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The significance of Jesus Christ and his preaching contributes to the overall growth and development of people reflects on their personality, morality and ethical approaches. I listened to the audio where the theological representation of Jesus Christ is identified in relevance to the important duty of making people aware of God’s love for people and nations. The church and its approach towards informing truth of God to all people and raising congregation thus, proactively identifying the needs of people. I have learnt that church plays an important role in the lives of people and the way it influences the members, non-members and their life of peace enforcement.

Identification Of The God’s Teachings

To learn about the truth of God, it is important to learn about people’s characteristics and the way it influences their life and decision making. I have been learning in this course about the purpose of the church and the way it has continued working towards maintaining awareness of God among people. The conceptualization of Christianity is to move forwards towards idealization of life in a way where helping others, serving the needy and the poor. In my opinion, redeeming people who are suffering from issues of sins, committing unethical and immoral actions and others. The mission of spreading Christianity among people and shaping their mentality contributes to the understanding and growth of people. This contributes to the way we are influenced by the church and across the nations, the people are growing and developing. The paper performs a critical discussion of the mission of the church and justify the mission identified as tell, teach, tend, transform and treasure reflecting the way the needy and the poor are supported.

The Mission Of The Church

We have identified that the mission of the church in the form of proclaiming peace around them and they work towards practicing peace. Their mission is to make people realise is that no one is alone and God is there with them to support them. It is the way individuals are made aware of the fact that love and being graceful is significant and the knowledge about God is informed to all . The way individual’s awareness should remain constant informing of the way God’s grace is sufficient thus, certain circumstances are being maintained. The loving services that must be provided by the Church is the basic foundation towards its service to people. The prospect of teaching, baptising, nurturing and responding to the believers in relevance to fulfilling their role of church.

Ontology Of Church

The ontological theorization of church can be identified in relevance to categories where denotation, referent, concept and name supporting the theory of existence. The practice of the church and the way its purpose is to fulfil people’s growth and development reflects on the effectiveness of the religious purpose. Often prioritizing the welfare of people over other duties and social implications is a significant part of the structure of Church.

Purpose Of Bible

In my opinion, the Bible teaches about the mission of the church in the form of making aware regarding its responsibilities and the way it brings the entities together. the fundamental unit reflects on the significance of existence of human life and its integration with daily activities. It is important because the teachings of the Bible is broad and supportive of the fact that culture is built with idealization of serving the individuals and the strategies used to integrate sequence of human lives, its wellbeing and supporting the poor and the needy.

Impacts The Shape Of The Life And Its Administration On The Decision Making

The shape of life is profoundly encouraged by the teachings of Bible in support of Church’s integration of services and guidance. It is the way, we are taught by the church by using Bible and influencing them to be better in lives. Human culture is integrated by introducing elements where empathy, compassion and Christianity being a way of life.

In my point of view, I can conclude that the effectiveness of the church contributes to the way individuals are guided and helped. The purpose of the church has been evaluated and it is clear that it is the people who need awareness regarding their service and purpose in life. It is also important to understand that God is existent. When capitalizing on human activities, it is clear that the functionality and operational approach towards the welfare of the people who are in need is a positive approach. The concept discusses about being, becoming, reality and existence of God and his integration with the performance of humanity and fulfilling the effectiveness of fundamentals of Church.

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