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The last five years have been very different from the rest of history, especially because of the advancements in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this, a term named gig economy has also been introduced and simultaneously evolved in such a manner that everyone is looking forward to being a part of this new pattern of business. Here, in this paper, it will be reported on the condition of Ireland and the contemporary trends which are occurring in the country. More precisely, the author will discuss three main contemporary trends or changes in relation to industrial relations in Ireland specifically occurred in the last 5 years. Alongside, this paper will also evaluate the impacts of these three contemporary trends on the development of Trade Unions in Ireland. In the end, the identified trends in the following report will be the ones that span across businesses, sectors, and nations.

Data Collection And Analysis Procedures

To prepare for this assignment and gather the required information in relevance to the given topic, certain methods or techniques for the process of data collection will be used. In general, there are two types of techniques for the procedure of gathering the required information for any given assignment or project. These techniques are the primary and secondary techniques of data collection. Here particularly, the secondary technique of data collection will be used. The main reason for selecting this technique is because of the fact that the required data is gathered from previously published papers or books i.e., journal papers, textbooks, articles, research papers, and other prominent papers written by several well-renowned authors. Moreover, the reason behind not selecting the primary method is the fact that it is costlier than the Secondary Method. Also, approximately all the required information is already available on the online platforms, thus, gathering the information from real-time people under the head of the primary method of data collection is not required (Taylor, and Owen, 2021).
Furthermore, in order to analyze the gathered data for evaluating the report towards a considerable conclusion, the author will use the method of thematic data analysis. In this, method, the author converts the raw data gathered from the methods of data collection into more valuable and authentic data that eventually helps in finding the required conclusion for the report. It is also required to mention here that, the procedure of data analysis will also help the author in finding the consequences of using the gathered data.

Key Contemporary Trends

Now, in order to discuss the current trends in relation to industrial relations in Ireland, this particular section will allow the author to entail the three most important and considerable contemporary trends. These contemporary trends are – 


In the current time, especially as a part of the fourth industrial revolution, where digitization is a common and most popular thing, globalization is taking place. With the introduction of easy access to several services, Globalization has obtained an advantage and eventually has offered businesses several benefits in terms of expanding their business all over the globe. Similarly, in the case of Ireland also, globalization has affected the businesses and Trade Unions in a very significant manner. Now, further, in this paper, there will be a significant discussion on the prevalence of FDI in Ireland and the impact of MNCs on government, legislation, and Trade Union activity (Shahbaz, et al., 2018).


Now, as far as the case of COVID-19 is concerned, it has also altered business operations and several other major factors in businesses by becoming the most significant trend impacting businesses and trade unions. More precisely, by the time when the Corona Virus was at its peak of spreading all over the globe. Because of such a circumstance, people were not allowed to move out of their homes, as per the guidelines issued by the governments of approximately all the countries.

As a result of such a circumstance, companies shift their work from the workplace to a new concept of telecommuting and remote working. In the case of remote working or telecommuting, people work from remote places and at home. With a rise in technologies and advancements, companies have started allowing their employees to have the access to work from their homes by using the benefits provided by telecommunication technologies. Further, while discussing the same in a deep manner, will be studied about the impact of telecommuting on relationships as well as the management of investor relations in Ireland (O'Brien, and Aliabadi, 2020). Generally, the technologies which were being used by the employees of the companies while working remotely were emails, telephones, smartphones, laptops, and others. Further, this paper will discuss the technologies that helped the companies and their employees in working remotely as per the concept of telecommuting with the technologies introduced in the market, under the head of telecommunication (Cullen, and Murphy, 2021).

The Gig Economy Or Independent Work

Earlier, people have been working in offices from 9 am to 5 pm, and while working in this particular pattern of time, they have looked for a sustainable career. However, for a few people, it is not bearable to work under pressure on a daily basis with a continuous routine with daily boring activities. similarly, few people are looking forward to working in a particular job with a continuously and a similar routine on a daily basis by shifting to their own business, where they can work as per their choice accordingly. More precisely, people are looking for opportunities to work by choice as per their interest with complete independence. Hence, it could be said that, Gig Economy and independent work is concept where people work individually for various companies as a freelancer or by operating their entire work on their own.
There are several benefits of the gig economy, which has also influenced the Trade union and businesses with various methods and techniques, which will be discussed further in this paper accordingly. 

Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On The IRs Management By Employers

Management of investors’ relationships through employers has been influenced at higher level because of the covid-19. Following discussion will present it through considering the practical examples and theories. 

