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Explain FIN331 Financial Planning and Markets

The code FIN331 is for the unit subject Financial Planning and Markets in the Thomas Edison State University in United States. A course teaches the students about the role of financial markets and institutions in terms of identifying assets such as bonds and stocks as well as their selling and purchasing. The students through this course learns about the participation of individuals and organisations receiving more money than they spend identified as investors. The students are also taught about deficit units as well as different types of securities those are used in facilitating issuance in terms of identifying any shortcomings in the market and accordingly taking steps towards resolving it. And sort out about the conceptualisation of facilitating existing securities, allowing a change in ownership of securities as well as establishing a detailed understanding of commercial banks. These banks not only contribute to developing funds market but also leads to integration of deposit fund as well as any deficit that can be observed in terms of purchase and loans. The depth security is taught to the students in details relational to the depository and non-depository concepts. Relationship between the capital market in the US and global markets and taught to the students in details Das financial regulations are significant in terms of establishing the way students learn about emphasising on money market, stocks and bonds. Not only that financial regulations and financial institutions or an integral part of mutual fund industry, pension funds as well as insurance companies there for the banking system is important for the students to be aware about.

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Unit details of FIN331 Code:

The unit subject is involved in terms of Financial institutions and systems that are related to global markets as well as the US capital markets. The students learn about examination of these financial institutions and systems in relation to interest rates and acid demands. This subject contributes to the students understanding of concepts such as bonds, futures, options and stocks and their relationship with the fundamental financial market infrastructure. Not only that the courses based on the role of central banks and the efficiency through which financial markets can be developed. The role of Financial markets, central banking system as well as technological investment is taught to the students effectively in terms of understanding international and domestic finances. It not only contributes to their understanding of the market but also about its relationship to the financial institutions as well as the functioning of business. Interest rates and financial market analysis or topics that I taught to the students in FIN331 Solutions details so that they can understand the effectiveness of learning about funds as well as the way influence of central banking system is performed in the market. Not only that effectiveness of financial market and the way it provides a detailed understanding into the future of the students and their professional career is also observed. There have been issues that has been identified in the financial institutions relating to market and integration of financial matters therefore it is an aspect that is taught in details to the students so that they develop a broader analysis.


Thomas Edison State University, United States

Study level:

Undergraduate level

Unit code:

FIN331 Financial Planning and Markets

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Briefs of FIN331 Assessment

The students are given an FIN331 assessment answers where they have to review the Federal reserve website and based on other relevant resources, the students are asked to establish a detailed understanding of stock market as well as its reaction to the changes. The students also learn to understand discount rates and its impact on funds, stocks, bonds and others. Integration of the global and domestic market in relevance to the banking system of a nation not only helps students understand the Federal reserve discount rate better but also helps them to analyse the reserve balances and collateralised securities. As students, they also learn about the significance of US treasury bonds as well as its yielding leading to different changes that impacts market as well as the industrial growth and development. In the second assessment students are given three questions based on case studies and they have to answer based on the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the modules in the unit. The students are asked about borrowers, investors, bank profits inside and outside the nation as well as savers related to the rate changes in the market. The students must submit their work is original and there should not be any plagiarism. Not only that all students must prepare their work related to the knowledge on the skills they have acquired throughout the module and not miss interpret or miss use the information.

Weightage of the FIN331 Course Code In This Semester:

The weightage of the code FIN331 is for the unit subject Financial Planning and Markets in this semester is 50%. The FIN331 task answers is significant in terms of the student’s involvement in studying the course as well as learning about its impacts on their future professional development. Not only that the course contributes to educational, professional and skill-based growth and development in the students. All the answers that the students must submit in the assessment should be their original work. All students must not plagiarise their work in any way because it will not only impact their assessment marks but also might impact their performance in the FIN331 assignment answers. It is important to learn that the students must acquire a minimum of 50% of the course marking to acquire passing grade and use this qualification for their future development not only that the students must also be taught about the significance of this course and its implementation in their future development. When compared to the students’ performance in the future, it is significant to say that investing in this course has contributed to their knowledge, skills as well as implementation of the theoretical aspects into a pragmatic understanding and realistic approach. The course seems important in terms of the students investment of their time, ability as well as involvement.

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