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The overturning of the ban of homosexuality curbs the freedom of the LGBTQ community, takes away their legal rights to access basic things and puts them in danger hence from a personal perspective I do not agree with the decision of Attorney General Paxton and Justice Clarence Thomas. The criminalization of homosexuality was a historic injustice which should be not encourage in a modern progressive society. It also nullifies the movement and the hard work the community has put into achieving the victory they received through the legalisation.

The LGBTQI people can be called the invisible minority, moreover, because of their sexuality they are institutionally and systematically discriminated as well. Throughout the US there are news report describing how the community is attacked on a daily basis. Thus, in a way it can be said that the civil laws with offers protection to all citizens are systematically eliminated when it comes to the community (Bridges,2018). Because even with the legalisation of homosexuality, the community aren’t provided with any protection, moreover in many institutions be it healthcare or education they are harassed in a concerted effort to prevent them from accessing resources which is required for their development and wellbeing. On paper although the legalisation of homosexuality as a law provides them some protection in through the Court and gives them the agency to voice against the discrimination, stigmatisation and harassment they face (Mos, 2020).

But the overturning of the law in order to ban homosexuality completely strips them off to their rights as well as their privacy. All of which will make them more susceptible of being attacked and their rights being snatched away. In fact, it is also essential to note the fact that if homosexuality is criminalised again, it will not only harm their lives but will severely disenfranchise a lot of people who has managed to make some progress hereby it will affect the development of the society as a whole.


Bridges, E. (2018). A genealogy of queerbaiting: Legal codes, production codes,‘bury your gays’ and ‘The 100 mess’. The Journal of Fandom Studies, 6(2), 115-132.
Mos, M. (2020). The anticipatory politics of homophobia: explaining constitutional bans on same-sex marriage in post-communist Europe. East European Politics, 36(3), 395-416.

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