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Nursing Discussion

SNOMED CT is the abbreviation of Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms, which is one sort of multilingual and standardized vocabulary of the medical terminology which is utilized for clinical health information exchange (, 2022).

The use of the SNOMED CT is that: it is often used to collect, record, and communicate clinical data for use in healthcare organizations, SNOMED CT defines coded words that may be utilised in EHRs. It is a crucial element of systems that enable the recovery of useful clinical data (, 2022). SNOMED CT aids in maintaining an updated and current problem list of diagnosis. It is useful to keep a record of the medical history of the patient's family. It is also very useful in finding the cancer cases and notify state cancer registries of them.

The US Extension's major goal is to provide concepts that are domain- or jurisdiction-specific. Accessibility to concept IDs "rapidly" for implementers. Temporary concept IDs for implementers while the SNOMED International Edition is being expanded.

Clinical health records with SNOMED CT capabilities are advantageous for communities because they enable early detection of new health problems, population health monitoring, and quick reaction to evolving clinical procedures. facilitating precise access to pertinent information, minimizing expensive duplications and mistakes. In addition, it is important for everyone to involve in as it aids meaning-based data processing, which has become possible by using SNOMED CT to represent clinical information. Key information may be found using an EHR with SNOMED CT functionality, offering chances to lower the likelihood of mistakes of omission or conduct.
I have experienced that there are number of benefits of utilizing the standardized nursing terminologies which incorporate an improved communication among the nurses as well as other healthcare providers, an improved visibility of the interventions that we nurses carry out (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2021). I also realized that this standardized nursing terminologies largely improve the collection of the clinical data that used for assessing the outcomes of nursing care that improve the patient care and improved adherence to the care standards. 
In such context, bioinformatic could be very useful in using the nursing terminologies as bioinformatics often used for comparing the terminologies from the aspect of nursing practice and allows the nurses to cross-map the terminologies that utilized in nursing diagnosis, nursing intervention as well as caring for sensitive patients (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2021).

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. (2021). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. ISBN: 9781284220469 (2022). SNOMED CT – Adding Value to Electronic Health Records. Retrieved 9 August 2022, from

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