriculum and instructions

  • Developing high quality early-childhood program

  • Development of strong capabilities that can make one a good and capable teacher

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ECE210 Assessment Answers

The Grand Canyon University is a profit oriented Private Christian University based in Phoenix, in the Arizona state of the United States of America. The university was established in the year 1949 and is one of the largest universities of the country. It provides both offline and online study facilities and therefore has a total enrolled number of students of more than 110,000 which certainly explains the brand reputation and educational expertise of the University. Apart from this, the efficient online facilities has been a major factor behind the increase in the number of students since the last three years. The University operates through nine different colleges through which the management promotes its different educational programs. This include the likes of; nursing and health care studies, arts and production based studies, science, engineering and modern day technology, education, management and marketing and many more as such. The ECE210 instructional planning for young children course presents the opportunity for the students to explore the varied aspects of instructional learning for students and accordingly develops them as capable professionals who are able to address different issues in the most efficient and organized process. The course code details and the university address have been provided below;


3300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017, United States

Phone: +1 602-639-7500

Study level:


Unit Code:


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Weightage of the ECE210 Assessment:

The weightage of the ECE210 assessment is also presented here. The weightage helps divide the assessment into parts to make it easy for the students to complete them without too much pressure. The following assessment is divided in three parts with the first and second assessment is based on theory and practical while the third part is an overall assessment of the total process. The weightage has been presented in the table below;



1st term


2nd term


Discipline, Punctuality, Presentation




Deadlines must be met at any cost and expectations can be considered only by the discretion of the university. Extensions can be considered only when a student has legitimate reasons for such a situation. The university has a proper guideline that must be followed by all the students while conducting the assessment. Plagiarism and other form of unethical works is strictly prohibited and any such acts from the part of the student is punishable by offence. The students need to communicate regularly with the assessors in order to make their projects move towards the right direction.

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