Remote Working

For example, because of the Covid-19 pandemic management of investors relationships faced complexity, uncertainty, and opportunities. In relation to adopting the changing practices organization have accelerated to become more resilient and agile. The companies have started to focus on the practices of leadership and address the all required changes within the new environment. For example, collective bargaining has been missed through the Accenture Company as demand and supply have triggered the recession and disrupted to consider the new rules with higher level of impact (Accenture, 2020). It has been a sharp decline at international flows investor relations with the uncertain outlook. 

Little Support With Fast Change

It has been identified that covid-19 presented the strong demand among investors to work with the specific policy support to organizations. There was lack of appropriate communication practices as the whole. For example, investor relationships management because of the Covid -19 pandemic in CRH Plc has faced negative impacts in consideration of changes and responds to the all operation. There was lack of supportive and predictable practices of the business communication to expand, attack, and retain investment through providing required capital to support recovery at economic level (Investor Update, 2022).  

Understanding Of Shareholder Basea

Base of shareholder has been influenced that result in lower investment through the investor relationship management as present the additional requirement to ensure the engagement with higher interest. For example, lack of employee’s involvement and participation in has disparate interest of investment relationship management with expansion of agenda and requirement to remain prepare across the wider spectrum of improvement in challenge. This has created the inherent fear of the change with different types of new responsibilities and new elements of knowledge and skills (Ryanair Holdings PLC, 2022). It has created the chance of lower investment within the organization at unnecessary level with lower response.

The Impact Of Globalisation On The Management Of IRs By Trade Unions

With an introduction to Globalization in the given market of Ireland, it is initially required to mention that Globalization has influenced businesses in a very severe manner. For instance, globalization has impacted several conditions, especially by forming new economic, social, and political conditions in the entire country. With such a significant change in businesses and their operations with the introduction of Globalization, relationships of employees within the trade unions have got impacted very significantly, as a result of which people are not able to work or function as per the traditional ways (Shahbaz, et al., 2018).

In addition to this, it is also required to mention that Globalization has a very wide and diversified definition, according to which it has impacted several factors in a different and vivid manner. More precisely, Globalization has a very wide and multifaceted context. Also, Globalization is multi-dimensional. Now as far as the case of trade unions is concerned, they are formed as a backdrop of capitalism and against capitalism. As a result of forming trade unions, employees have got the advantage of offering significant growth to the employees or workers through the help of solidarity. Trade Unions have a significant power that they use on a bargaining table. However, with the involvement of globalization, management-related work has grown very significantly in Ireland. The main reason for the same is the fact that Ireland is a high-cost country, and hence results in a situation where the management-related work and jobs have grown very significantly, as they are requiring the involvement of new technologies and strategies (O’Sullivan, et al., 2021).

Eventually, with a growth in the management field in high-cost countries, trade unions have been facing challenges in growing as they used to earlier. Majorly, the trade unions were not able to work as per their working traditions and hence required new strategies and techniques as per the current demand and requirement of globalization-related operations.

Gig Economy And Independent Work.

Although there are several advantages of the Gig Economy like people can work independently, no one can order them for every little issue, and also, they can be their own boss. However, as far as the impact of the Gig economy on the trade unions is concerned, it has to be mentioned that the distance among the workers has been observed, which eventually is affecting the relationships between the management and trade unions and people working under the concept of the gig economy have affected very significantly (Duggan, et al., 2020).

Now, as far as the case of the gig economy and its impact on the entire country’s businesses are concerned, it is required to mention that the start-up of several new businesses within Ireland has got influenced very significantly.

The major benefit of the gig economy is that it offers a connection between independent workers and businesses in Ireland. This eventually offers an advantage in terms of offering new jobs and opportunities to the unemployed citizens of Europe. Hence, there is major positive assistance from the gig economy in Ireland, as t helps people who wanted to work independently as well as offered new full-time jobs to people who were looking for them (Hurley, 2020).

Conclusion on Contemporary Issues in Ireland

After going through the entire paper, it could be easily evaluated that, within the time period of the last 5 years, companies have been facing challenges adapting to the new trends occurring within the market of Ireland. These new trends are majorly comprised of the Gig economy, COVID-19, and Globalization. It is also required to mention that, these new trends have also impacted the trade unions and their relationships with management and IRs (Investor Relations) in a sever manner. The major reason found for the issues faced by the Trade unions are regarding the fact that they were not able to have the access to the traditional functioning which was used earlier. Moreover, the rise in distance and aroused conflicts between trade unions and management are also affecting businesses. Hence, in the end, it could be said that Ireland has been facing the new trends very simultaneously. Moreover. To deal with the same, it is required the companies in Ireland to use the appropriate strategies and techniques, so that the required efficiency of the performance of businesses could be achieved.


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