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Discussion On Approach

According to the given scenario, it is identified that the Air force is facing issues related to a mission failure in which accurate leadership process will be implemented to get success in the future mission. The crew commander has identified that the shift of the employees have been changed without notifying him which increase issues in the operations. I have the responsibility to discuss about the failure with Flight Chief in which a leadership planning will be made. Meta-leadership is an effective framework that focuses on the organizational and leadership dimensions and includes experimental activities to evaluate the formal chain of command [1]. The dimensions include the person, the situation, and connectivity that provide meaningful insights to increase the volume of leadership analysis, scholarship, and practices.

Utilization Of Techniques And Behaviors 

The techniques of the meta-leadership include personal discipline, emotional intelligence, authenticity, self-awareness, and neuroscience that need to be developed in leaders to improve business practices. The motivations, self-awareness, social skills, empathy and many other skills will be improved by providing training to the leaders as well as they are provided the identification of the perms and policies to maintain the operations process. In this process, it is expected to use transformational leadership style that helps to increase efficiency in the mission. On the other hand, it focuses on the situations and suggests leadership approaches using an accurate decision-making process. The Air Force needs to develop their connectivity with other members and make them follow leadership commands to use a systematic way of the process. 

The Rationale For The Selection Of Method 

According to the given scenario, it is observed that the Air Force and its partner organization have faced issues as they have operated in a complex, uncertain, and volatile environment. Therefore, they need a leadership approach on Meta leadership style that helps them to get an accurate environment to do their activities. This framework is important for organizations as it provides an understanding of leadership activities and their impact which represents the capacity of leadership [2]. Therefore, it is observed that the organization needs this approach which is appropriate for them to achieve an accurate leadership process as well as get success and development in the future.  
Cao W, Li P, C van der Wal R, W Taris T. Leadership and workplace aggression: A meta-analysis. Journal of Business Ethics. 2022 Jul 15:1-21.
Lee A, Legood A, Hughes D, Tian AW, Newman A, Knight C. Leadership, creativity and innovation: A meta-analytic review. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. 2020 Jan 2;29(1):1-35.

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