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ENV431 Public Policy Analysis


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Government policies are as old as governments themselves. Whatever the form of government — oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, dictatorship, democracy, etc. — public policies have been established and executed whenever and wherever governments have existed. To deal with the various problems and demands of the people, the government must develop a number of policies, which are referred to as public policies.

Relationship Flanked By Politics And Public Policy

Politics and political action are intertwined in the policy-making process. According to Gabriel Almond, a political system is a collection of interactions with structures, each of which performs its job in order to keep it running; it is a collection of processes that turn inputs into outputs on a regular basis.

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Political socialisation and recruitment, interest aggregation, interest articulation, and political communication are some of the generic functional categories that Almond divides inputs into. The activities that are accepted by a political system in response to demands or stressors placed on the system in the form of inputs are known as output activities. Government policies, programmes, and choices are examples of outputs.

The Feedback or Black Box Model, coined by David Easton, is another model for the politics-policy interaction. According to this model, any residual demands that have not yet been incorporated into choices and policies will be sent back into the same process for conversion into decisions. In a political system, these two models clearly show the relationship between politics and policies.

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Meaning of Public Policy

Several research have been conducted on public policy, and several scholars have sought to characterise public policy from various perspectives.

Let's go over basic definitions of public policy before we get into the meaning of it. Public policy, according to Robert Eyestone, is "the connection of a government unit to its surroundings." "Public policy" is defined by Thomas R. Dye as "anything the government chooses to do or not do." "Public policy is not a decision, it is a sequence or pattern of activity," explains Richard Rose. According to Carl J. Friedrich, public policy is a recommended ENV431 solutions of action by a person, group, or government within a specific environment that provides chances and barriers for the policy to use and overcome in order to achieve a goal or achieve an objective or purpose.

According to these definitions, public policies are governmental choices that are the consequence of activities that the government does in order to achieve specific aims and objectives. Public policy formation and execution can alternatively be described as a well-planned pattern or sequence of events. It necessitates a tightly knit relationship and interaction between the political executive, legislature, bureaucracy, and judiciary, which are bordered by the major governmental institutions. The following points will make everything clear:

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  1. Public policies are aimed at achieving a specific purpose. Public policies are developed and implemented with the goal of achieving the government's objectives for the benefit of the people in general. These policies explain out the government's plans in detail.
  2. The upshot of the government's community acts is public policy. It refers to a pattern or ENV431task answers of action taken by government officials and players in a community sense rather than their isolated and separated decisions.
  3. What the government really decides or chooses to do is known as public policy. In a given administrative system, it is the relationship of government entities to a specific field of political environment. It can take several forms, including laws, ordinances, court decisions, presidential orders, and choices.
  4. Public policy is positive in the sense that it expresses the government's concern and entails its action in response to a specific situation. It has the backing of the law and authorities. On the negative side, it entails decisions made by government authorities to take no action on a serious situation.

Policy and Goals

It is critical to make a distinction between policy and goals in order to properly grasp the meaning of policy. Goals are what policies are aiming for or hoping to accomplish. A goal is an ideal condition of circumstances that a society or organisation aspires to achieve. Goals can be viewed from a variety of angles. These can be considered abstract values that a society aspires to achieve. There are also distinct and concrete objectives. Poverty eradication is a goal that the government wishes to achieve. Such specific goals are addressed by public policies. They are the tools that lead to the achievement of these objectives. It is not public policy if the government declares that its purpose is to provide housing to all members of "the disadvantaged portions of society." It is a declaration of what the administration intends to do. Several times, the administration has announced targets that it has little willingness to attain for political reasons. The aim must be turned into action in order to become a policy. Programmes must be designed to meet certain goals.


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