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GEND200 Assessment Answers

The unit GEND200 assessment answers Introduction to Gender Studies is a part of the course Gender Studies. University of Findlay is in charge of the course and it involves different techniques of accomplishment of gender description and application in construction of modern societies. According to various social scientists, gender is increasingly becoming a crucial element of society and its understanding implies a lot as far as social order the very stability of the society are concerned. Often it is misunderstood that sex and gender and are synonymous but are indeed not the same. Sex is about the biological construct of characteristics and it has strong relations with chromosomes, reproductive organs, and hormones. On the contrary, gender is the very social construct of all the characteristics that distinguishes men and women and it is also associated with different kinds of roles, relationships, and norms as predefined. In politics as well, gender plays a crucial role in shaping the outcomes of a nation’s political order and status from therein.


GEND200 assignments Gender studies is thus the broad umbrella of a lot of studies and courses that have no defined boundary. Hence, the course is designed in accordance with coverage of a wide range of disciplines that has direct or indirect relationship with gender. There are a lot of schools of beliefs and ideology that will be taught in this course such as the constructivism school, psychoanalytical theory, feminism, literary theory, post-modern influence, and the queer theory. Moreover, the course will discuss various critical concepts of gender studies such as application of gender and sex for elevation of social standards. In the course, all relevant areas of sex and gender and their interrelation will be portrayed in details. Social studies is a vital area of study and research that has indeed one of the greatest impact of social wellbeing, management of social dynamics, and elevating gender identity.

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Attributes of GEND200 Assessment Assignments

GEND200 solutions Changes in any one of the directional attributes of gender can collectively alter the very social fabric that once used to stabilize social directives such as social welfare, equality, and social justice at large. Women’s studies are also increasingly gaining impetus since the late 1990s due to perpetual waves of feminism and alternative scopes of guiding new dimensions governing women’s liberation movement. Over the years, oppression and tyranny were common to the so-called Western civilization that propagated misogyny is many forms such as breast-ripping, witch-hunting, etc. and Christianity was another name of misogyny followed by Islam which is now misdirecting the global society of become misogynist and abhorring women rights and liberty. Hence, theses oppression and barbaric practices had to be ended some da in order to resume normalcy in the global society.


GEND200 task answers In doing so, misogyny is another term that depicts the very core area of what is making gender one of the most essential element of the social fabric. In addition to that, postmodernism has given birth another area of gender studies which is about the gay, lesbians, and bisexuals community of the global society. Governing and facilitating their rights are becoming important as these areas have collectively given birth to a lot of social uprisings and factor of impact. Thus, addressing and analysis various dimensions alike have become a pressing need of the time. Hence, the course has taken all these areas in details in the syllabus for bettering the social outcomes and delivering better students, scholars, and academicians, and social scientists. 

Unit Details of GEND200 Assessment Answers

Location: - 1000 N Main St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States
Study level: - Undergraduate
Unit code: - GEND 200 Introduction to Gender Studies
Name of the University: The University of Findlay, Ohio, the United States

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Briefs of GEND200 Assessment Assignments 

Assessment of the GEND200 solutions will be made on the basis of interdisciplinary attributes of students and how they have developed skills and lessons of gender studies. Gender is one the most vital pillar of modern societies. Hence, massive impetus are being given to learn about genders and reaching social eligibility to understand and act responsibly. Students will be taught about various facets of gender, social class, race, and sexual orientation with proper examples are relevance with respect to the present trends of society.  In addition to that, specific lessons from history and geographic implications associated with gender and its role in society will be the major learning outcome of the GEND200. Hence, filling the gap is the sole criteria of the course’s assessment. Assessors will also look for alternatives to evaluation to what extent students have developed idea for families, gender in politics, and other areas of a society, and prevention of various means of violence and their explanation vis-à-vis gender.



Students of the course will be entitled with a lots of different kinds of interdisciplinary areas of the course. Moreover, provisions of marks distribution of the course is solely relied on understanding what role gender plays in modern societies and how these roles can be brought in elevating the status of gender and equality in gender. Gender studies is the area of analysis and identification of gender and its representation in a pragmatic and representable manner. Origin of the course has taken its course form feminism, gender studies, politics and gender, and concerns of women for a better and healthier society. Hence, an interdisciplinary lens is sought while assessing the answers or various assignments. In addition to that, students are expected to provide clear and distinct approach in terms of anthropology, sociology, geography, cinema, media studies, musicology, and psychology. After completion of the course, students will have a clear idea of what gender is and how it shapes social fabric around the world. 

What is the Weightage of this GEND200 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of the course GEND200 in their semester is equivalent to 3 credit points. The weightage of the course in this semester is 100% which is exactly 40% of the entire course of Bachelors of Gender Studies.

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