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International Economics is concerned with the policy and economic environment in which businesses operate. This topic is separated into three sections. The course begins with an examination of the closed economy and how monetary and fiscal policy affect employment, GDP, inflation, and interest rates. Following that, the course looks at national economic expansion and employment plans, as well as current financial and currency crises in emerging nations. Lastly, the program discusses the issues that transitional economies face, as well as the function of institutions as both a growth engine and a regulatory restraint. Pure theory and policy applications are covered in International Macroeconomics. The goal is for students to gain a thorough understanding of analytical frameworks that can be used to assess current economic developments.


ECON472  assessment answers The theories covered in this course shed light on the factors that influence foreign exchange rates, international arbitrage, and the implications of monetary and fiscal policy in an open economy. The relevance of the US trade imbalance, causes of the strength of the dollar, roots of financial crises, currency crises, and economic policy linkages between countries are all explored. In a global economy, it's critical to comprehend why the dollar's value fluctuates and why costs for the same goods might vary substantially between nations. This particular course is for those students who look to pursue their economics major in international economics.

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Goals and Learning Objectives of ECON472 Assessments

  • This ECON472 assignments will assist students in analyzing fiscal and monetary policies as well as understanding the factors that influence exchange rate movements.
  • Analyze country statistics, crisis roots, and real-time currency and capital market happenings.
  • Act like an economist by communicating directly regarding the economic principles in groups and interacting with the instructor to examine real-world problems.
  • It is critical to actively converse and think about economics in terms of developing economic sensibility. This lesson is built to maintain the students in thinking about diverse policy issues and real-world challenges. The students' involvement in this thoughtful examination is an important part of the learning objective.

Unit Details of ECON472 Assessment

Location: Seattle, Washington (University of Washington)

Study Level: Postgraduate

Unit Code: ECON472

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Brief of ECON472 Assessment Assignments

After the students enroll for this ECON472 solutions, the first part that will be covered will bean the introductory phase which will assist the learners in apprehending the syllabus and the entire course. Subsequent sections of the report will make the students attain adequate knowledge regarding how to ensure the balance of payments, the exchange rates, market regimes, and other relevant paradigms. All of these topics will be covered every week and case study-based assignments will be provided to every student after completion of the week. All the learners need to remember the fact that these assignments are mandatory for all and need to be completed individually.


The other weekly sections of this course include the fact on how students can prevail adequate knowledge and skills regarding the influence of exchange rates on the economy of every country. For this week’s assignment, the students will be provided with a case study of Japan and the J-Curve (Voluntary). The next topic that will be covered includes the history of exchange rate regimes. The learners will be assessed according to their evaluative characteristics and results on the pros and cons of the exchange rate, mechanism, and the notions of Bretton Wood. The students will also get to learn and perform a case study-based activity for apprehending the knowledge of the simplest small open economy models. The learners will be able to make assumptions and implications. They will learn the ability to find empirical evidence on the topic from various newspaper articles, scholarly sources, research papers, and more.


The important assignment that the students need to complete for passing this ECON472 task answers unit is the group presentation. The purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate how the Mundell Fleming Model can be applied in the actual world. The aim is to cover a financial crisis, with "financial crises" defined as currency crises (rather than banking or global financial crises inflation). It is every student’s responsibility to keep this in mind that if they do not attend the respective classes, and do not provide any effort behind the presentation to the group will make the particular student disapprove from the entire presentation module or unit.


Two groups are assigned to each country. Pre-crisis events are covered by one group, while post-crisis events are covered by the other. Some countries have had many crises. Coordination between the groups is critical in this instance. Each group gives a 25-minute presentation to allow time for questions. It is worth noting that the presentations must use the Mundell Fleming model to demonstrate each stage of the country's economic crisis.

The structure of the presentation is mentioned below:

  • DATA - Present a concise account/outline of important economic conditions / IFS data for the pre-or post-crisis periods (depending on the student's assignment). All variables required by the Mundell Fleming model must be included in this data (5 min).
  • ANALYSIS – Analyse the economic performances utilizing the Mundell Fleming Model (10 min) after the other members represent the data.
  • POLICY - Using the Mundell Fleming model, describe whether policy measures were adopted (or not) and how data altered in reaction to the policy (5 min).
  • FORECAST – The students need to present a forecast for the selected country, involving the policy recommendations, as visualized in the Mundell Fleming Model (5 min).
  • GROUP DISCUSSION - It is an important part of the assignment's completion. The students must collaborate to synthesize concepts and graphs so that a cohesive image for the class develops, although sections 15 remain distinct.

What is the Weightage of this ECON472 Course Code in Their Semester?

The entire course covers 30% marks out of the entire marks allocated for this semester. The credit point of 2.0 is provided to this course by the University. the learners need to complete all the assignments and most importantly the group presentation to pass this course unit. the minimum requirement of marks of 22% out of the allocated 30% marks.

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