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EMBA503 Assessment Answers 

EMBA503 is a course offered by the Willington School of Business and government. Students who want to learn more about information technology and digital transformation can take this course. With the rapid changes in the business sector, digital transformation has become more dynamic. The more complicated technology things have become, the more complicated they have become. Global enterprises have become more comprehensive in their approach as a result of advancements in technology and artificial intelligence. It is no more a separate entity within any organization, but rather an intrinsic element of the company's growth. All of these topics will be explored by students enrolling in this course.


The value of digital change must be harnessed by effective organizational leaders. We'll begin by looking at organizational practices as a foundation for understanding how information systems help organizations collaborate. Then we'll look at how modern information systems may help organizations enhance their performance and innovate, as well as the decisions that executives must make as a result. The notion of digital change must be harnessed by the efficient leaders of organizations. We'll begin by looking at organizational practices as a foundation for understanding how information systems help organizations collaborate. Then we'll look at how modern information systems may help organizations enhance their performance and innovate, as well as the decisions that executives must make as a result.

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Unit Details of EMBA503 Assessment Answers

Location- The Wellington school of Business and Government

Study Level – Post Graduate program

Unit code – EMBA503

No of units – 2

Brief of EMBA503 Assessment Assignments

The EMBA503 assessment answers covers a wide range of topics in business information technology and management, as well as the various paths that can be taken. The curriculum s of the EMBA503 assignments are quite important to the pupils. The program covers every facet of a company's strategic information and business development needs. It is concerned with a company's overall approach to information management from an organizational standpoint. Students enrolled in a Masters degree program or another relevant program at the Faculty of Business Management will be eligible to attend. It's worth emphasizing that information technology and management are deeply entwined with the progress of automation and technological advancement. In recent decades, commercial automation has become more common. The business has gotten more dynamic, especially in this age of globalization. The rise of e-commerce platforms and their ongoing evolution are the best examples of business automation.

Examples of EMBA503 Assessment Assignments

Amazon and Flip kart, for example, use automated procedures in a variety of ways. Both the concept generation and the final product buying processes require automation. Manufacturing, finance, and e-commerce are the industries that use automation the most. Automation may be seen in a wide range of sectors. The purpose of this research is to look into the effects of workplace automation. The essay will focus on how automation is used in Amazon's company to show the impact of automation. Automation is extensively used by Amazon in operational functions. Their deliveries, on the other hand, have begun to be automated. This article will also look at how corporate automation has changed throughout time.


The discovery of a moveable controlled mechanism by scientist Nikola Tesla in the late 1800s is credited with the beginnings of automation. Even before the industrial revolution, machines were used to replace human work. As a result of this incident, people began to assume that machines could do a wide range of tasks. Machines began to take over physical labor at this point. Artificial intelligence was used to decode coding languages in the mid-twentieth century. When Gary Kasparov was defeated in a chess game by 'Deep Blue,' such a study came to a halt. Even though the advent of automation in business has outpaced that of other industries, machine learning was significantly slower in adopting artificial intelligence in the business world. The 18th century's industrial revolution appears to have ushered in the first phase of corporate automation. Around the turn of the twentieth century, the industrial revolution entered its second phase.

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Automation Techniques of EMBA503 Assessment Answers

Automation techniques were mostly employed in business to handle operational concerns. These instruments simplified the process of increasing operational efficiency. Businesses had to deal with integration challenges before entering the second phase. In the early years of the twenty-first century, the third phase began. The era of digital process automation is here EMBA503 task answers. The purpose of digital process automation is to boost operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Making better operational decisions was made easier thanks to automation technology. In today's shifting global economy, businesses must use automation to gain a competitive advantage. A business must deliver the right product, in the right condition, at the right time and in the right place. As a result, quality control and time management have taken on new significance. In the third phase, the digital method served to ensure these things were better than before. Automation has evolved into a support network that includes physical, informational, and organizational elements during the third phase.


Factory and warehouse data is an informational entity, whereas manufacturing data is a physical entity. Employees from various managerial levels make up an organizational entity. The management system of an organization's management system was linked through a digital procedure. The banking and e-commerce businesses benefit the most from digital process automation. Amazon and other e-commerce sites make substantial use of digital process automation in their manufacturing and storage facilities. EMBA503 solutions Amazon has made extensive use of automation in warehouse management. Companies discovered that to harness their customers' level of experience, they needed a single common gateway for each product through knowledge management. More clients have been attracted as a result of having a single point of contact. Customers receive the same service through the same gateway. It's about a lot more than just a customer's experience.

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What is The Weightage of EMBA503 Course Code in Their Semester?

The total weightage of the course is 50 % and the total marks is 50.

The following will be grading criteria –

Fail – 0 – 49 %

Pass – 50-64 %

Credit – 65 – 74%

Distinction – 75-84 %

High Distinction – 85-100%

By enrolling in this course, students agree to attend all conferences, seminars, and other web-based program in its entirety. It is essential that enrolled students plan their activities on a regular basis.

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