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The aim of this report is to know more in details about the organisational structure of Apple. The report therefore discussed about the organisational structure of Apple and the various ways each of the departments play their roles in the company. The purpose of the report is to know more about the leadership strategies of Apple and the ways the leadership style of Tim Cook is impacting on the  business of Apple across the world.

Organisational Chart Of Apple

Following is the organisational chart of Apple:
Organisational Chart
Title: Organisational Chart
The organisational structure of Apple is divided into three level of top management. At the top of the hierarchy there are board of directors including Tim Cook as an CEO who are responsible to take the general decisions of the firm. The board of directors play an important role in the decision making. In the board of directors the chief operating officer, Chief design officer and the Vice President hold the executive position role in the firm. The chief executive manager is in charge of carrying out decisions so that the organizational plans may be realised (Addison and Adelaide 2022). These top executives respond to senior managers. They are the business professor, the logistics unit chairperson, the manufacturing programme director, the hiring coverage regions, and the finance department. These examiners collaborate with the three top executives to ensure that the organisation's policies are carried out in line with the preferences of stakeholders such as the secured creditor.

Operational employees must report to agency heads and are in charge of certain duties within the business's divisions. Apple is a multinational corporation that has successfully penetrated the global market. To ensure the smooth functioning of its global market business, upper staff appointed regional heads inside the chief executive deputy's department.  They are led by the marketing department's head but submit to almost the same chief operations officer (Lu 2022). These regional executives are in command of appointing and overseeing Apple employees in the various countries under their jurisdiction. Individuals in different departments who do not have managerial positions at the firm are the organization's corporate most junior executives. Apple's organizational chart is designed in a manner that communication may flow swiftly from higher ups to lower positions. Apple's efficient communication allows the corporation to convey information fluidly across the whole organisation.

Porter’s 5 Forces

Following is Porter’s 5 Forces model of Apple:

Threat Of New Entrants

The threat of new entrants is quite minimal at Apple since the technical sector is now incredibly competitive, and the industrial titans that have already built businesses have tens of billions of dollars in businesses that have allowed them to gain traction. Even between these companies, Apple has a huge advantage since they have created a whole ecosystem of products that work really well together (Carvalho, Alves and Leitão 2022). Another aspect to note is that Apple has positioned itself as a premium item and source of pride. The appealing design, recognizable brand, and excessive competitive price all lend since it was an aspirational product that a large part of the customer want to own but cannot purchase.

Threat Of Substitute

Apple has developed a tremendous fan base through its original and distinctive products, as well as amazing  marketing strategies. Apple has invested much in creating an ecosystem that is extremely user friendly and has an inverter switching cost due to being habituated to substitutes, thus there is hardly any fear of competition (Tian, Wang and Wang 2022). Customers are held in by the internet, and it is far less damn expensive to keep using Apple products that all function well together. The firm has also invented some unique technologies, namely the lightning port for communications and power exchange.

Bargaining Power Of Customers

Individual buyers have minimal bargaining power, although humans as a collective have little purchasing power from over firm. In contrast, there have been many situations when the company has failed to fulfil client's needs, yet it hasn't resulted in dissatisfied clients. One example is when the company was prosecuted for allegedly suspending iPhone phones via software changes (Mashele and Alagidede 2022). However, the company asserted that they performed so to extend power consumption. Despite the reality that the firm was forced to make some concessions, the case did not result in a significant loss of market share.

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers

Suppliers have minimal negotiation power at Apple. It evaluates the impact of sources on the company and its competitors. Demand is insufficient due to the vast number of enterprises on the trade. Because of the high degree of competition among suppliers, supply items are widely obtainable (Kafetzopoulos and Gotzamani 2022). As an outcome, the company's strength is reduced. Because Apple has a huge amount of suppliers, switching expenses are low and aren't an issue for the behemoth. Thus, negotiating competition is a minor issue for a huge firm like Apple in comparison to its competitors.

Competitive Rivalry

Competitive rivalry arises only as a result of competition' influence and dominance each other. Google and Dell Technologies are two of Apple's main competitors. As a response, there is fierce competition or hostility in the technology industry. These major firms, such as Apple, have tremendous sums of money to invest. As an outcome, Apple faces tremendous competitiveness. Competition in the industry is high since these corporations are aggressively fighting between themselves. Secondly, the little risk of replacement makes it simple that customers to switch labels, which is enhanced even easier because the products supplied by these firms are essentially equivalent.

Effectiveness Of The Leadership Model Of Apple

Tim Cook has received praise for his subtle yet effective style of leadership. Cook leads the company under a democratic leadership paradigm. Under Cook, Apple has been cautious about opening up new markets for its goods. Apple Music, which again was launched under Tim Cook's leadership, has swiftly grown to 17 million members, despite being seen as a low-margin sector (Fatmala and Setiawan 2022). Apple released a series of industry-changing iconic offerings and services throughout Tim Cook's tenure, as well as the iMac, iPhone, and iPad. Apple's leadership strategy of relying on engineers for strategizing rather than senior executives is noteworthy. Under Tim Cook's guidance, the company works in a market with pretty brief product lifespans and a high rate of technological advancement and change.

Usefulness Of An Alternative Leadership Style

Transformational leadership is an additional management approach that Apple may have chosen. Transformational leadership may have aided Tim Cook in making Apple more profitable. This happens because in the event of transformative leaders, the director recognises what needs to change (Jamali et al. 2022). The CEO may have direct relationships with its personnel, making it easier to handle difficulties. Transformational leadership styles might inspire Tim Cook to allow staff to engage in projects that have never been done previously within the business. Doing so would have made Apple more inventive, and so the business would have gained a competitive advantage.

Ways To Determine Effective Leadership

Following are the ways by which an effective leadership can be determined:

Foster Growth And Strong Values

Recognizing potential inside this recruiting process and developing a group of tough and capable workers constitute one of the most challenging yet vital components of a leader's responsibilities (Elkhwesky et al. 2022). However, creating an environment that promotes advancement and high ideals is equally critical.

Measure Workforce Attitude

There are various approaches of assessing organisational performance. Evaluations, frequent audits, and firm performance are examples of these (Fabac, Kokot and Bubalo 2022). However, in my opinion, the best technique is to measure and grasp employee emotions. 

Source Of Managerial Power Of An Effective Leader

An effective leader possesses a number of managerial abilities. Leadership is the privilege granted by a position in the firm; others will understand the leader's legal right and will attention to administrators and accept their directions as a result (Ferreira et al. 2022). When an organisation fails to follow the leader's directives, the leader may employ compulsion to punish him. Monopoly power may not necessarily encourage positive behaviour, but it can stop or curtail undesirable behaviour.

Being a leader Tim Cook must bring more innovation to the company as this will help the company to gain more competitive advantage from the industry. The operational needs of the companies must always meet with the business strategies of the firm. This will allow Apple to earn more profit (Dhar et al. 2022). The leaders in Apple must make the organisational structure in such a way so that the decisions that are made by the top level management can easily flow to the lower level management. There should not be any communication barriers among the level of management in the company.

From the above report it can be concluded that Apple is a firm that is under the leadership of Tim Cook. Tim Cook is a democratic leader and the he always take advices from other executives of the company before coming to a decision. The leadership style of Tim Cook can be alternative and he could have followed transformational leadership style to make the company more innovative. The report also concluded that there are many sources of being a manager from an effective leader. Lastly the report concluded that there are various ways by which the effectiveness of the leadership style can be determined.

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