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GEN103 Assessment Answers

The GEN103 Information Literacy course code provides the different forms of basic information literacy skills that are important for success. People are surrounded by information on all sides in the modern world. Information comes from different sources like television, newspapers, e-papers, journals, articles, internet as well as other sources. Easy availability of information saves time and energy of the people. This makes the GEN103 assessment answers more interesting and effective for students who wants to gain a detailed understanding on different forms of information, their sources, the methods of sharing information and many more as such. Information literacy can help the students to easily select the best option depending on the type of information. Such a process can also help the students to get hold of accurate and reliable information in the most efficient and organized manner.

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Development of this particular GEN103 solutions helps to gain an idea of the development of the methods that can be important for a student to identify the resources needed for the collection of a proper information and then analyze them accordingly. The course specifies the analysis based on authority, creditability, feasibility and purpose. An ethical set up for research on different forms of the elements related to that of information gathering sources can also be properly learnt through this particular GEN103 assessment. The course thus makes the students capable of developing superior decision making skills that can be said to be an important part of the business process in an efficient manner. The inclusion of academic research helps the students to also develop a critical thinking that can act as important source of information. The use of different forms of information tools that are used to collect, assemble and analyze the information that are required for the development of knowledge regarding information on different subjects.


The GEN103 assignment answers information Literacy course presents a strong scope for the students to develop effective and organized skills in view of collection and assembly of different forms of information. This requires the likes of; business information, information related to education, information related to social elements and many more as such. Apart from such an idea, the completion of course in a proper manner will empower the students to seek, create and evaluate information from sources in order to achieve the different forms of personal, educational, occupational and social goals. Such an achievement can be important for success as such a process can help more and more people to get involved socially and stay active in the community. The course provides a detailed and exclusive idea on the use of different forms of technology that are used in the modern days to drive out knowledge in a professional manner. A detailed and effective analysis of information can be attained on successful completion of the following course. The different topics that are a part of the following research course includes the likes of;


  • What can be defined as research done in college?
  • What are the resources used in a research and how can it be obtained?
  • What is the process of topic selection?
  • What are the ways to develop a proper ide regarding the information literacy?
  • What is the framework that defines information literacy for a person?
  • What are the technological tools that can be used with the development of the digital world?
  • What are the ways to find the exact meaning of the information discovered by the student?
  • What are the ethical ways to collect and use information?
  • What are the specific ways that can be used to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the information collected?

The above-mentioned learning outcomes clearly indicates the fact that the GEN103 task answers can make the students well knowledgeable regarding information and its importance in the modern era. Ashford University is an Online for Profit University that is headquartered in the state of California of U.S.A. The university is situated in San Diego which is managed by an educational holding titled Bridgepoint Education. The University is one of the largest in California and has a student capacity of close to 35,000. The University comprises of a total of four different colleges. This includes Forbes School of Business, the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts, and the college of health, human services and science. The providence of different forms of courses offering master’s degree, post-graduate degree as well as graduate degree by the university helps them to attract a large number of students. Apart from physical campuses, the providence of the option of online classes makes it easier for the university management to reach out to a larger number of people in the most organized manner.

Ashford University offers the GEN103 assessment course to the students and gives them the chance to gain confidence on information identification, collection and sharing in a professional manner. The information literacy course thus aims to develop the study skills, academic writing and transliteracy skill of the students which certainly helps them to develop as professionals capable of developing skills in the most efficient manner. The details of the Course code and the University Address has been provided below;

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Unit details GEN103 Assessment Answers

Location: University of Arizona, The - Global Campus 8620 Spectrum Centre Boulevard San Diego, CA 92123

Study Level: Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate

Unit Code: GEN103

The weightage of the GEN103 course code is as follows;



1st term


2nd Term


Discipline, Punctuality, Attendance




The interested students can contact the administration department of Ashford University to get a detailed knowledge of the course. The students’ needs to be punctual regarding the submission of the course. A proper guideline needs to be followed by the students to develop the course in accordance with the assessors. The students must resist themselves from any form of unethical practices like plagiarism. Such kind of offences are punishable according to the University guidelines. Feedback of the assessor after the submission of the paper can be accessed though the student portal within one month.

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