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Integrated Marketing Communications



The opinion paper helps in analyzing and understanding the Lack of Privacy Aspects in different aspects of professional and personal life. With the help of different instances and reasons, proper analysis will be conducted that will be suitable for understanding the loopholes for the lack of privacy in any aspect. Privacy is considered to be the subjective as well as emotional kind of issue. It is analyzed that what basically threatens the sense of privacy of one person may not be concern for the other person. 


As commented by AlFaadhel and Latif (2022), the privacy is regarding respecting the different individuals. Protecting the privacy is considered to be the key for ensuring the human safety, dignity along with self-determination. Through this, it always allow the different individuals for freely developing the own personality. Privacy is the key aspect which should be maintained as this gives power for choosing the thoughts along with feelings. It is capable of protecting the information which the person does not want to share it publicly. The opinion paper will be discussing the different aspects of the lack of privacy which can be creating issues in the process of sharing thoughts. 

Position As Well As Support

Privacy is regarding properly respecting the different individuals. If a specific kind of person has the reasonable level of desire for keeping something private, it is quite disrespectful for ignoring the wishes of the individual without even compelling reason for performing the same (Ebert, Wildhaber & Adams-Prassl, 2021). In my opinion, Lack of Privacy is one of the biggest concerns which need to be protected. As commented by Gignac et al. (2021), the desire for the privacy can be conflicting with the essential values, therefore, the privacy may not be always winning out in balance. It is also noted that some of the times the desires of privacy for the people are brushed away due to the view that harm is performing so is the trivial. Even, when the same is not causing major level of injury, it is also demonstrating lack of the respect for the person.
For instance- The governments who were spying on the Americans for lowering the rates of crimes can be termed as both good as well as bad. The reason being good is that through invading the privacy, the government can be able to keep a proper track on criminals through already having the evidence. On the contrary, the bad aspect is giving up on the privacy that is what mainly enables people for managing reputations (Holland & Tham, 2022).
From the respective instance, Mohezar, Jaafar and Akbar (2021) have commented that privacy is considered to be essential and it also holds the values to certain kind of people. Without any kind of privacy, pressure of being like the others can be stopping the individual from basically forming the own kind of values, opinions and the beliefs. In the personal front, for instance- living in joint or the large kind of family with lack of privacy can be making the person feel that he/she needs to follow what the others are doing in the group without implementing his own emotions. In such instances, it can be quite troublesome for maintaining the privacy in the process. The lack of privacy in any kind of field can be ineffective for managing the efficient kinds of activities (Taylor & Walsh, 2018).

Therefore, privacy is one of the main elements which will be helpful for maintaining a private kind of life which is quite separate and apart from the public life. In the healthcare system, the lack of trust is one of the privacy breaches which is seen mostly and this hampers the trust the healthcare organization (Taylor & Walsh, 2018). Maintaining the trust of the patients is considered to be the major cornerstone for the successful healthcare system and as a result, it will be beneficial in maintaining the patient control as well. For instance- At Yahoo, there were 3 billion user based accounts which were being compromised during the year 2013. It was done after the phishing kind of attempt provided the hackers the access for the network. The data breach or the data privacy theft can be hampering the business growth and as a result, it will be difficult for them to sustain (Timmins et al., 2018). Without any kind of privacy, pressure to be like the others can be stopping the individuals from forming the own kind of beliefs, values along with opinions. Similarly, in the field of healthcare or other IT sectors, when the confidentiality is being breached, there will be reluctance for divulging the information and therefore, the entire process of performing the activities can be impacted. There should not be any kind of legislative or the privacy gaps in the treatment of the patients or the information to be sent in the IT or healthcare sector (Waldrop, 2022).


From the analysis of the opinion of Privacy aspect, the different recommendations which can be incorporated are as follows: 
First and foremost, educating the people in the professional field is necessary regarding the privacy aspects which need to be followed. Building the security culture is the key skill which needs to be implemented for making the people understand that privacy is essential for upholding the dignity of the human beings along with sustaining in the strong as well as vibrant kind of society (Waldrop, 2022). 
Secondly, remaining vigilant against the threats is essential aspect and in such scenario, the employees should be completely made aware regarding the different kinds of attacks and they will resemble the real level of communication which will be beneficial in knowing regarding the topics and being aware regarding the same. 
Lastly, limiting access towards valuable data is the key aspect which needs to be implemented. This will be beneficial in internally forming the particular team as this will be beneficial for limiting the exposure in the further way (Waldrop, 2022). 

Conclusion for Integrated Marketing Communications

Therefore, it is concluded that the privacy is one of the essential elements which should be followed by all the individuals. In this manner, the healthcare or the IT sectors should be capable of understanding the different kinds of aspects which will be beneficial in managing the privacy and gain competitive advantage.


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