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ENGL0101 Assessment Answers

The course ENGL0101 assessment answers English Composition is designed to develop the knowledge of English language in students. Through this course students will be able improve their reading and writing skills.  The course has been divided into nine units. The volume of content for each unit has been designed in a way to be delivered in one week each. ENGL0101 assignment answers contents will be delivered within the first eight weeks. In the last week a final examination will be conducted. A student must achieve more than 73 % in this semester to meet English language proficiency requirement.


By the end of ENGL0101 assessment answers students will develop a solid foundation of the English language which they would be helpful for their career and academic purposes. At the end of this course students will develop excellent reading and writing skills. They will be able to write proper and correct sentences, critically review literature, write essays and make effective communication.

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Unit Details Of ENGL0101 Assignment Answers

The course ENGL0101 assignment answers have been divided into nine units. Each unit will be delivered to the students in a week. In the first unit students will learn about making notes and sentences. Note making is crucial in a student’s life. A student must be able to take down notes anywhere be it a seminar, a lecture or even reading a book. Notes need to be short and precise with maximum information content. This unit will help students understand the dos and don’ts in note making.


Students will learn the various tactics and strategies in making notes while in attending a lecture or watching or listening to an informative video or audio content. This will also be helpful in professional life as most of the times employees have to take down notes from important meetings. The knowledge of framing proper sentences is also important. In any piece of write up meaningful sentences with informative content are crucial requirement. Even while oral communication use of proper sentences is needed. This unit will help students understand how good sentences can be framed with the use of correct grammar and words. Students will be able to frame quality sentences and make effective communication.


The second unit will be based on pre – writing and paragraphs. This will help students understand the various aspects of an attractive paragraph. This will require the use of knowledge over sentence formation.


In the third unit students will be taught about writing a thesis. By the help of this unit students will be able to develop professional and inspiring thesis. They will also learn about citing references in the APA format.


In the fourth unit students will be taught about the five - paragraph method essay writing. They will learn about the format of essay writing and how topics must be introduced, discussed and concluded. In the fifth module students will learn about reading and critical interpretation. The sixth unit will be about developing research skills. This includes reviewing literature and also writing literature reviews.

Location: The location of the university is Pasadena, California

Study Level: The level of study of this course is undergraduate

Unit Code: The unit code for the course is ENGL0101

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Briefs of ENGL0101 Assessment

In the semester the students will be evaluated based on a final examination as an assessment. The examination will be based on all eight units that will be covered throughout the course duration. The examination will be used to evaluate knowledge acquired by the students from the units delivered to them within the eight weeks. The examination will be conducted in a scheduled time which will be informed to the students. Failing to appear for the exam in the scheduled time the student might get debarred from the examination by the authorities and will not eventually be failed.


The examination will reflect upon a students’ writing skills, reading and critically interpreting skills and theoretical knowledge. Students must answer maximum questions correctly in order to gain good ad secure marks. Questions in the examination might include reading paragraphs to answer questions from the same that requires critical understanding and interpretation of the paragraph. The examination will give the opportunity to the students to evaluate their performance and compare it with the performance of the others. This will give them the scope to evaluate themselves in terms of how much they were able to learn from the course.


Also, they will be able to figure out their strong and weak areas in the subject. Students with good performance will have a moral boost and will be ensured that they have made good grip over the subject. Students must score higher than or equivalent to 73% of the overall marks in the exam to meet the English language proficiency requirement.

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Weightage of This ENGL0101 Assessment in Their Semester

The weightage allotted to the course ENGL0101 solutions English Composition is based on the importance of developing a good grip on literature which is very important in any profession associated with any field. The amount of weightage carried by ENGL101 task answers will make sure students give enough attention to the subject and perform well in the final examination which will conducted after the completion of the course.


At the end of the semester the academic performance of the students in the course will be assessed based on the assignments and exams they will appear throughout the semester. Grades will be provided based on their performance in accordance to the assessment criteria. There will be a minimum passing score equivalent to or higher than which every student must achieve in order to get a passing grade. Failing to do so students will be marked fail in the subject. Students must demonstrate good knowledge of the theories learnt through the module and have the ability to implement them in practise.


All the requirements and the criteria of the assessments should be fulfilled in order to secure passing grades. By performing very good in the subject ENGL0101 assessment answers students will be able to achieve good grades in the course. This will positively affect their overall semester academic performance.

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