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Explain EMM485 Emergency Management

This course EMM485 is the Emergency Management Capstone is a writing-intensive course in which students show their competence in emergency management via the construction of an individual project, which is graded on a letter grade scale. It is their responsibility to choose a component of emergency management and create a continuity of operations place (COOP) using critical thinking to communicate understanding of basic competencies and account for the difficulties of coping with emergency and catastrophe situations. Prerequisites for this course are EMM-311, EMM-412, EMM-306, EMM-400, EMM-450, and MGT-440. This course is a continuation of EMM-311 and EMM-412.

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Unit code- EMM485

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EMM485 Assignment Answers

Students in the Master of Science in Threat and Response Management programme complete a capstone project as a culminating experience in which they put into practise the information and abilities they have gained during their education. The project is a prerequisite for the degree and must be completed within the last three quarters of the student's programme. In order to assist in these endeavours, programme staff curate a portfolio of capstone projects with capstone sponsors that include industry partners, governmental organisations, and programme alumni, among others. In addition, the programme assists in connecting students to projects based on their talents and interests, as well as in assigning scientific advisers who may give assistance and mentoring to students.

Capstone projects provide students with the chance to design and execute an emergency management solution, as well as to network with other students and investigate prospective job opportunities. During the program, students engage in small groups and begin working together in the fall quarter. The first quarter of the yea Students evaluate their project and establish a strategy for its execution. They also meet with project sponsors to record the project's scope, objectives, needs, and timetable for completion. Students develop a project proposal and consult with the sponsor and advisers before moving forward with the project. Students complete the assignment in the second quarter, and they are required to put in between 80 and 100 hours on it. Students work with the sponsor either on-site or remotely, depending on the proposal, and they communicate with them once a week on their progress. Sponsors are required to provide frequent input to ensure that the project is progressing in the proper direction. Students complete their final paper and construct a presentation during the third quarter. All of the capstone projects are shown at the conclusion of the final quarter, and sponsors, instructors, and students are invited to attend the event. An example of a capstone project-Unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, or drones, were the subject of a capstone project by TRM capstone students who were interested in finding a use for them that would de-stigmatize the popular image they'd acquired through their military use in foreign countries. They sought to outfit a drone with a signal-detecting device capable of locating cellphone signals as a way to improve detection of humans following a major earthquake.

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EMM485 Assessment Answers

As part of their studies in emergency management, students may complete capstone projects that enable them to apply the information they have gained from their coursework to actual real-world situations. These initiatives may be connected to transportation for refugees, assessing the expenses of restoring damage, or finding equipment that could be used to assist victims. Furthermore, a student may develop a handbook that will assist people of an area in preparing for natural disasters. The manual might include a list of injuries that could impact locals as well as an analysis of the goods that should be included in each first aid kit, among other things. Here's some more information on prospective capstone projects for emergency management students to go over and consider. An example of a thorough list of supplies that a town could need after a natural catastrophe would be a student's creation of a checklist that included items such as bottles of water, tents, warm clothes, flashlights, and multiple different kinds of cars. Reading the student's project may assist readers in calculating the number of first aid kits that a town requires and ensuring that each package contains specific supplies, such as gauze, antibacterial creams, gloves, various types of bandages, scissors, and gels that may help reduce the effects of burns. It is possible for students to develop capstone projects that will allow organisations to determine the types of equipment that will assist responders in locating and treating victims who have been affected by natural disaster or man-made disaster, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or large fires. The capabilities of each piece of equipment, as well as the typical cost of each item, might be described in detail in the handbook.

EMM485 Task Answers

Organizations should have access to a large number of small boats in case a natural catastrophe results in significant flooding, allowing them to transfer supplies and wounded citizens to safety. Furthermore, the organisation may organise ahead of time to charter a large number of helicopters to enable rescuers to rescue residents who have been stuck on roofs or in trees, if necessary. Citizens are encouraged to stockpile specific types of foods, store at least 150 bottles of water, purchase emergency blankets, and purchase a large number of water-resistant flashlights, among other things, by some students who develop programmes to help citizens prepare for natural disasters that are relatively common in their areas. The technology might also assist locals in locating subterranean shelters and determining the whereabouts of at least three neighbouring hospitals, according to the project's developers.

Weightage of the EMM485 Code-

The weightage of the course is 44%

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