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EEH521 Assessment Answers

This EEH521 is offered by the University at Buffalo under the School of Public health and Health professions offered by the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health. The course is provided during the fall semester with 3 credits with no pre-requisite following the course.


The EEH521 assessment answers has been designed in a way to provide the students with a graduate level overview in regard to the role of the social and the behavioral science and also in understanding as well as addressing the public health problems. As such under this course three general topics are brought under concern and firstly the students are asked to examine how environmental, social and psychological factors can influence the health and well being of the people.


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Secondly under the concern of the paper the students are expected to influence the health behavior which includes the social, individual and environmental influences. In the third area of concern the students are expected to demonstrate how behavior can be understood and specially in respect to the influence of the social and environmental attributes on the health and thereby used to inform the public health and approached in improving health and also preventing disease. The ultimate aim of the course is to prepare the public health students in satisfying MPH competencies in the behavioral and social science.  


Unit Details of EEH521 Assignments


Study level:- Graduation

Unit code:- EEH521


Brief of  EEH521 Assessment Answers

The concern of this assessment is towards providing an overview in regard to the compelling public health problems among the poor of the world. As such the topic included in this course is likely to address the infectious disease like that of malaria, aids and HIV, and tuberculosis too. The concern of the assessment would also be firmly dedicated towards the disease that has been related to tuberculosis. There has been a rise of the tobacco related disease with the role of water, sanitation and hygiene being taken into account and thereby also preventing disease and also bringing into account the neonatal and maternal mortality. EEH521 assignments the concern of the paper is also directed towards developing a knowledge of surveillance and disaster response in respect to the resource-poor settings. Students are likely to gain practical experience in developing as well as presenting strategies for implementation as well as evaluation of the public health programs in resource poor settings.


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EEH521 Assessment Solutions

The concern of the assessment in this regard is to expose the students to both the practical and theoretical area of concern. Such an exposure is expected to introduce the students to the dynamic scenario as well as allow them to develop strategies as well as presenting them in order to bring about effective implementation as well as evaluation of the public health programs in the settings that are poor with resource. The assessment exposes the students to an epidemiological environment where the role of the environment in bringing into account the attributes of the individuals are brought about in concern.


The concern of the assessment transcends the concern with health in its immediate context but brings into account, attributes that are wider in account. The level of the course is that of the graduation and has been designed in a way so as to ensure that the students get accustomed with the role of the behavioral and the social science and thereby be able to understanding and address the issues from a sociological perspective. As the title of the course suggests its concern is in regard to the global health and thereby requires to be adopted or taken into account. EEH521 solutions the public health domain is the concern of the assessment and thereby takes into account the context of poverty where the easy access to health care services turns into a distance reality. Thereby in the context of this assignment the students are expected to develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding regarding the status of general public health across the world and also elucidate how poverty becomes a driving force in deciding the access of the individuals to effective health care services. The students are likely to gain practical experience in this regard and implement them in the settings that are poor of the resources. The students will also be expected to demonstrate their understanding regarding the problems of compelling public health issues with special focus towards the poors of the world. The ways in which lack of monetary wealth affects the accessibility of the individuals to the wealth is an area of concern.


EEH521 Assessment Strategies

How the students develop strategies in order to counter the disasters at the resource poor settings will be looked into by the assessment and issues that are on rise in the contemporary time including infectious disease, Aids, Tuberculosis. The role of necessities like that of the water and hygiene in motivating the health is also brought about into concern of the organization. The students are expected to gain practical experience in presenting strategies in these regards.


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What is the weightage of this EEH521 Assessment Answers in Their Semester

The course has been ascribed with a credit point of 3 and will be conducted during the fall semester. In such a scenario it will be expected from the students to pursue the course and deal with these nuanced areas with crucial concern. The course is all encompassing and expects the students to be dynamic and also elucidating in dealing with the challenges that emerges in the sector of health care on a regular basis. The concern of the assessment is to expose the students to both the practical as well as theoretical domain of concern and deal with the changes and their impact in the context of poverty.


EEH521 task answers the accessibility and effectiveness of the healthcare services in the absence of sufficient monetary resources can be looked into and analyzed by the students as required by the course. The students are likely to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in evaluating strategies and implementing them as well with all these dynamic areas of concern being taken into account.


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