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In the 21st century, a professional nurse plays multiple roles thus making the profession of nursing work as glue which holds together the journey of health care together. Across the whole of patient’s experience, nurses work tirelessly for identifying and protecting the needs and rights of their patients (Fritz, 2018). Nurses go beyond the moral duties of compassion and dedication that makes the profession a highly specialised one. Although the primary role of a nurse is advocating and caring for the patients and supporting and guiding them through their illness and health, there are some other professional roles they play apart from the primary role. Interviewing the nurse educators in Sentinel City, other roles of nurses have also come into play and are mentioned below:
1. Recording the medical history of the patient and noting down their symptoms
2. Advocating for health and overall well-being of patients
3. Administering medications and treatments

Impact Of These Roles On Healthcare Of Patient

Under the other roles of nurses, it is important to record the medical history of patient as it helps in identifying the extent of probability of possessing lifestyle diseases like heart attack or diabetes which are identified as major reasons of serious health conditions in future. This step helps the doctors and the care givers, that is, nurses for minutely assessing and providing the patients with best medical health care facilities. The medical history of patient can also provide information about rarer diseases risk in patient’s past life. The medical record helps the caregivers and nurses to arrange regular check-ups and medical tests for patients. When nurses advocate for better health treatment, legal opportunities and payment solutions when they find that patients are being treated unfairly and are not offered with fair options, it helps in making the access to healthcare services easier for patients and thus they can be treated fairly and at proper timings.

The nurses’ advocacy supports the best interest of patients as their family roles are also duly respected under the advocacy. Nurses attend the team healthcare meetings along with patients and their families for clarifying any problems in communication and ensuring the efficacy and liability of the information from the healthcare settings and administrations (Lucas, et al. 2021). As the nurses advocate their patients, this gives an own voice to the patients for medical treatment and this helps them being informed procedures and treatments provided. The nurses explain about all to them and their families on the behalf of patient. The role of nurses in administration of patient medication and treatment is helpful in providing a systematic method of gathering and accessing information for planning and providing individualised patient care and evaluating the outcomes of provided care. To know about the righteousness of medication can help in preventing the adverse effects of that medicine on health of patient. Therefore, the role of nurses is varied than just providing care. Two professional organisations that are chosen for employing nurses are Pembilier Nursing Center, Dakota and Lakeland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Florida.

Nurse Practice Act, Florida provides framework for delivering safer professional nursing care and offers protection to expected patients. The Nurse Practice Act of North Dakota is state law governing practice of nursing in the city. 


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