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Explanation Of The Course Content EPI320

EPI320 assignment answers about the introductory phase of Epidemiology. The course belongs to the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. The course is devoted to demonstrate the epidemiologic methodologies in particular. Descriptions of the methodology is concerned with the healthcare industry. The course includes explanation of the study frequency, determines the disease or illness of the human populations and understand the distribution of the disease. It dismisses the entire department for providing a rigorous training to the basic principles of epidemiology.


EPI320 assessment answers the question raised for understanding the definition of epidemiology. According to the study, it is the branch or part of medicine that deals with distribution, incidence and possibility for controlling the disease connected with the factor of health. Following a simple definition, it is the study of understanding the systematic, scientific as well as data-driven distributor and determinants for health related events. It is the word that comes into mind and it was derived from the Greek word epi that means upon. The second term associated with the term is demos that means logos and people.

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It is also the scientific discipline that deals with the sound methodology of scientific foundation. It is the data-driven procedure that completely relies on the unbiased approach of collecting, analysing and interpreting information. It also relies on the ground assessment of observation including different cases of diseases. To be more specific it particularly deals with the frequency of understanding the exposure of the scientific fields including informatics, biostatistics, biologic, social, economic and behavioural science. On the other hand, epidemiology is the field that is used for public health and it always serves for good reasons. In the following section, the contents of the unit will be demonstrated in details.

Unit Details

EPI320 answers include the history of epidemiology with its etymology. It is acknowledged as the cornerstone of public health. It Assignment help to shape the decision and policies related to health and disease factors that prevent healthcare problems. It helps to design, collect, analyse information statistically, and amend the interpretation of the results of research. It has introduced important study of epidemiological study including disease causation, disease surveillance, outbreak of investigation, environmental epidemiology, occupational epidemiology, forensic epidemiology, biomonitoring, screening, comparisons of the treatment as well as its impacts including the clinical trials. It is the understanding of social science through exposure assessment and engineering.


EPI320 solutions include the literal meaning of studying and determining the people. There is a certain distinction between epidemic and endemic. It was first utilised by the formerly known Hippocrates. It distinguishes the ‘visited upon’ and the reside within meanings. The term epidemiology is currently applied for covering the causation and description when only the common related conditions are not shared. Certain examples of the epidemiological topics include understanding the procedure to maintain blood pressure, obesity, and mental illness. It is depended on the pattern of disease that alter the functionalities of human beings.

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Along with this, the EPI320 task answers include the understanding of epidemiology in the present era also. During the middle of 16th century, the medical professionals proposed unseeable particles responsible for human disease. These particles were alive and it is considered to be spread to through air. In this regard, the researchers also studied different books and other forms of research promoting the understanding of environmental hygiene for preventing the spread of this disease. This was firstly developed through the powerful microscopic environment during the year of 1675. During the later 20th century, the advancement of biomedical science includes different number of molecular bodies within the environment. It is the research that examine a proper relationship between human body and the diseases.


EPI320 solutions also include understanding of epidemiology and related types of studies. It comprises different domains of observational and experimental studies. Along with this, the study also includes the type of analytical studies to examine the associated hypotheses and relationships. The observational studies also include two different components including analytical and descriptive. The descriptive observation answers the elements – who, where, what, and when in relation to the healthcare concerns. On the other hand, the analytical observations deals with health-related event and how it studies or randomise the trials and controls.


Finally, the EPI320 answers demands the students to incorporate a series of cases. Students may utilise qualitative and quantitative experiences to collect related information. It include different diagnosis of the patients, statistical information associated with the healthcare concerns. Formerly, the study was descriptive in nature and interfere with the common population, diseases and patients. This type of study also include clinical identification of different unusual features related to the patient or related to the disease. It helps the researchers to utilise the information used in this case in future similar cases.

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Brief EPI320 Assessment

EPI task answers are assessed through the proper utilisation of course understanding. Students are assessed through the procedure of formative assessment. In this assessment they will be utilising different theories, types of research and how they have implemented those research in the present form of study. It will be utilised in the form of patient’s safety. Or they can implement the strategy in the present scenario. Moreover, students will be assessed on the ground of their knowledge and understanding of the definition of epidemiology, implementing research methodology and presenting a solution as per the university requirement.

Weightage of EPI320:

The EPI320 assignment consists of a complete 100 credit points. Students require to achieve at least 50 percent of the assigned score and promote to the next semester. The score is divided in several section. Maximum point is given to the knowledge derived from the course content. Next the solution needs to be present in the format of an academic report. The report will include a proper introduction, a discussion or main body, the selection of right methodology and the presenting a right conclusion explaining the decision taken. Additionally, there needs to be a proper authentic reference or citation at the end.

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