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Agile Project Management, of which Scrum is a subset, consists of a variety of alternative implementations. A Scrum Master is specifically in charge of a small group of employees that complete their tasks in timed  sprints or life cycles( Shastri et al.,2021).  The scrum master is responsible for eliminating any difficulties the team may be experiencing. Scrum promotes team members to communicate with one another by mandating that they meet often to discuss their progress and problem-solve. Scrum's utility stems from the fact that it is an empirical method. This makes it an effective method for dealing with the reality that each project is unique and unexpected. Since communication is fundamental to the scrum methodology, it is advantageous to have an open group that openly discusses both positive and negative news. People that work effectively alone are also valuable in a scrum environment since they can complete their tasks without being constantly instructed what to do. Last but not least, projects with a great deal of unpredictability would benefit from scrum since it utilizes the inherent diversity to generate new solutions. The scrum approach is effective in unpredictable situations because it is founded on the principles of inspection, adaptability, and transparency.


Should we be worried that this will make it difficult for individuals to use the scrum technique effectively. This section focuses on the company's organizational and physical structure. Companies with several decision-making levels may take actions that severely hamper the company's transformation efforts. When resources are dispersed or must be kept in certain locations, it may be challenging for teams to remain connected. As a consequence, employee morale will decrease, and the product or service will be more difficult to market. A well-designed structure increases the likelihood of a company's success.


Since it encourages the proper execution of the scrum technique, this is the right answer. Every company is built by its employees, and the success of the organization is totally reliant on them. To collaborate on new ideas and activities as a team, employees must be physically located on the same floor. Individual employees may react differently to proposed changes, resulting in uncomfortable situations or problems. To accomplish the Agile transition, the firm will need some engaged and motivated specialists. This will be people with a great deal of vigor and enthusiasm but a modest ego.


This is the correct answer since it facilitates more efficient scrum implementation. This enhances the company's odds and makes it simpler for the management to invest money, time, or people in the business, so making the transition to Agile straightforward. When Agile is properly implemented, the Agile process expands and spreads across the organization, and the business benefits in all areas. If a manager lacks mentors to assist him or her in leading his or her team, the organization may need to seek out leaders at a higher level.


This is correct since it promotes efficient scrum implementation management system that employs a small team lead by a Scrum master whose primary responsibility is to eliminate everything that impedes the completion of a task. The work is completed in short times known as "sprints," and the team meets every day to discuss the projects they are working on and any issues that need to be resolved.

Shastri, Y., Hoda, R., & Amor, R. (2021). Spearheading agile: the role of the scrum master in agile projects. Empirical Software Engineering, 26(1), 1-31.
Hidalgo, E. S. (2019). Adapting the scrum framework for agile project management in science: case study of a distributed research initiative. Heliyon, 5(3), e01447.

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