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Explain ECE509 Cyber Security Concept

  • The concept of the unit

The unit is associated with the university, “The university of Arizona department of electrical & computer engineering”. Before starting with any kind of course code it is important for the students to know about the details of the course unit, the importance of the course unit for the semester as well. It is necessary for the university to introduce the students about the topic. In this way the students will be able to have a basic knowledge about the topic, its aspects and its importance of any kind of organization or process.

In the following course unit ECE509 assessment answers cyber security concept which can be used in any kind organization or purpose. The entire term Cyber security can be referred to the application which comprises various kinds of technologies, controls for an entire system, various types of networks, programs, important devices or the data from the cyber attacks. The main aim of the cyber security concept is to make a proper reduction of the potential cyber attacks, prevent all kinds of exploitations for the systems or networks and lastly the technology which is the most important factor for any process or organization. It is important to mention that by the ECE509 task answers help of the cyber security concept and its application, organizations or institutions get enough exposure to the success by keeping their entire system safe and secure in order to proceed with the process with zero interruption.     

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The term cyber security concept is a very broad space which consists of three most important fundamental concepts which is called “The CIA triad”. The fundamental concept comprises confidentiality, integrity and availability which can be applied for the cyber security concept. This entire CIA triad is properly designed in order to provide proper guidance by using the policies that are necessary for the cyber security purpose. These are also known as the basic principles of cyber security. Each of the principles is successful in presenting their purpose and the objectives which can be used for the entire process of information security. There are 3 types present in the cyber security process which are such as application security, cloud security and internet of things security.

The concept can be used in the accurate practices of defending the systems, devices or network from potential and malicious attacks which might cause a negative impact on the progress of an organization or institution.   

  • The importance of the course unit

With the Law Assignment help of the cyber security concept, the sensitive or important information as well as an entire system can be taken care of which is beneficial for institutions or organizations to proceed with their desired goals and objectives. It comes down to the vast amount of information, data, service security or protecting the devices from the hackers. On various events it has been noticed that cyber criminals always get access to the data or enter into the system which creates problems and hassle to the organization or institutions. They could get access to the sensitive information, important credentials of the management data that are necessary for the organization to carry on their processes. Companies use cyber security to protect the intellectual properties or data which is already discussed in the previous section. The concepts of cyber security can be helpful in achieving the right process of cyber security in the system for the better outcome in order to gain the profit of keeping the data safe or the network secure.      

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The details of the unit: Location, level of study and code of the unit

Unit details: The unit ECE509 assessment answers cyber security concept describes the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the course unit. There are certain tools and techniques that will also be added with the learning process where the students will be getting a proper idea about how the tools can be beneficial to establish the cyber security for the system. The unit also comprises the case study analysis which will be introducing the principles or the components of the cyber security concept. The course unit also enables the path to get a deep knowledge about possible threats or risks against the networks of computers to understand the better scopes for the application of cyber requirements with society policies. Lastly it is vital to mention that each of the students will be immersed in learning cyber security and disciples from the utmost combination of teamwork, solving the real world problems and experiments for the course unit.


The unit requires the students to make proper documentation based on the course ECE509 Solution cyber security concept which needs to meet the standards set by the university. All these will be evaluated at the end of the curse unit.             

Location: Australia

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit code: ECE509   

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ECE509 Assessment Brief

Assessment will be designed with proper reinforcement, skills and technologies that will provide the vast knowledge about cyber security concepts. It will introduce various theories and models underlying the concepts of cyber security. At the end of the course unit, the students will be expected to demonstrate and deliver these theories and also apply the tools or techniques in the practical session so that they can have a deep knowledge about the course unit. At the end of the course unit, the students will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • To be able to have deeper knowledge about the theories, models as well as the frameworks that is included in the course unit.
  • To be able to apply the tools and techniques as well identify the risks in the process.
  • To be to take part in the case study analysis and practical sessions to understand the importance of the same.         

What is The Weightage Of The ECE509 Course Code In Their Semester?

The main weightage of the course unit is about 20 credit points. 20% of the total will be allotted for the theoretical studies, 30% will be for the practical session, assignment and the group discussion based on the topic. The remaining credit points will be allotted for the written examination which will be held at the end of the course unit. Apart from those, the students will be evaluated based on their attentiveness, performances and their participation in the course unit.   

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