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Almost all of us have enjoyed a slice of juicy turkey with a side of baked veggies on Thanksgiving. But not many of us paused to consider the amount of effort that goes into cooking that turkey to lip-smacking perfection.

The secret to a super turkey on Thanksgiving lies in the preparation, and the same applies to essay structures. The best essay structures are the ones that have been prepared with careful consideration and are always there to give a hand in taking the essay forward.

Students usually struggle with writing an essay for they are unsure about where to start. Well, that is simple enough. Begin by preparing the structure of an essay. Read this essay structure help guide for an in-depth understanding. You will find a few useful and common essay structure help examples to guide you through the process. These points can also use as Basic Tips to Structure Assignment Help

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How To Structure An Essay: Everything You Need To Know

  • The 5-paragraph essay format

The 5-paragraph essay structure is THE most basic structure that even the finest essayists look up to. No matter the kind of essay you need to write, the 5-paragraph structure can form the base of outlining your essay. The trick is to keep adding paragraphs in the body paragraphs while keeping the rest of the essay structure intact. That is how you can turn a 5-paragraph essay structure into any essay outline of your choice.

Writing an essay containing five paragraphs is perhaps one of the first writing assignments that we used to get as kids in school. If you know how to stick to a basic five-paragraph essay format, there will be no stopping you from getting the best grades in essays.

Here is how to structure an essay.

  • Introduction: Should include definitions, a brief overview of the topic, and your thesis statement (if any).

  • Body Paragraph 01: Deals with the first argument. Contains one or more topic sentences to highlight the argument in question. Must contain suitable examples, stats or evidence to support the argument. Must end with a sentence that links to the next paragraph.

  • Body Paragraph 02: Same as the first body paragraph, only this time dealing with a different argument. Must end with a sentence that links to the next paragraph.

  • Body Paragraph 03: Same as the first two body paragraphs, dealing with yet another argument. This too must end with a sentence that links to the next paragraph.

  • Conclusion: Should include a brief summary of the arguments, should restate the thesis and should preferably contain a call to action in the end.

That’s all there is to the structure of an essay with five paragraphs. Read on to find out how you can use this simple format to customize essay outlines as per your requirements.

  • Argumentative essay structure

If you are wondering, “How to structure an argumentative essay?”, we have just the solutions for you. Before you create the structure of an argumentative essay, you need to understand what the essay requires you to do.

The intent of the essay is to lay out arguments for a certain topic. You can pick a slant of your choice (or may have to stick to the one your professor assigns you). You need to provide supporting evidence and examples to justify your stance. At the same time, you must also refute the counter-arguments, using examples and supporting evidence. You need to have a suitable argumentative essay structure to do that.

Here is an example of an argumentative essay structure that shows how you can organize your thoughts and ideas in the essay itself.

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Topic: Over-Dependence on Technology is a Real Threat



• Start with a relevant quote, stat or anecdote related to technology and its commonplace occurrence. You may cite the increasing use of Smartphones and other gadgets in our everyday lives.

• Acquaint the readers with the topic and talk about how rapid technological advancement has been in the last two decades.  End with the hypothesis stating that we have become over-reliant on technology, and that might not bode well for the generations to come.


Body Paragraphs

• Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that shows what that particular paragraph is about. Since you need to establish the fact that human beings are too dependent on technology these days, you need to use relevant and recent stats and data to support your cases in the body paragraphs.

• Use the first three body paragraphs to identify three key arguments in favor of your stance on the topic. Use the fourth body paragraph to mention and refute the counter-arguments.

• End each body paragraph with a linking sentence that helps the reader move to the consecutive paragraph with ease.




• Summarize each paragraph within a few sentences when you conclude the essay. Restate the hypothesis to make your essay come a full circle.

• End the essay with a stirring call to action. In this case, you can ask the readers to ponder over the fact that they are reading post on a computer, tablet or Smartphone, relying on an Internet connection that allows them to stay online.


