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GLB336 International business

GLB336 Unit details:

Location: University of Redlands

Study level: under graduate

Unit code: GLB336

Weightage: Global Business is demonstrated as a process of comprehending how cultures and political systems manage their economics, and the rules and procedures that nations create to permit and encourage businesses to operate within their borders. To comprehend foreign business situations, an emphasis is placed on developing knowledge of and sensitivity to both the cultural and political climates of host countries. The nationally identified major in Global Business prepares students for a career in international business, public and not for profit service, as well as graduate study in a number of disciplines including law, finance, business and government. The language programs of the University is in Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese and Spanish support this program.

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The University of Redlands is a dynamic private liberal arts and sciences university located in the Inland Empire of Southern California, close to Los Angeles. Redlands’ 2,450 students from 45 nations study in 40 bachelor's programs, many of which are nationally and internationally recognized. Therefore, students could easily reach and avail this course unit and help the organization in implementing effective and better solutions in future as well.

Hence, upon completion of this course unit on GLB336: international business students will gain an understanding of the Issues facing organizations operating beyond their domestic borders. Problems and opportunities faced by developing nations as they attempt to grow their economies. Selected major trading relationships of the United States (China, Mexico, Japan, the EU); the major trading blocs (for example., NAFTA, the European Union, MERCOSUR, etc.); the major U.S. and world agencies that support global trade, development, and investment; and the positive and negative impacts that all these entities have on national cultures, standards of living, civil liberties, and business in general (GLB336 assessment answers).  Hence, these understanding of the global business would allow students in being more proactive and would also allow them in identifying the opportunities and accordingly explore and exploit them for the benefit of the organization.

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GLB336 Task Answers

Students are inspired to establish a geographic area of emphasis or concentration through interdisciplinary study. Associated to the academic study of problems and practices are the needs that students become proficient in a second language and that they study abroad. Approval from either the Global Business Hunsaker Chair, or the Business Department Chair, is needed for all interdisciplinary and international study aspects of the degree. However, it is advised to the students that in order to complete the majority of their pre requisite courses no later than the spring of their shop more year would be allowed. Hence, it is requested that students make the necessary managements and must take the course unit early. Transfer students must take GLB22B in their first semester unless exempted in writing buy the board. All the pre requisite courses must also be taken for a numerical grade and students must earn a minimum grade or marks of 3 in each or every course.

Taking this course unit on GLB336: international business, the following courses are needed to the required major courses. Substitutions to these needs could be made only with the written approval of the head of department. Some also satisfy liberal arts foundation needs as well. BUS 136 Principles of Global Marketing , ECON 101 Principles of Economics, Any ECON 200 level or higher course, or any other international course from any discipline at the 300  level or higher ,GLB 228 Globalization 1870 to Present, GLB 240 U.S. Business Law ,POLI 202 Statistical Analysis and Mapping of Social Science Data, or MATH 111 Elementary Statistics and Probability with Applications, ACCT 210 Principles of Financial Accounting and ACCT 220 Principles of Managerial Accounting are to name a few.

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GLB336 Assignment Answers

Hence, after successful completion of this course unit on GLB336: international business, students would be able to demonstrate the competency through the 302 level in written and verbal communication in a second language. Students will also be able to recognize as well as understands the challenges and opportunities of operating a business or non governmental organization in international settings. students could easily use or utilize critical thinking in order to produce and develop sound strategic decisions by recognizing, comparing, and contrasting how foreign as well as domestic businesses or organization develop and formulate strategies in order to effectively operate globally. Students pursuing this course unit on GLB336: international business would also be develop a capacity to meaningfully evaluate and examine the organization whether for profit or not for profit performance with the application of appropriate financial as well as statistical techniques and accounting methods. Students could be able to demonstrate an interdisciplinary knowledge of at least one other area of the world outside the united states and could also develop a critical thinking and understanding of the basics and varieties of capitalism around the globe and identify their impact on the current business practices as well.at last, students would be able to utilize their verbal communication skills in order to engage an audience with a coherent as well as persuasive presentation of the research thereby accurately applying the written communication skills to produce in depth or written analysis of courses associated with the unit course reading and various cases. Thus, students pursuing this course unit on GLB336: international business could accurately assess the global operations and challenges of an individually assigned, international proactive, major organization during a semester long analysis or evaluation in order to offer informed, intelligent as well as required suggestions to different strategic dilemmas.

GLB336 Assessment Answers

Students after successful completion of this course unit on GLB336: international business will be able to develop and implement the required stragies that would assist the organization in operating successfully thereby mentoring the work based practical application tasks designed primarily to offer or provide evidence of competence within he scheduled as well as periodic timelines. This skill of the students would also help the organization in identifying the required organizational skills and explain the relevant designs towards the development of the organization as a whole.

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