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FNCE100 Assessment Answers

The course FNCE100 assessment answers Corporate Finance is associated with the University of Pennsylvania.  FNCE100 assignment answers are undergraduate course which has been designed to build the foundation knowledge in students about finance and the scope of this subject in a wide range of career opportunities in corporate sector. Students will learn the importance and applicability of the various theoretical concepts in real life practise. Students must have a good knowledge of mathematics and economics to study this unit.


The knowledge acquired from FNCE100 assessment answers will lay the foundation to several other courses such as FNCE219 - Intl Financial Markets, FNCE225 - Fixed Income Securities, FNCE231 Global Value Risk Analysis and other subjects. Students will learn about the crucial financial decisions made by managers and how they have an impact on the business.


The modules under FNCE100 solutions will cover conditions and criteria associated with making decisions in investments, use of valuation of derivative securities. They will also learn in detail about risk management. Students will also be taught about the valuation processes. The learning outcomes of this course will help students become confident financial experts and develop skills that will help them establish a career in corporates and business organizations.

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Unit Details of FNCE100 Assignment Answers

The unit FNCE100 solutions will introduce undergraduate students with the fundamental concepts of corporate finance. This course has been designed to meet the academic requirement of an individual who plan on establishing their career in the field of finance in corporate sectors such as banks, business organizations, multinational companies and other places.


The learning outcomes of FNCE100 assessment answers will help students gain confidence over the subject of finance. The key learning outcomes of the unit includes - capital budgeting techniques and the time value of money, uncertainty associated with risk and return and the trade-off between them, optimal capital structure, security market efficiency, and decision making associated with dividend policies. Students are required to have a good background knowledge of economics, mathematics and statistics. Students will learn the basic concepts of finance such as understanding what are returns, expected risks and returns. Students will be able to define the concepts and understand the importance of these things as an indicator of a company’s business performance. They will learn about portfolio allocations with two or more than two risky assets. The module will introduce students with the basics of market efficiency.


As a part of statistical knowledge, the students will learn about the statistical concepts and their applicability in handling and managing financial data. They will also learn about the importance of data based decision making in corporate sector. They will learn about the concepts of descriptive statistics such as mean, median, mode standard deviations and many other such important topics. Along with descriptive statistics they will also learn about inferential statistical concepts such as correlations between two variables and their applicability. In this unit they will learn about the derivations of the formulas for the various statistics.


Students will develop an idea of risks associated with stock returns and their impact on the business. This will also be taught how strategies are developed in order to identify and predict the risks and be able to avoid them. Data driven decision making is an important skill which has significant impact in managerial decisions. In the present times every successful business organization use decisions driven through historic data. Corporates and business organizations seek employees with skills data handling and decision making to data analytics.


Through this model students will learn how Capital Asset Pricing model can be applied to Capital Budgeting. They will learn how to analyse graphs to investigate upon market efficiency. They will also learn about the Modigliani-Miller theorem which is one of the most crucial concepts in finance. The implication of the Modigliani-Miller theorem in corporate taxes will also be taught to the students.

Location: The location of the university is Pennsylvania, United States

Study Level: The level of study of this course is of undergraduate

Unit Code: The unit code for the course is FNCE 100

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Brief of FNCE100 Assessment

Students will be assessed based on their acquired theoretical knowledge from this course and will be graded based on their performance in assessments and exams according to the performance criteria decided by the university body. Assessments will include various assignments. There will be on computer based assignment and a final examination. The assignment needs to done using Microsoft Excel. Through this assignment the students’ skills in Microsoft Excel and their computational skills in corporate finance will be assessed.


FNCE100 task answers will also show how students are able to use their theoretical concepts in solving problems. Students must have a good knowledge of functions and formulas, presentability, visualization in Excel. Some of the basic requirements of the assessment includes computation of arithmetic mean, standard deviation of market returns.


Students will have to demonstrate their knowledge of statistics as well in this assessment. The final examination will be conducted at the end of the semester. This exam will be based on the total course content of the FNCE 100 Corporate Finance, in the semester. Students will be assessed based on their theoretical concepts as well as their numerical ability in finance. The duration of the final exam is two hours. The final examination will be cumulative.

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Weightage of This FNCE100 Assessment in Their Semester

The weightage that has been allotted in the course FNCE100 corporate finance depends of the knowledge of financial management in corporate sector. This undergraduate course will lay the foundation of a student aiming to pursue a career in the finance or do higher studies such as masters in business administration in finance.


The students must take FNCE100 assessment answers seriously as the grades scored in this subject through the assignments and exams will affect the overall academic performance of this semester. Students must demonstrate good theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply them in real life practise in order to achieve good grades or score high marks. This will have a positive impact on their overall academic performance in the semester. The weightage allotted for the course will influence students to study the subject seriously which will eventually reflect on their grades.

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