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Registered Nurses

Care of patients enrolled in the range of healthcare teams is the responsibility of nurses. Nurses’ main role in healthcare settings is to be health promotion advocates, educators for patients and the public on preventing illnesses and injuries, care and support providers, and participate in rehabilitation (Freeman, 2021). In the surgical ward, the responsibilities of nurses involve administrating medication, preparing patients for surgery, and recording and measuring vitals (Betterteam, 2022). This essay highlights the professional codes and standards of Nurses in care providing. The first section share, the scope of practice of the Register nurse, Enrolled nurse, and Student nurse; the second section presents the role of the Registered nurse in supervising the Student nurse and Enrolled nurse, along with the role of the preceptor and delegating them and; a conclusion.
In nursing, the scope of practice is a term used for a range of functions, activities, roles, and responsibilities of registered nurses; the qualified registered nurses are authorized and permitted to perform the service of nursing care to patients. The scope of practice is a nurse’s limit of skills, knowledge, and experience in their professional role. It is important for ensuring safe, effective, and lawful practice (HCPC, 2021). However, the scope of practice for a student nurse is focusing on developing skills and knowledge. Student nurses can only function under the supervision of RNs because student nurses are under-qualified for functioning and working alone and it breaches the professional codes and standards of nursing practicing nursing according to professional standards and the broader health system; it also breaches the professional conduct of practicing competently and safely (NMBA, 2014).
In the given case scenario Student nurse irrigated an infected wound of a patient with external fixation without any supervision. RN immediately stopped him from performing the irrigating of the infected wound because cleaning the wound of external fixation is a very complex procedure and Alex was not authorized for performing the same. This action has a high possibility of creating complications in an already complex and infectious wound. Enrolled nurses work and provide basic nursing care services under the supervision of RNs. According to the scope of practice of ENs, Sam was eligible for practicing procedures due to her educational preparation, which he passed to Alex, who is not eligible and it is against Professional standards and codes of nursing.
This action compromises the safety and health of the patient as infection can lead to extra complications like pin losing, premature external fixator removal, loss of alignment, and osteomyelitis (Kazmers, Fragomen, & Rozbruch, 2016).  Declining the delegated tasks from others, outside the Student's scope of practice is a responsibility of the student RN, also Alex must inform Sam's allotment of the task to RN. Direct supervision of RN is mandatory according to the student's scope of practice during the preparation, management, and administration of fluids and medications (RCH, 2021)
Nurses learn and practice the responsibilities of the Nursing Model of Care with compassion and kindness for planning, evaluating, and delivering care services. Providing this education and practical training is the role of RNs in Nursing.  Student Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses learn and practice under the supervision of Registered Nurse at the care center. Supervision is important for nurses' professional socialization, identity, and development into the norms and culture of the nursing profession. RNs teach SN and EN with their specific scope of practice and guide them about professional codes and standards.
The relationship of RNs with new SNs and ENs during the period of training and practical experience for new interns in nursing is termed preceptorship in nursing. The major responsibility of a preceptor is to provide learning and practical education by assisting and leading students for achieving their course objectives and personal professionalism for nursing. Effectiveness and adapting of these in the practice of learners evidence successful leadership and assistance. This leadership and teaching include correcting errors in practice and giving feedback for questions and queries asked by SNs and ENs. 
In nursing, delegation is the decision-making relationship in practice. It is the responsibility of only RNs and according to the scope of practice in nursing, others cannot make judgments and decisions in nursing for providing care to patients. Delegation allows RNs to assign tasks and activities related to the care of the patient. It is important for assigning low-risk duties and routine transfers to trainees. The success of the leadership of RNs in providing training to SNs and ENs can be evaluated through these three areas.
In the given case scenario of Alex, the challenge of working in a multidisciplinary team was transferring the role of Sam to Alex without permission or supervision of RNs which highlights the poor leadership in the area of delegation in practice. The benefit of supervision draws attention to attentive leadership that captured the actions of Alex and Sam. Preceptorship in this case indicates the correction of mistakes of both inters and it made them aware of their scope of practice and professional codes and standards in nursing.
Overall, in nursing practice, education and guidance about the scope of practice are important for patient care and practicing under the guidance of Professional codes and standards of nursing. The scope of practice of RNs, SNs, and ENs is different and is according to their specialties. But RN captured the mistake of Alex (SN) performing an activity that is out of his scope of practice; it highlighted poor role play of being a guide of RN regarding delegation in training but better leadership in supervision and precepting.

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