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FMST01 Film and Media Studies

The course FMST01 film and media studies is based on the analysis of the film and media with the inclusion of the rise of the film industry and the modern day technological developments in the industry. The students who undergoes this particular course can have a detailed idea on the invention of cinema and other necessary details in relation to cinema. The increase in the use of social media, digital networking and other digital media tools of the modern era is also included in the course code. Students can gain a strong idea regarding the development of an effective social networking process used in modern day media. The course revolves around a general introduction of film and media studies. The general introduction is followed by the selection of some objectives that is important to provide a strong shape to the assignment. The very first objective of the FMST01 assignment answers is to help the students to develop the necessary skills that can be important for success in film and media related studies. On the other hand, the course has the objective to introduce different kinds of theories, models, frameworks that are directly or indirectly related to film and media. The development of skills among the students makes them capable of gaining the necessary idea on using the images and sounds as well as increasing their technical capability in a professional manner. On the other hand, an introduction to all the theories, models and frameworks presents the opportunity to the different students enrolled in the course to prepare themselves for work in this particular genre in the near future.

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The development of all these objectives and presentation of the different aspects of film and media studies makes the course interesting and also helps students to focus on the language of cinema. Focusing on the language of cinema makes the students quite capable of turning into critics of different films. Cinemas which depict commercial content, psychological experiences, social contents as well as other ideological contents are a part of the total assignment. The students have free access to a number of film screenings each week which help them in their studies. Such a free access help the students to gain a clear idea on the different styles of the film, key narratives, critical review of the film as well as identification of the gaps in the film which can certainly help them to develop their assignment. The assessment of the films also improves the self-reflective prowess of the students and makes them much more creative which is certainly one of the most efficient elements of the particular FMST01 Assessment Answers. The students need to go through different academic journals as well as online articles in order to develop skills that can be said to be an important part of the development process.

The different learning outcomes from this particular course include the likes of;

  • Development of a proper idea on film and media studies

  • Understanding the growth of film since its invention and analyzing the role of film and media on the people

  • Development of critical skills in relation to the review of films, creation of narratives as well as film reviews

  • Identification and analysis of the theories, frameworks and models that forms an important part of the film and media studies

  • Development of fluency skills in the vocabulary of the film

  • Formation of a detailed idea in regard to media communication

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The above presented learning outcomes makes the FMST01 film and media studies course one of the most effective among all the other courses offered by universities at different study levels. The inclusion of the key aspects of both traditional and modern day film studies along with providence of practical guidelines makes it easier for the students to develop a professional approach towards their career build-up.

Swarthmore College is a Private Liberal Arts College in the U.S state of Pennsylvania. It is one of the oldest college’s that is operating currently in the United States of America as it was established in the year 1869. The college officially has a limited student strength of just a few more than 200. The reason behind such a small strength is the fact that it offers just under-graduate programs. It operates under the University of Pennsylvania. The college offers more than 600 different courses under 40 different subjects that makes it quite competitive in the educational front. The college offers the FMST01 film and media studies to students who have the interest to pursue career in the particular field. The presence of the best expertise & FMST01 task answers helps the college to provide the students a comprehensive idea of the subject and the modules of the course. Apart from the best expertise regular classes from renowned filmmakers makes the course easier for the enrolled students. The details of the course code and the Swarthmore College have been presented below;


500 College Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081, United States

Phone: +1 610-328-8000

Study level:


Unit Code:


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The Weightage Of The FMST01 Course Code-

The weightage of the course code also plays an important role in the development of the course. The course which has been divided in three different parts has a separate marks allocation based on the importance of the term and the effort needed to complete the term properly. Apart from this a considerable portion of marks has also been added to the discipline and punctuality of the student who intends to pursue the course. The weightage has been presented below in an organized table.



1st Term


2nd term (Practical)


3rd (Final Term)


Discipline, Punctuality




The college reserves all rights to discretion and any changes in syllabus is totally on the decision of the college authorities. The college can provide all support to the student while they undertake the course and allows special grants as per the course requirements. Meeting the deadline is a major criterion of the particular course and extension is guaranteed only on special request along with proper proof. Plagiarism is not accepted and is a punishable offence.

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