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You have just got into college and your professor assigned the first English essay writing task. You want to impress your professor with a remarkable essay, but you do not possess remarkable essay writing skills.

Even the natural writers struggle hard to write a perfect essay for the semester. You don’t have to be an amazing writer to crush your first essay. A handful of essay writing tips and MBA Essay Help can do wonders.

5 Smart Tips To Improve Your English Essay Writing Skills

If you are struggling to compose a stellar piece of essay, we have amazing suggestions in store for you. Here is a list of foolproof tips to ease the pressure of essay writing.

Understanding your essay topic can make all the difference

The first step is to understand what the topic requires you to do. Usually, you will find some direction words on the topic assigned by your professors. These direction words act as hints to let you know about the context of your essay. Follow the table below to understand the importance of each direction word.

Direction Words

    What Do You Need To Do?


Write about the events, processes or facts related to the topic. Don’t talk about the in-depth details or interpret the information. Follow a systematic order. Emphasize only on the essential points.


Present relevant evidence to talk for or against a specific topic. Do not forget to let the readers know that you are aware of the opposing point of view.


Analyze the topic without merely summarising or describing it. Focus on the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of a particular issue. Discuss the reasons, causes, and effects as well.


Unlike argumentative essays, you need to discuss both the positive and negative aspects of a topic. You are not supposed to take sides. Be neutral and unbiased.

Compare and Contrast

As the name suggests, you need to find the similarities and differences between multiple ideas. Provide real-life examples or evidence for each argument that you make in the paper.


Once you understand what the essay question wants you to do, it becomes easier to work on the essay. At times, your professor may not assign a topic. In that case, you need to find a topic on your own and start working on it. Check out the most interesting and scoring essay writing topics in English.

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How To Choose Best English Essay Writing Topics

It is not easy to choose topics for essay writing in English. Follow these easy steps to pick a topic that would help you fetch outstanding marks.

  • Plan your essay

If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail

Though harsh, yet true. You can’t end up writing a good quality essay if you don’t know what to write in the paper. The planning of your essay will determine the research material that you will use. For example, if you have a topic on ‘Global Warming,' you may want to talk about the following in your essay:

  • Definition of global warming

  • Causes [cite one or two examples]

  • Consequences [Examples, again]

  • Preventative measures [Include evidence from credible sources]

This is how you need to plan the essay and then start extracting information from different sources. If you are unable to plan, take an English essay writing help from your professors. They will definitely help you out.

A proper plan will help you to research smoothly. You don’t have to waste time because you know what to include in the paper. Follow these tips to collect information from credible sources only.

  • Write a compelling introduction.

Persuade your readers that your essay is worth their time

The introduction is the first thing that your readers will see. Make it interesting, compelling and concise. Your introduction should consist of the following:

  • The main idea of the topic (an overview)

  • Reason for your readers to read the essay

  • Background details

  • Thesis statement

Look at the example to understand even better.

The threat of global warming has become an increasing reality these days. [topic overview]. The number of lives affected and natural resources wasted continue to increase throughout the world steadily. [Background information] This essay will discuss the effects of global warming in our surroundings. [Thesis statement]

You may find it hard to frame the introduction in your first attempt. In that case, seek help with your English essay writing. Ask your professors for assistance. They will help you to write a proper introduction and boost your chances of scoring the top grades.

  • Write the body paragraphs.

It’s time to show all the evidence that you’ve collected

After you have grabbed your reader’s attention through a strong introduction, you need to articulate your arguments. The body of your essay should have two to three linked paragraphs that would clearly convey the context of your essay. Each body paragraph should have the following:

  • Topic Sentence

  • Supporting sentences with evidence

  • Concluding sentences

Here is an example for you to understand better.

Global warming has a threatening effect on habitats all around us. Melting ice caps, increased water levels are some of the effects that are visible these days. The low-lying countries will be affected severely. Research by CSIRO(1999) confirmed that a major part of Pacific Island countries would need to be evacuated by 2020. Similarly, Global Warming will affect a large portion of habitats for plants and animals.

You can ask for free samples from English essay writing services to write the body paragraphs with utmost precision. Present the arguments, examples, and evidence of your essay in a logical order as shown in the example.

  • Conclude the essay

Leave a lasting impression on your professor

The conclusion is as important as the introduction. Never add new details in this part of the essay. The conclusion is where you provide closure to the essay. Keep the following things in mind while writing the conclusion:

  • Focus on the main points that you have written in the introduction
  • Answer the essay question promptly
  • Provide some predictions for the future

Check out the example for better understanding:

Global warming has definitely affected the environment to a great extent. It has led to the loss of life and the natural habitat of most of the living organisms. Lesser use of CO2 and inhibition of cutting plants can prevent global warming from increasing. But, with the increasing rate of over-population and endless demand for a luxurious lifestyle, is it possible to end Global Warming at all?

Hopefully, this blog has answered your queries regarding ‘how to improve English essay writing skills in English?’ You may not deliver a flawless essay right in your first attempt. You will make mistakes. But, you will also learn from them. Work hard and you will be able to write a perfect essay in no time.

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