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Ministry of Health has significantly formulated, and the main of this system or it is significantly concerned with the health of mother and child.  As a matter of fact, it has been already been identified that this particular system helps in keeping record of their illness history. Apart from that, this particular system helps in monitoring and following up on their health status (World Health Organization, 2018). Also, it helps in the process of examining and also at the same time analyzing the relevant issues. 

The above-mentioned information gets significantly documented in the passport gets primarily implemented, which gets used in health centers. Therefore, this also becomes the significantly first reference for the health of the mothers and children. Based on the above observation, it could be easily realized that the main aim of the passport is to provide integrated health care, safe pregnancy, a healthy childhood and most importantly a happy family (Al-Amoud et al., 2021). For example, Immunization Program (IP) could be easily identified as one of the crucial interventions in relevance to the protection of children from life threatening conditions and such conditions are generally preventable. To be precise, the immunization program was significantly introduced as it gets considered as one of the expanded programs of immunization (Pizza, Bekkat-Berkani & Rappuoli, 2020). Apart from that, antenatal care, screening for cancer, mental illness check, training on traditional birth, special health care personnel are some of the aspects of the Mother and Child Health Passport System. These are the aspects which gets catered by the system.

However, it needs to be mentioned that The Saudi Health Care Law operates with the aim of providing a complete, integrated health care for all the residents of Saudi Arabia. In relevance to this, it gets significantly a fair and a manageable way. Therefore, it could be easily realized that the Ministry of Health (MOH) significantly helps in providing an integrated network of health care services which also helps in all regions of the Kingdom (Kelly & Young, 2017). Last but not least, these are some of the health system programs which are highly important for the healthcare system.


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