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Explain FIN501 Financial Management Practice

Finance can be referred as the word around which every business operation in a business organisation revolves. One of the main aims of a business organisation is to earn net profits on consistent basis and reduce costs as well as losses. The investors aim to high higher returns on their investments. The suppliers aim to expect timely payment of dues on supply of materials and WIPs. The providers of services like telecommunication and electricity demand timely of utility bills. So financial resources of a company affects almost every area of its operations. Thus the management of the company has to ensure that the financial resources are used optimally. That is why a company maintains a dedicated financial department. In fact the size of the financial department of a company is dependent to a great extent on its size. A small company may have a few employees led by the financial manager. A multinational company on the other hand has an extensive finance department having several employees. The multinational company has a chief financial officer who is the highest personnel to take financial decisions. It also has a dedicated director overseeing the financial management. Its financial department has managers, assistant managers and executive level employees. In fact, officers holding different designations like the managing directors and even managers of other departments enjoy some extent of decision making powers regarding financial matters. A company especially a multinational company employs experts having degrees in financial management, corporate finance or any other area of finance in its financial department. That is why financial courses have become of the among the most sought after courses by graduates. FIN501 Task Answers is one such course which provides the candidates with the knowledge and skills required to establish themselves in the financial management and advisory profession.

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FIN501 Financial Management Practice:

FIN501 Financial Management Practice is a course which graduates who want to become financial experts. The above code can be refer to an entire course or a subject forming part of a course revolving around corporate finance. The course is a market oriented course which would provide aspiring financial experts, financial managers and financial executives knowledge on corporate finance. The course would enable the students to identify and analyse financial problems facing firms or a projects. They would be required to find out or suggest solutions to the problems.  Their abilities to analyse and solve complex financial problems can help them establish their positions as recognised employees in the companies they serve. Highly experienced and skilful financial analysts or financial experts can gain recognition even beyond the periphery of their employers. They gain industry wide recognition and can demand hefty hikes if they want to switch to new employers. The learning outcomes of the course is vast and aims to arm the students with the knowledge and skills befitting financial experts. The first component of the learning outcome is that the students should be able to assess and critically evaluate the concept of financial decision making. The second component of the learning outcome is that the candidates should be able to evaluate the position of particular firms within the market by using financial analysis techniques. The third component of learning outcome is that the experts should be able to implement financial technique to real world financial problems which firms face and analyse the problems financially. The fourth learning outcome of the course or the subject FIN501 Assignment Answers is that the candidates by the time they completion of the course should be able to analyse the consequences of the financial techniques. Since financial aspects of the management decisions of business organisation, the candidates after getting employed may be required to provide financial advices to the management. This means they should be able to carry out financial analysis accurately.

The FIN501 Assessment Answers would cover eight topic. They are financial statement analysis, cash flow evaluation and time value of money, capital budgeting and cash flow principles, project evaluation techniques, risk in project evaluation, the cost of capital, leverage and capital structure and working capital management. The course should be given 100% weightage.

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Benefits of the FIN501 Course:

The FIN501 Financial Management Practice would usher several benefits to the candidates which is evident from the learning outcomes. The candidates after completing the course would be able to conduct financial analysis of the firms they serve. They would be able use a variety of financial analysis tools to arrive at accurate conclusions regarding the financial performance of the firm and provide accurate financial advices to the management. This means that they would easily be able to get employed with leading companies. However, it can also be pointed out that multinational corporations in general prefer experienced financial experts to the ones without experience. Thus, the financial experts passing out with the degree may not get employed with multinational companies right in the beginning. They can join small and middle sized companies which still prefer fresher financial experts since they cannot afford the salaries which financial experts having years of experience demand. Corporate finance is dynamic and changes with time. It needs years to master corporate finance, financial analysis and financial decision making. Thus, fresher financial experts after completing FIN501 Financial Management Practice course should gain more knowledge and experience by working with SMEs. They can then go on to contest for positions in multinational companies, particularly the positions requiring financial knowledge.


It can be concluded that FIN501 Financial Management Practice is a market oriented course. Students aspiring to cement their position as financial managers in the future undergo this course. It can however by pointed out from the learning outcomes of the course that certain improvements can be brought about to improve it even after. This would make the course more market oriented. First, the course should enable the experts to connect to the other areas of operations in a company like marketing which impact financial positions significant. Secondly, the experts should be provided knowledge on legal compliance and ethical compliance.

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