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Need Help With FINA600 Assignment Answers?


FINA600 Assessment Answers

The course FINA600 assessment answers financial management assignment is a postgraduate course provided by the Laureate International University. FINA600 assessment answers will introduce students with the basics of financial management. Through this course students will develop a sound knowledge of theories and concepts associated with management in finance. FINA600 assessment includes concepts about various financial ratios and accounting concepts. They will learn how to compute the financial ratios and interpret them to analyse the financial conditions of the company.


They will be able to develop their problem solving skills by applying knowledge acquired from FINA600 assignment answers and implementing them in solving real life business problems associated with finance. FINA600 solutions will help students to make effective decision making through critical thinking and evaluation of financial data. They will also learn about the various ethical standard associated with decision making. This course will help students become experts in financial management which will help them develop good scope in career as professional financial managers.          

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Unit Details of FINA600 Assignment Answers

In FINA600 assignment answers students will develop knowledge about financial management. They will be introduced with important theories and principles related to management in finance. They will learn how financial statements are made and how to analyse the financial statement of company. They will be able to derive data from financial statements to analyse a company’s financial condition and business performance. Through FINA600 assessment answers students will learn about the various problems associated with financial management. They will learn how those problems are dealt by managers using strategies for the benefit of the company.


FINA600 task answers focuses on mainly problem solving. Students will be taught how they can implement the theories they have learnt in solving practical business problems. Students will develop an understanding of the various ethical considerations involved in decision making in financial management. They will learn how to issues associated with the different types of funding with the company.


They will develop an expertise in analysis of financial statements which includes identifying problems and developing solutions to make decisions. This will improve their critical thinking ability and their problem solving skills that will help them in career. They will be able to understand budget plan of a company and how the plan can have an effect in the short and long term on the company.

Location: The location of the university is United States.

Study Level: The level of study of this course is of postgraduate.

Unit Code: The unit code for the course is FINA600.

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Brief of FINA600 Assessment

FINA600 assessments involve a case study report. The report will be composed within three thousand words. The written report is the main element of the assignment. The assignment will require computations related to financial ratios. Students have to demonstrate all computations relating to ratios in excel and include it in the appendix section of the report. Students will be aided by their instructors regarding which particular ratios need to used. Some of the ratios that are required for the assignment include – liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, efficiency ratios and capital structure ratios. Students will have to follow the format of the assessment template which they will be provided. It is mandatory to follow the given format to develop the written report. In the report students have to explain the purpose of the ratios and other relevant computations and what is indicated by them regarding a company’s liquidity, profitability, asset efficiency and business performance.


Students have to identify through the data if any significant changes had occurred during the two financial years of the company. The identified changes need to be discussed and explained. Students must explain the cause and effect of the changes on the business performance of the company. Students have to investigate upon the company financial position compared to the past one or two financial years in terms of the existing shareholder. Students have to analyze the financial statements of the company to understand its business performance.


Through the data analysis associated with the financial statements of the company students will have to predict the financial conditions of the company in the coming years and explain the same. Students will also have to explain in their report how the business performance of the company is affected by the competitors and influenced by the political environment. In the report  a discussion based on the ethical considerations associated with the company’s insolvency needs to be provided in details.


Students must also identify the external factors that affect the business performance of the company and discuss the effects. In the report the student will have to provide recommendations regarding how the company can improve its business performance and approach to solve the business problems the company is facing currently. Also, the student have to make recommendations for the investors if they should be investing in the company based on the business performance of the company in the past and the present.  

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What is The Weightage of This FINA600 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage allotted to the course FINA600 Financial Management Assignment in this semester is based on the importance of knowledge of finance and its management in any company or a business organization. FINA600 assessment answers carries 100 % weightage into the semester.


The weightage for the course FINA600 decided by the university authorities is to make sure that students take the course seriously and make the most out of the learning opportunity. The marks scored by students in this course will have a significant impact on the academic performance. In order to obtain good grades, students have to put smart effort to complete the assignment. Student must have a solid knowledge of the theoretical concepts in financial management which they have to implement in the completion of the assignment.


Students will be graded based on their performance and their ability to implement theoretical knowledge into practical problem solving. They have to score the minimum passing marks which is equivalent to 50 % of the total score to get the passing grades. By showing very good performance and demonstrating excellent problem solving skills students will be able to score high and obtain high distinction grades. Achieving good grades will help students improve their academic performance in the semester.

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