EDUC518 Educational Research Assessment Answers

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EDUC518 Assessment Answers

Liberty University is a private university that is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. The university was founded in the year 1971 by Jerry Falwell Sr. and Elmer L. Towns. In terms of Christian universities, the university is one of the largest in the world. the university is also one of the largest for-profit universities in the United Stated. The university experiences a yearly enrollment of over 95 thousand students. among these roughly 15 thousand of them are from the residential program while the rest 80 thousand are enrolled in the online courses that the university provides. The university consists of a total 17 colleges which includes a school of law and a school of osteopathic. Although the university has a physical campus at Lynchburg, the majority of the courses that the university provides are online courses. EDUC518  assessment answers The university offers a total of 550 programs. Among them 366 of the courses are taken campus while the rest 289 online. The university has a number of departments and offers educational degrees of PhD, master’s, bachelor’s and even associate degree.


Educational Research and Assessment is the course that primarily deals with the nature of research on human development, learning and pedagogical knowledge and skills. It is the means through which researchers are able to assess and evaluate the current trends and issues they have cropped up in the field of education while testing application of the research in a school setting. This is usually achieved through the provision of data information from a variety of sources to provide an information pool. The course presents broad understanding of accounting and financial statements the students will develop a more nuanced understanding of the individual research in the field of education. Students of the course will be able to establish themselves in the field of educational research and will be able to evaluate the finding and how the information can be applied and implemented in an effective and practical manner.

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Unit Details of EDUC518 Assessment Answers

Location: - Lynchburg and online

Study Level: -Post Graduate

Unit Code: - EDUC518

Brief of EDUC518 Assessment Assignment

The main learning outcome of the EDUC518  solutions is to be able to establish the skill for critical analysis of research documents and findings of educational purpose. Through the following of the course, the students will be able to learn the means through which to examine scientific reason in relation to a biblical worldview and how this world view has an effect in the shaping in common notions, perspectives and ideologies of people all across the world or in a specific society or community. By completing the course, the students will learn the different mentor of analysis and evaluation of research while being ablet describe the steps taken to conduct the research itself. as such the student will be made familiar with the research process from start to finish.


The EDUC518 assignments will also present the students with the skill set to establish and justify the process research identity the unique characteristics of the research process being undertaken. Similarly, the students will be taught the means to identify the characteristics of the both quantitative and qualitative research designs and how both aspects can be implemented in the analysis of educational and academic research and information collection.  Through the following of the course the students will also gain an introductory understanding to the skill of critically evaluating educational literature and research material. The students will have the ability to compare, contrast and pull information from different and related educational literature for the sake of their own research analysis in a meaningful and effective way. By the end of the EDUC518 task answers, the students will be able to curate their own literature review on an educational topic of their choice.

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Academic Research of EDUC518 Assessment Assignments

Through this, the students will be able to test their understanding regarding the research process and enhances their ability to create and educational literature that has weight and impact in the current society and the future possibilities of educational change and reform. As such, the students will be able to analyze the current situation and make better decision for the propagation of the business. The students will also be able to establish themselves in being able to conduct data driven research and research consisting of the comparison and analysis of academic research in order to create ideal and potential changes in the educational system or in the scope of the topic so their research. By the end of the course duration, the students will be expected to develop a research study proposal. Finally, the EDUC518 admin in inculcating the skills that are necessary of the development and carrying out of research process and present the students with the opportunity employee their skills of new and improved scholarly writing while also demonstrating their ability to communicate with acumen, succinctness and clarity.  

What is The Weightage of EDUC518 Course Code in Their Semester?

With the global pandemic still have a major effect on the world and in the way, people approach public places, the university has placed greater importance to the implementation of online classes. The course has to total weightage of 100 percent which will be divided in accordance to the assessment tasks which will include discussions, research assessments and review, a presentation and a final open book quiz. The assessments fothe course are cumulative in nature which means the information of the previous assessments will serve as the basis of the following assessments in accordance to the progression of the course.


Throughout the duration of the course, the students will be taking part in compulsory group discussion and be presenting a report based on the discussion of the course topics. Despite the course being an online course strict adherence to guidelines and responsibility shall be expected on behalf of the student. Similarly, the students are encouraged to show active participation in the group and assessment discussions throughout the course. a daily grade will be assigned to the students based on their daily performance. this daily grade, although not included in the total weightage of the course, will have an influencing factor in the overall grade that will be assigned to the students upon completion of the course.

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