  • Compare and contrast essay structure

compare and contrast essay structure requires you to establish the relational dynamics between two things, events, ideas or concepts. They require you to look at each of the points of contention objectively. You need to identify the essential areas of comparison and differences between them. The basic structure of a compare and contrast essay does not differ much from that of an argumentative essay. However, the contents and the use of body paragraphs are different in the case of compare and contrast essay structure.

Let’s take a look at how you can draft "compare and contrast essay structure".

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Essay Structure Topics: Compare and Contrast the ‘70s and ‘80s Fashion


• Start with a quote on timeless fashion, preferably by a legendary fashion icon like Karl Lagerfeld or Coco Chanel.

• State that fashion in the '70s and '80s had its fair share of similarities, with differences weighing heavier.

Body Paragraphs

• Use the first two paragraphs to explain the similarities between fashion in the '70s and '80s. Use examples and include the obsession with sports brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike apparel.

• Keep the other two paragraphs for discussing differences in fashion between the two decades. Use the examples of drastic changes in hairstyle and fitting of clothes to justify your points.

• The wisest move would be to categorize fashion of both the decades into gender-specific paragraphs. This way, the first and third body paragraphs can discuss the similarities and differences between women's fashion in the two decades while the second and fourth body paragraphs take on the topic from the perspective of men.



•Summarize the key points of similarities and differences between fashion in the '70s and '80s for both men and women.

• End with a rousing call to action to the readers to indulge in a throwback post on social media wearing something from the '70s or '80s, according to their personal style.


  • Persuasive essay structure

The act of persuasion or making the readers agree with your point of view is the primary objective of persuasive essays. They are quite similar to argumentative essays but have a purpose of persuading the readers to agree to the slant that you pick. While an argumentative essay only establishes the stronger sides of an argument, a persuasive essay aims at using those strengths to win over the reader.

Follow the structure of an argumentative essay whenever you need a persuasive essay structure. However, the tone and your style of reasoning make all the difference when it comes to a persuasive essay. Never go beyond one point or argument per body paragraph. Use the final body paragraph to highlight counter-arguments. Refute them each with reasoning, empirical evidence, and supporting examples.

The concluding paragraph for your persuasive essay should restate all the key points, summing up your hypothesis statement once more. By the time readers reach the conclusion of your essay, you must have them on board with your line of argument and valid reasoning. Top it off with a call to action that incites further reading or food for thought at the end of your persuasive essay.

  • Cause and effect essay structure

As the name suggests, a cause and effect essay structure contains the cause and implications of an event, an occurrence or a particular happening. Depending on the discipline of study you belong to, cause and effect essays can ask you to identify and explain a certain event in the light of their causes and resultant effects. While the basics of a 5-paragraph essay structure remain the same, you can play around with the number and length of body paragraphs to explain your topic in the best possible manner.

Here is how you can draft "cause and effect essay structure".

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Essay Structure Topics: Discuss The Causes and Effects Of Global Warming


• Begin by sharing a shocking stat on global warming. You can pick rapidly melting ice caps and receding rainforest cover as examples.

• Define global warming in scientific and laymen terms.

• State your hypothesis and explain that the phenomenon has a certain set of causes and pretty alarming effects.

Body Paragraphs

• Use the first two to three paragraphs to explain the causes of global warming.

• Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence. You can mention the burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions from cars as examples to support the causes.

• Use the final two or three body paragraphs to explain the effects of global warming. Use examples of rising sea levels and climate change to justify your arguments.



•  Summarize with an overview of global warming and its many causes and effects.

•  Conclude with a compelling call to action that encourages your readers to undertake a more eco-friendly way of life in the future.


Summing it up,

Would you walk into a shop that looked all dingy from the outside, with displays all crooked and products kept haphazardly all over the place? Similarly, not many would like to read an essay that does not have a proper structure or format to go by. If you didn’t know how to structure an essay before, we hope you found this blog to be helpful. Bookmark this one for the times when you desperately look for resources to write an essay. Always remember, the more organized you are in composing your essay structures, the better your essays will turn out to be. Take a cue from the structuring tips shared in this blog, and nail that essay. Happy writing!

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