ELM 200 GCU - Child and Early Adolescent Development Assessment

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ELM 200 Assessment Answers

This is a ELM200 assessment answers defined for students enrolled in teaching and pedagogy program. It will cover details on different child and early adolescent developmental theories, abstract ideas on adolescent’s development, different stages of child development and the relationship between different child development theories. The aim is to promote application of the theories in real life and define how far the theories will help in understanding learning needs of different children. The students are expected to follow all lecture notes and resource materials given in the University website. They should also keep themselves updated about recent notice in the Blackboard. Missing any deadlines or delay in submissions may lead to penalty or deduction in marks of students.

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University Details of ELM200 Assignments

Location: Grand Canyon University

Study level: Graduate and Masters level

Unit code: ELM200 GCU

Brief of Assessment Answers:

The ELM200 assignments covers different types of child development theories such as the Piaget’s theory, Vygotsky’s concept and other theories. The first part of the assessment will be a reflection-based activity where students will be asked to define how use of any child development theory informed their planning of class lessons for any children. Such assessment will not just ensure that students are aware about Piaget’s theory, but also ensure that they can apply different theories in the practical learning context. This reflection-based activity will enhance writing and reflective thinking capacity of students. It will have a weightage of 55% and it is one of the important assessments for students. To achieve high score, the student should adhere to the marking rubric as much as possible.

Unit of ELM200 Assignments

The unit focuses on child and early adolescence development. Adolescence is the period between the age of 12 to 18 years. The developmental needs of children are very different from that of any children. During the adolescence period, child develops the following capacity:

  • Evaluating abstract ideas and taking note of math concepts, rights and privileges
  • Establishing and evaluating relationships and adolescents learn to share intimacy without feel worried
  • In this period, children develop a sense of purpose.
  • They start questioning old values.

There are many distinct physical developments that take place during the adolescent period. The changes evident in girls are as follows:

  • Physical changes like growth in pubic hair, armpit and leg hair
  • The period of menarche or the beginning of menstrual period takes place as early as the of 9 and as late as the age of 16.
  • The growth of girls increases by the year 11.5 years and slows down by the age of 16 years.

The changes that are evident in boys are as follows:

  • They start developing changes in their voice
  • The growth of boys increases by the age of 13 years and decreases around the age of 18 years
  • Boys start puberty by the age of 13 onwards

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What is ELM200 Adolescence Development?

There are also six theoretical perspectives that define adolescence development. These are lifespan perspective, the learning perspective, the human perspective, sociocultural perspective, the ecological perspective and the positive youth development perspective. There are various stages of adolescent development and the stage covers the growth of bodies, cognition abilities, psychological and social abilities and sexuality of children. ELM200 solutions the understanding of adolescent development also requires a multi-disciplinary perspective.


This is important because rapid biological change may be accompanied by numerous change in family, school, peer group and technology. The period is associated with new physical and reproductive development, better understanding of oneself, increase in cognitive abilities and insights and developing new opportunities to express talents. With such understanding, clients will be able to express one’s talents, formulate meaningful goals and achieve better clarity. In such complex demands, the full enactment of adult roles become difficult and such issues prolongs the adolescent period.

ELM200 Stages of Child Development

The course introduces student to different stages of child development such as the newborn, infancy, toddler, pre-school and school-age stage. The course covers key milestones, behavior and learning activity needed for children at each stage. How each children reaches different milestone is identified by how they plan, learn, speak and move.

Developmental Milestones can be Classified into the Following Topics:

Speech and language: Developmental milestones in terms of speech and language can be evaluated at different ages by evaluating hearing and understanding and talking related outcomes. For instance, a born baby or those who are 3-month-old are more likely to identify caregiver’s behavior and voice. In contrast, a 4–5-year child may be able to question themselves.

Grooming skills: Children at different ages have different abilities to groom themself. For example, 1 one year old child tries to bring comb to their hair. In addition, a five-year girl is able to comb their hair.

Fine motor and visual motor skills: At the age of 1-2 years, children are able to pick things with one finger and give shape or draw shape. In contrast, children aged 5-6 years, are able to cut out simple shapes and draw basic pictures.

Dressing skills: A one year old child is able to remove their socks and pushes their arms through the sleeves while dressing. In contrast, three-year-old child can put on shoes and zip and unzip their jackets.

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Types of Shapes and Sizes ELM200

Each child has their own pace of development ELM200 task answers. There are different types of shapes and sizes among children. Various other factors influence their growth such as physical activity, environment, gender, hormones and nutrition. In addition, the health professionals use growth charts for well-being. They may also consider other factors which are as follows:

  • Is the child able to meet all other developmental milestones?
  • Is the height and weight of the child appropriate?
  • Does the child display appropriate behavior as per his age?

Depending on the above factors, students can learn ways to identify appropriate behavior and learning needs of different children.  

What is the Weightage of this ELM200 Course Code in Their Semester?

This is an important part of the semester and the course has a weightage of 60%. Hence, high score in the unit will translate to higher overall score.


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