GOV1101 American Government Assessment Answers

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GOV1101 Assessment Answers

This GOV1101 module covers an outline of the American political system's structure and functionality. The branches of the government, the Constitution, and civil freedoms are among the topics covered, as are political parties, interest groups, citizen involvement, and the connection between the federal and state governments.

The course-intended learning outcome versus assignment method is given below:

Course-Intended Learning Outcome

Assessment Methods

Identify and distinguish the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government, as well as their impact on the evolution of American democracy.

Students will achieve this goal through studying the interaction between the executive, parliamentary, and judicial branches of the U.S. government, as well as their effect on national policy-making. The students will discuss the efficacy of these partnerships. 1) on the mid-term and final examinations, by responding to short-answer and essay questions, and 2) by writing low-stakes papers in response to questions concerning pieces in the prescribed reader.

Analyse and discuss how race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, belief, or other forms of social differentiation influence, or are influenced by, common institutions or patterns of life in contemporary U.S. society

Students will achieve this goal through discussing the nature of power and politics in the United States in class. Because race and ethnicity play such a significant role in American politics, students should be encouraged to consider the nature of American politics and government through the lenses of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and gender identity.

Students will achieve this aim through debating and writing about current events such as the homosexual rights fight.


Students and anyone who works with knowledge, ideas, writings, photos, music, inventions, and other copyright owe integrity and honesty in utilizing, attributing, and citing sources to their audiences and source. The college acknowledges its obligation as a society of academic and professional professionals to provide training in online learning and intellectual honesty, to provide examples of good conduct, and to respond vigilantly and effectively to academic integrity violations. Therefore, dishonesty is illegal at The City University of New York and New York City College of Technology and is penalized by failing grades, suspensions, or ejection. The catalogue contains the whole language of the College's Academic Training code.

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Unit Details of GOV1101 Assessments

Location: New York City.  

Level: Undergraduate.

Course Code: GOV1101

University: New York City College of Technology, The City University of New York.

Brief of GOV1101 Assessment Assignments

The table below shows how general education learning outcomes relate to the assessment methods.


General Education Learning Outcome

Assessment Methods



Students will achieve this goal through studying the interaction between the executive, parliamentary, and judicial branches of the U.S. government, as well as their effect on national policy-making. The efficacy of these partnerships will be discussed by the students. 1) on the midterm and final exams, by answering short-answer and essay questions, and 2) by producing low-stakes assignments in response to questions concerning pieces in the assigned reading.



Learners will achieve this goal through studying the U.S. government's structures. Students will explore the idea of separation of powers is specifically, as well as the growth of its capabilities throughout time. Students will also get the opportunity to debate the nature and limits of presidential power, as well as how the President's authority is monitored by the other parts of government. Students will discuss in class whether the President has the authority to declare war without congressional approval.



Students will achieve this goal by 1) answering short-answer and composition questions on midterm and final examinations, and 2) composing a scaffolded high-stakes paper that demonstrates their ability to create, explain, and develop a written case about an American political topic. Educators will also achieve this goal by writing low-stakes papers in response to questions about designated essays, as well as by replying to short-answer and question types on a midterm and final examinations that include taking sides on arguments made about the American government (for example, is marrying to an individual of same-sex a constitutional right?)


Value, Ethics, and relationship:

Class debates, oral demonstrations, in-class small group activities, and essays that deal directly with issues of values, ethics, accountability, and diversity.


The Ministry of Social Science believes that a student who is absent from class for whatever reason is not benefiting from the education that is being offered. Missed class time covers not just absenteeism but also tardiest, leaving early, and time spent outside the classroom during scheduled class hours. Any amount of the final grade explicitly dedicated to participation or any grades granted for activities that are related to the presence in class is affected by missed significant time.


n the fields of registration, student services, tutoring, assistive technology, and testing accommodation, City Tech is committed to providing the educational goals of enrolled disabled students. If someone is handicapped or believe that they know someone who is suffering, they may be qualified for precise adjustments or academic modifications under federal, state, and/or local legislation. Under some situations, you may also seek treatment for temporary ailments or medical difficulties GOV1101 solutions.

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Learning Environment of GOV1101 Assignments

The Ministry of Social Science adheres to the college's anti-discrimination policy and strives to provide a secure and welcoming learning environment that welcomes diversity in all of its forms while also enhancing our students' abilities to be educated, global citizens. GOV1101 task answers the reading reference book suggested by the university is "Timothy O. Lenz and Mireya Holman, American Government, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2013". This is an open-source book that may be read on the web or saved as a PDF. However, the professor will prescribe a textbook for a particular section according to their preference and style of the teaching and learning outcome.

What is the Weightage of this GOV1101 Course Code in Their Semester?

  • There are three quizzes worth a total of 5% each: Multiple-choice and true/false questions will be included in the quizzes.
  • Three tests, each worth 20%, comprised of essay-style questions.
  • And lastly, a 5-10 pages paper examining a current political problem or debate is worth 25% of the grade.

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