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FINC300 Assessment Answers

This code is associated with the American Public University. This FINC300 assessment answers is an overview study of the concepts and techniques in finance for financial managers. This course will cover basic financial management tools and principles for both small and large business. Topics include financial and securities markets, financial statements and analysis, capital budgeting, management, and decision making. For completing this unit, the students must have access to Microsoft Word and Microsoft excel software.

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Unit Explanation FINC300 Assessment Assignments

Course Scope

The major goal of the foundations of the financial management course is to assist the students achieve better financial outcomes for businesses with which they are associated. This course provides the students with the opportunity to learn a wide range of topics on financial statements, forecasting, budgeting, and capital budgeting and the effective use of financial information for decision making.

Course Outcomes

On the successful completion of this FINC300 assignments, the student will be able to:

CO1 - Explain the basic types of business decisions and the role of the financial manager.

CO2 - Compare and contrast two publicly traded corporations based on an examination of key financial ratios

CO3 - Demonstrate knowledge of the time value of money, valuations, and cost of capital

CO4 - Analyze the impact of bond ratings, interest rates, inflation and term structure on the price of bonds

CO5 - Explain how a corporations’ dividend policy can be used to compute the value of common stock

CO6 - Summarize the capital budgeting process and evaluation of capital expenditures

CO7 - Compute the weighted average cost of capital for a corporation

CO8 - Describe financing current assets and managing the working capital of a firm

CO9 - Examine political risks and exchange risks associated with international business investing.

Course Delivery Method

This FINC300 will be delivered via the distance learning and this will enable the students to complete work in a flexible manner, which will be completely held online. The course materials can be assessed from learning management system.

Unit Details of FINC300 Assessment Assignments

Location – Charles Town, West Virginia 

Unit code – FINC300

Study level – graduate

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List of Some Important Pages for Students

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Brief of FINC300 Assessment Answers


During weekly sessions, the students must post a main discussion to the weekly discussion question by Day 3 and post at least two replies to other students by Day 7. During the week of discussion, the students must reply to the classmates and remain active on the forum. The forum’s main objective is to initiate and maintain student interaction. The submission of discussion posts serves the purpose of revision of learning objectives achieved after the end of each week. The forum allows the student to demonstrate their own understanding of the weekly readings, concepts, ideas and contemporary matters related to finances.

Grading criteria: Quality guidelines (50%)

Participation guidelines (30%)

Clarity, organization and professionalism guidelines (20%)


  • Posts must demonstrate the analysis of topic

  • Significant responses to classmates that lead to advancement of discussion

  • All discussion questions to be completely answered

  • Responses must be original with a minimum of one external reference

  • Main response must be posted by Day 3 and should contain 250 words

  • Responses to the classmates must be at least 100 words, logical, without grammatical errors, and should be referenced.

Homework assignments

The student must demonstrate the knowledge of the chapter objectives in the understanding and thorough application. The problems assigned can be easily completed by downloading excel homework template which can be found in FIN501 financial management materials. The homework can be completed in a word file. Ensure that the homework is organized and properly formatted before submission.







APUS Grading system




4.0/ 100 - 94


3.67/ 93 - 90


3.33/ 89 - 87


3.0/ 86 - 84


2.67/ 83 - 80


2.33/ 79 - 77


2.0/ 76 - 73


1.67/ 72 - 70


1.33/ 69 - 67


1.0/ 66 - 64


.67/ 63 - 60


0.0/ 59 - 0


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Writing assignment

The writing assignment is a 500-700 words paper which will be submitted by the student as demonstrating writing across the curriculum responding to topic selected.


Content (60%) and organization (20%)

  • Response should demonstrate a clear understanding of key concepts

  • Paper structure should be clear and easy to flow

  • Ideas should flow in a logical sequence

  • Content should be complete and accurate

  • Introduction provides a sound introduction to the topic

  • Paragraph transitions are logical and support the flow of thoughts

Writing style, grammar and APA format (20%)

  • Sentences should be well-structure, complete, clear and concise

  • Word usage are specific

  • APA guidelines, including headers, citations and references are followed

  • The tone is appropriate to the content of the assignment

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation are appropriate


The quizzes will consist of 20 multiple choice questions of the chapters that has been covered during each week. Each quiz is available for 1.5-hour time-period and is one time accessible. The quiz cannot be accessed once disconnected. Therefore, the quiz must be completed within the allocated time.

Assignment submission guidelines

  • The student must submit the assignments and exams on scheduled deadline.

  • Assignments to be graded within five days after the end of the week according to APUS policy.

  • Assignments that are submitted three days after he due date for the assignments will be assessed at 10% late penalty.

  • If extensions are required to manage the completion of the assignment, the additional time to complete the assignment should be discussed with the instructor.

  • Routine submission of late assignments is unacceptable on a regular basis and may lead to the deduction from the final course grade.

  • The assignment should be completed in a narrative style or composition format and the citation style used should be APA 6th

What Is The Weightage Of This FINC300 Course Code In Their Semester?




Forums (week 1- 7)

100 points each


Homework Problems (Week 1-7)

100 points each


Quiz (Week 1-7)

100 points each


Writing assignment (week 8)

100 points each


Final course Grade



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