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EMTH6013 Assessment Answers

The rapid advancement of technology and other intangible skills has been characterised by the rapid transition that the worldwide yet volatile company marketplaces has been undergoing. Furthermore, the eventual shift in customer expectations imposed a responsibility on the top marketing executives to respond in order to maintain their reputation while earning a competitive edge. The goal of EMTH6013 assessment answers is to show the results of a critical analysis of developing market trends, as well as a detailed assessment of the prospective drivers. This is accomplished through a methodically designed research suite geared to meeting the moral imperative of delivering wise and robust strategic solutions to the problems at hand.


Emerging markets must be examined from views that have no control over market trends that have already been established. The two market forms and conditions are vastly distinct, necessitating assessment situations that may be vastly different from one another, even though certain similarities are unavoidable; after all, markets are markets.


Emerging markets rely largely on technology to provide the required tools to help them expand their businesses and industries as a whole. In the case of these industries, marketing strategies must be properly developed and implemented, as the first steps of a business initiative are always crucial and frequently decide the industry's outcomes for years to come. Emerging markets necessitate firms devising new and innovative ways to assist them in conducting business. These methods can always be the differentiating factor that determines whether a market or product will endure or not. If organisations want to generate the most money from their business, they must appropriately service the market's interest groups. Over the last few years, people's perceptions of entirely modern "markets" have shifted dramatically. These shifts can be linked to the millennial generation, which has altered consumer preferences. Because of these new demands, industries have had to come up with new products and services in order to stay in business and suit the needs of these millennial.

Which university EMTH6013 Assessment is associated?

The course code EMTH6013 at Greenwich School Of Management, UK. EMTH6013 assessment answers are for students interested in furthering their knowledge. It will place a strong emphasis on technology and promotion, boosting your teaching experience. This will assist you in creating a learning atmosphere in a larger school. This training will help you enhance your communication and teaching abilities.


EMTH6013 solutions give you the opportunity to think about design thinking's broad application in business and management. By studying subjects such as designing for the future, concurrent and consumer design, and designing for improvements in the existing environment, you will investigate the role and potential of design in social, commercial, service, and digital settings. You'll learn about emerging themes approaches while also considering design as aesthetics, design as attitude, idea, and philosophy, and design as new product and innovation.

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Unit Details of EMTH6013 Assignment Answers

Location: United Kingdom

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code: EMTH6013

Briefs of EMTH6013 Assessment

Other than selecting a certain target market, there is a strong need to apply different strategies. In order to make the best marketing decisions, management must identify a superior alternative plan. This alternate technique aids in the development of improved decision-making abilities in order to solve a variety of problems. In EMTH6013 assignment answers, it is critical to implement a strategy that would improve opportunities and give better service to customers. The business aims to grow the market by focusing on the target market. When deciding on various planning options, a thorough planning programme is required. This planning programme aids in meeting the needs of a variety of consumers.

The following learning outcomes were evaluated:

Students should be able to do the following at the end of each module:

  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge of developing themes based on research and market conditions.

  • Analyse changing business management trends critically in order to present organisations with solid strategic solutions.

  • Source and utilise research in a proactive manner to inform operational and strategic decisions in various organisational situations.

  • To solve challenges and implement decisions that result in feasible and appropriately viable outcomes for specific organisations, critically analyse a range of different courses of action.

  • Present a critical appraisal of the current influence of Emerging Industry & Market on your field and larger sector, based on the Pillars of Emerging Themes presented in your lecture sessions.

  • As a result of the article, I've chosen a discipline and a sector. Your argument must be supported by real-world examples from the industry.

  • Examine how the selected themes will affect the future of business in your subject and sector in the next five to ten years. Challenges and opportunities should be considered in your analysis.

  • Provide plausible recommendations for courses of action that businesses in your sector can take to ensure their survival and competitiveness.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of design thinking.

  • Analyse, reflect on, and develop the key competencies and mind-set needed to manage design thinking projects successfully.

  • Critically apply design thinking technique to identify and solve complex challenges in a creative and analytical manner.

  • To conceive, prototype, and critically assess solutions, synthesise complex data and design thinking theories.

  • Using a variety of creative media, interpret and successfully apply knowledge linked to design thinking and personal growth.

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What is the Weightage of EMTH6013 Course Code in Their Semester?

Each Postgraduate in EMTH6013 task answers at the University needs a total time commitment of 150 hours, based on an average of 12.5 hours of study per week.


Assessment Task


Project (research)


Project (research)


Project (research)



This is a graded unit, thus your overall grade will be computed from the marks or grades you receive for each assessment activity, based on the relative weightings listed above. To pass the unit, you must receive at least a 50% overall grade or a 'pass' overall grade. If any of the 'pass/fail' tasks in the table above are listed, they must be performed successfully (a 'pass' grade). In addition, as indicated in the 'assessment task' section, you must fulfil any minimum mark requirements specified for a specific assessment task (note that in some instances, the minimum mark for a task may be greater than 50 per cent).

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